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By Alex Yeo
Goodbye 2006

What an eventful year.


My first year out of school and I absolutely cherish it.

It was the year which I personally feel I've grown alot mentally and maybe to a certain tiny weeny extent, physically as well. :)

It's funny how much I learnt this year relative to 2005 which was a horrible year for me but a year which I didn't learn as much as this year, 2006.

For the first time in my life,
I feel like I'm maturing.

No. I am not saying that I'm fully matured.
I'm still useless and afraid of many things normal adults arent afraid of.

But I can FEEL that I'm maturing.
Which is a great feeling, of course.

I have a funny feeling in my heart which maybe, just maybe is a signal of me not wanting this year to end.

Because come next year, 2007, which is tomorrow,
things are gonna be different.

I had a half-class gathering dinner just now where I met some of my former high school classmates.
I felt nothing then. No sadness, no excitement, no emo-ness,

but come a few hours after the dinner,
I started to think of how much I took things for granted and that those people whom attended the dinner were the real people I can trust and have fun with.
People who I don't mind showing the REAL side of me and not pretend to be someone I'm not.

I actually missed them. Past tense.
A little bit.
But a bit is still a bit.

And I actually think I AM GOING to miss them. Yes. Future tense.

I found out that I really enjoyed myself making conversations with those people who I never thought was of much importance to me last time.

Of course, there are always the special specific few who I really feel very very upset when I think of how little I'm gonna meet them in the near future but I'm not naming any names. :)

On another note,
good luck Chrisanne who will be leaving in 2-3 days time to Australia for her uni studies.
And yea, I know you're probably guessing already, so yep.

she IS one of the few people who I really am gonna feel upset after thinking of how little I'm gonna see her again, how little I'm gonna hear her tease me, how little I'm gonna see her smile which always meant so much, how little I'm gonna see her intentionally ignoring me, how little I'm gonna hear her complaining how much pressure she got from a certain lecturer, and how little I'm gonna taste the product of her bakings.

I just shed a tear typing that.

I hope no one misunderstands.
She may look like she meant alot to me but she's a good fren of mine and nothing more than that.
She may not seem to be backing me 100% all the time but she was there for me at the most crucial moments.
The time when I lost my dog.
Or some other time when I was upset.

I don't know what else to say but once again,
good luck Chrisanne.

And if you come telling me that the leaving-to-Australia is all a joke(like how you bluffed me u were going overseas last year),
I'll actually thank you for that. Because I think I may prefer to suffer embarassment from typing all this than to have one less friend to depend on.

I believe to mature is a stage where people learn how to overcome things they did not dare to overcome and for me,
I believe I matured a little more today.

Because, I didn't dare to post how much friendships may mean to me last time because I was afraid of what people may think of me being such a loser.
But now I believe that those who do not think the same are the real losers no one currently needs in the society.

Happy New Year everyone.


By Alex Yeo
my SAM results

(10:52 PM) -sirnsirn-: SAM is easy. jz needs super hardwork
(10:52 PM) -sirnsirn-: lazy boi like u, still can depend on luck and best wishes from ppl like me

I was talking to Kim on Messenger when I suddenly ranted to her about how I was feeling for my results which will be released the following day.

She then tried comforting me(i think), and then made a point which was so true.

She's right.
SAM isn't a tough course(i wouldn't say easy), but one would need to get through it with alot of hardwork.

And hardworking is not an adjective which can be used to describe me.

So what can I do now when my results are coming out in a couple of hours time?
Pray, I guess.

A friend of mine 'preached' to me about how he wasn't feeling worried about his SAM results because whatever he achieved is determined by God and how God wants him to travel a certain path or something or for some reason.

It was comforting for a little while, until I got back to my actual senses and realised that I'm not much of a religious person anyway and began doubting everything. (i'm not stating any religious stands here of myself in case u're mistaken)

So now I have to start praying,
and really hope that..
for the sake of
my family,
my close friends,

My exam luck is there again this time around.

Yes. The same exam luck which which was there for my UPSR, PMR and to a certain tiny weeny extent, SPM and of course not forgetting my driving exam. -_-

I told Kim how I hoped that 'luck' of mine isn't all used up.
But I really don't know.
I know I shouldn't really depend on LUCK instead of my own personal ability but I can't help it.
I also know that I shouldn't be saying out loud how I had this exam luck with me for the past few years even if it's true or not.

Results, results.
Happy faces, gloomy gazes.
That's a rhyme for you and me.

I'm excited.
Let's just hope my parents take it lighter than I expect them to.

One important rule, Alex.


By Alex Yeo
I'm a lousy friend

When a friend you have not met for several months asks you,
"so.. u still going to the gym or not?"

you will be struggling to put on ur best smile, and forced to keep a straight face.

at that very moment, you will also tend to sit up slightly straighter and breathe in a little bit harder.

not forgetting having ur face jerk out ever so slightly.

then you will slowly reply that friend of yours, whatever the reply may be.

however much people TRY to be polite and nice,
the messages they try to send hurt even more.

It's obviously not a question to spark a conversation because there are roughly 10463464 more interesting conversation sparkers than that very question. So why choose that.

But i'm not bitter.

If you think that friend who asks that question just wanted to know for his or her own personal curiosity, then you are wrong.
Because, why will she or he ask if the answer is obvious before his or her eyes.
If she or he sees a slim and fit me, the question wouldnt even arise, right?

In other words, I think I've put on weight.

Speaking about friends,

I think I'm a lousy friend. Any not many ppl will disagree I think.

People think I'm lousy because I do not invite them into my house.
I also don't seem to appreciate friends who travel far distances just to see me.
I choose sleep over hanging out with my group of friends.
I seem arrogant to people I have not met for a while, but trust me. I'm not. I'm just too shy.

I do think there are people who appreciate my friendship though.
Because those people know me well enough NOT to JUDGE me before they know me to a certain extent.

Sometimes, after talking with a friend on the phone,
my dad will ask me
"why you sounded so rude to your friend??"

I will then give him a blur and confused look and ask,"got meh?"

Then I think back slowly what I said and how I reacted and realised.. "hm... actually abit rude lo"

But that's just me.
And if you think I'm rude to you when I talk,
then you should be happy.

Because I only talk like that to people I'm extremely close with.
Because I think they know I didn't mean any harm.

It's 3AM and I need to wake up early later.

My conclusion?
I'm a fat lousy friend.
That is something to seriously sigh about.



By Alex Yeo

Currently planning a trip to Kuching. Brief details on the trip can be found in my 5science1 class blog. CLICK!

Yes. I've screwed up and lied to myself once again.
I was supposed to work on a writing project of mine but unfortunately,
till now,
all i have is myself to present.

Today I went and enquire a few stuff regarding my future course.
At first I went there with Architecture,Arts, Design in my mind.

But I went home thinking about Advertising, Marketing, Communications.

Actually, those are exactly what I wanted.
And I thought Arts and Design courses offered that!

But after much enquiring,
I realised that those advertising stuff are available in mass communication!
And I always thought mass comm only offers PR stuff or whatever.

But advertising is really under it.

I like to be the brains behind an ad.
Be it a billboard ad or a TV commercial ad,
i want to think of ways to attract customers etc.
That, for me, is interesting.

I've also been told that I wont be doing the programming side of it, which is great, really, because I can just order 'those ppl' to do the job for me. Hehe. HOWEVER I WANT IT! *evil laughter*

So mass comm was always wat I wanted?
Well I'm still much confused.

Taylor's(my college) has a School of Communications which they recently partnered with UniSA and they now offer their degree programs which is totally parallel to THEIR communication program. Which is great for me.

They have 3+0 and 2+1 courses.
Which I don't know is a good or bad thing.

Because I DO WANT to go overseas as soon as possible.
But at the same time, I think I just may not be independent enough.

So my contrasting sides are totally shadowing my ambitions.

I'm also sure there are other Advertising courses in other Unis next year. Not necessarily I have to go UniSA!

So now I'm confused again. For different reasons.
Do I want to go overseas or do I not want to just yet?

And if I do, do I want to go UniSA or other universities which offer similiar courses.

If I don't, do I really want to do the Taylor course and be under Taylor management again for 2 years? And happily send my frens off in the aiport, one-by-one? And be less independent by the day?

The weightage is so equally balanced it's killing me. I can't decide.

And it's not that I'm really cleared that I'll for sure do the Bachelor of Communcations bla bla bla wat shit Media etc.

Because I may still be interested in the Melbourne U Creative Arts course.

So which is which and what is what.

I really don't know.

And if i do achieve the minimum score, will i apply for Creative Arts in Melb U? Or still stick to my Communications Advertising course? Does that mean I will go overseas then if I do achieve the minimum score required? But what if i don't go overseas but I achieved the minimum score required? Should I go overseas or should I not? Should I do creative arts or mass comm if my marks are good enuff for both?

I don't know.

I really don't know.



By Alex Yeo
Can anyone have an internet conversation these days...

...without having the word 'lol' somewhere in the conversation?

I can't.


By Alex Yeo
My Birthday Yesterday

28th of November is my birthday.
and that date was fortunately yesterday. Actually yesterday in the sense 55 mins ago as I'm typing this. lawl.


I was actually somewhat 'afraid' for it to come because I was scared I will be spoiling the whole eighteen birthday big wuhoo thing because I had nothing planned and was fearing for it to be a boring, lonely birthday. Well it wasn't the fabulous party or anything but I did have fun. And I am completely and sincerely moved too by some wishes from people I never expected to get.

Thx guys!

I shall be more specific because they deserve it. :D

Special thanks to,
MUM, DAD, for being the first ones to wish me!!

Also, to
SISTERS for calling me from whereever they were after that!

BROTHER for calling me all the way from the UK!

Not forgetting,
NICK CHEONG for actually taking the time to edit my clan channel's Message of the Day to "Happy Birthday Chieftain!!" which certainly surprised me in a very good way. :)


CHRISANNE OH for being the first friend to actually call me!

VIVIAN LOW for being the FIRST friend to SMS me a birthday greeting!

to my Aunt Jolene for SMS-ing me too!


Also to..

my T1 wild classmates, ANN, FRANCIS, MANDOF, MANWHORE,

all for their testimonials on friendster!

To also,
for their messages on Live Messenger!

Special special thanks to,
JOYCE NG FROM MELBOURNE BUT CURRENTLY IN KL for actually sacrificing a blog post at her blog for me!

I never thought I had THAT many friends.
And I thought I was a lonely kid.
If i missed out anyone,
I'm so sorry! but thanks!!

I really really appreciate all those wishes.
Makes me all ready and geared up to be 18!


Once again,

Even to those who had forgotten or somehow are just not people who 'wish' other ppl. But I know wat you wanna tell me anyway. Tee-Hee.



By Alex Yeo
A lost boy

I think rite.. I need to get 'fixed' loh.

Everyday sleeping at 6am and waking up 12 hours later at 6pm isn't really healthy lah. Not that I am purposely doing it but that's the clock I set all thanks to the stupid exam period. The stupid exam period which also made me damn fat and heavy lor. Damn hard to try to reverse my clock back to normal leh. Zzz. If i go to bed at 12am suddenly, means I only stay awake for 6 hours?!! Abit wrong rite. Want to sleep also cannot lah. Will toss and turn until 6am which is the same thing again. And also, if want to wake up early also feel super tired. Waking up at 10 means 4 hrs of sleep. 4 hours of sleep isn't enough lah. Haih.

Damn confused and lost lah.
Duno wat to do.
I want to start on my personal project as soon as possible.
This stupid newly developed habit of mine is spoiling it all.

Summore my sister gave me 1 week period to get started on my project. Coz she wants to see me do something. Not wasting my holiday sleeping at 6am, waking up at 6pm. If after 1 week still got no progress, I'm gonna have to work lah! I dowan! I still cannot make up my mind what I wanna 'write' on. Probably I'll start with a fictional story first. But I think a biography of myself will be easier. :) I think my life can be pretty interesting wat. Zzz. I think I won't do poetry la. Too many bombastic words and vocab needed. I gonna design a logo for my company also. Hehe. Don't laugh lah. It's good to think highly wat.

Haven't even applied for universities. Really goner la me. I scared if I really can make it into those australian uni.. happy la of coz.. But the fact that I'm gonna leave like in 2 months time is scaring me leh. Other ppl got like 1 year to prepare themself mentally.. I feel like abit rush loh for me. :|

I also duno why this post has alot of 'lahs' and 'leh' la.
Maybe more comfortable talking like this le.

Dun care la. Someone help me. I'm a lost boy!
Waiting for results only now.. Haih. Gonna go to my college's placement centre to enquire a few stuff soon. :/

Me. A uni boy.
Damn not-lookalike loh!


By Alex Yeo

I always thought one would feel best after his or her final examinations.
After UPSR, great.
After PMR, great.
After SPM, great.

After SAM Finals? Not so great.

I really don't know.

My exams have ended but I just keep thinking about the papers I did.. ranging from Specialist Maths to ESL on the very first day.

I keep thinking how badly I think I had done for my Spec Maths where most people found it "okay" and "easier than past years" which I beg to differ.
I keep thinking about ESL because that is the only subject I can score which hopefully be able to pull up my shit total marks. But it wasn't great I feel. How much 'crap' I had written. How 'rushed' my letter was. How bad my handwriting was. How will it all affect the examiners.

Same goes to the other 3 subjects.

I am so worried.

Ironically when I arrived home just now, my grandmother looked even more happier than me.
Being a former teacher, she really wants each and every of her grandchildren to know the signficance of examinations. It's like the ultimate thing in education life for her.
So she was smiling and all and asking me whether I was relieved or not.
With an invisible shrug, I just said Yah..
But inside me, I was doubting myself all the way.

Because honestly, call me a liar whatsoever,
I am not relieved.
Not a single bit.
No relief person will keep thinking back about the papers he did.

It's not as simple as thinking whether you had done enough or not.
It's thinking to the extent that I am figuring out for EVERY single question I can remember. Whether it was sufficient to gather marks.

You see, my South Australian Matriculation Pre-U Program works like this. Each subject will be tabulated to over 20. C13,B14,B15,B16,A17,A18.. for example, A20 being the max. Then somehow or rather(it is not just simple addition for the 5 subjects), i will get a TER(Tertiary Entrance Rank) where it is over 100. That TER is wat determines the entry requirements for the courses in University.

And that haunts me because,
I don't think I am gonna get a good TER.
Which is equally humiliating both from the public opinion side and the personal side.

A course which interests me in the University of Melbourne has a TER requirement of a minimum 83.
It may be low for some but to be honest, I would be happy with an 83 and above TER.

But what if I don't achieve it?
I don't think a TER of 83 and above is possible with a D10 for Spec Maths. And that is what I think I will get. Even my Spec Maths lecturer forecasted that.
What about Physics? I was always below average. I know the scores for each subject is moderated.. not as simple as just marking the final paper and tada.. ur marks. No. It will be compared to the entire group and moderated accordingly.

But it doesn't matter anyway.
Because I am below average for both spec maths and physics.

And if I really don't get a TER of 83 and above,
not only it is a huge blow to my confidence and future ambitions,
but it also a significant blow to my reputation.

Not fame-wise, but more to 'what-people-may-think-wise'.
To not be able to score a 80 and above TER is as simple as humiliating. And that sucks.
Especially when you start asking each other 'what did u get', 'what did u get' and they all announce proudly their high double digit marks.

As far as I know,
no one I know.. not a single senior, has a TER of 83 and below.
My sister's friends... however intelligent or average they were, achieved relatively high TER. My brother, who took SAM scored 90++.

Then why should I be worried if everyone scored so high?
every year, the percentage of people scoring 80% and above is only around 20-40%.
And to think,
I am not(at least I dont think I am).
In the top 20-40% of SAM.
Really worries me.

I don't know what happened last time when people I know scored relatively good marks but I only care about how I did myself now.

And that simple logic is why,
I cannot be relieved that my exams are over.
I just will keep thinking about it again, and again, and again, question to question,

Until it finally decides to go away by itself.
Which I hope is very soon.

Is it too late to start praying?

By Alex Yeo
I feel.. free

Exams over 30 mins ago.
Not any ordinary exams.

It's the FINAL exams.

and it's over.

but strangely,
I don't feel too happy like any normal being would.

I think it's because of the last paper I had. :/

OH well.
I'm so free I don't know what to do now.

Confusion in life X200


By Alex Yeo
Time and Tide waits for no man

It's 2:43AM as i'm typing this.
It just turned Tuesday.
I have one final paper for my finals this Friday.


I'm soooooooooooooooo BOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED!


By Alex Yeo

I really don't want to but...


I created a blog in Wordpress because I'm amazed at how neat Wordpress blogs are and I wanted to try one of my own..

After a few navigation in the dashboard, I realised it is indeed very neat and organised. And I may just be interested in getting used to it.

Nooooo. I can't move on! I duno wat to do. So I guess I'll just have both up now.

Oh yah. the link is

Typical. -_-
I know.
Have fun!

Btw, 3 down, 2 papers to go!!!!~~~

By Alex Yeo
Late, again.

I know I have an infamous reputation for being late. But I like to blame it on my blood. :) It's in the genes man. My family members, whether unintentional or not.. will often be late for our own respective events. The only time when we're not late is when we actually are together. I guess too much negative energy will turn positive. :)

So anyway,

I heard the tune of What's Left of Me by Nick Lachey playing melodiously from my handphone.
Wondering who might call at such wee hours in the morning, I looked at my phone and noticed a House number. Because it was not a mobile phone number, I picked up the call thinking the chances of it being a prank call is lesser.

"Heloo...?" I said, tired-ly.

"Do you have exams now?"

*'how rude,' I thought to myself. not even a hello. and who the heck is that anyway*

"Hello?" I repeated.

"Do you have a Physics exam now?" the mysterious lady said.

"Hello who's this?!" (already very curious and at that point of time I'm wondering if it is indeed a prank call. By Hitz.Fm perhaps? :p)

"You have a physics paper now rite? Your paper has started already"

"Huh?" *I look at the clock from my handphone. I was so tired I could not figure out what the analog clock displayed. 5am perhaps?

"What time is it now??" I asked rather stupidly.

"Your paper has started already. Where do you stay?"

It was frustrating to know that the lady, whoever it was does not reply to my questions. It was equally as frustrating to know that, MY FREAKING PHYSICS PAPER HAS ALREADY BEGUN AND I WAS ABOUT TO MISS IT.

"fark." I thought to myself.

I then proceeded to reply, "Shah Alam.. oh shit"

"You didn't know you have a paper at this time?"
the lady asked with a weird tone, sounding as if she was inside thinking what kind of lousy, care-about-nothing student this is.

"Oh shit.. will I get extra time when I arrive??" I asked rather weirdly, knowing the answer was obvious. But I guess it was just the blur-morning me.

"er.. no?"

The lady then proceeded to speak in cantonese with another lady in the background.

She then came back to me and said, "No you won't get extra time.. but please make it within 30 minutes or you will not be allowed in.."

"oh.. thank you!"

I could actually imagine in my head how her eyes were rolling.

I immediately jumped out of my bed and rushed to wake my sister up who was supposed to fetch me. She sounded equally shocked too.

I am someone who cannot wake up without taking a shower.
So I had the quickest shower of my life.
I also had the quickest brushing of my teeth in my life.
I even had the quickest putting on of clothes in my life.

I didn't care about hygiene then. I just wanted to arrive and sit for the bloody paper and go home.

So my initial plan of having some 'last-minute-revision' was completely destroyed by my panicky behaviour in the car.

I arrived at the college at 7.15am. "Still got time!" I thought to myself.

I walked quickly as hell because I know I cannot run.
Luckily I made an initiative to check the venue of my exam earlier.

It was also bitchy that my exam was so happened in the freaking 4th floor.
My usual 'very-tired-when-arrived-on-the-4th-floor' was not visible. I was more worried about sitting for the paper on time. And maybe completing it too.

As I was at the corridor heading to the classroom, a lecturer was seen sitting outside.
She looked at me and asked, "Yeo?"


"That classroom.."she pointed out.

I walked towards a door and asked her back, "this one?"

"No. The other door."


I then opened the door and saw an entire classroom of students already working with their calculators; calculating the final momentum of some ball perhaps.

Another 40-something lady lecturer was there, and she led me to my table.
On my way, I clumsily hit a chair. The lecturer just smiled. She then was beside my table, instructing me on the rules.. and the common protocol.. very softly.
She kept comforting me because she obviously knew I was panicking like a mad donkey.
I must say, her cool smile really made me feel much better.

15minutes into the exam, that very lady went towards my table and left a plastic mineral water on my table. And then patted my back twice.

OMG. So nice!
I must resemble her son or something. ><

I ended finishing the paper on time.
It was not like I could answer everything anyway. So I basically could do all I can and had time to crapped some answers.

When the lecturer was collecting the papers,
she 'ironically' warned us about not being late for this Thursday's paper because there would be many students bla bla bla.
I did not want to look anywhere else because I know there definitely will be some eyes laying on me.

I walked out of the classroom saying "thank you" to her. "You were very lucky~" she replied.

I was never late for a major examination before in my entire life and I guess it is better than never.

Surely now I will be more careful to be punctual during examinations.. I guess.
I oughta be.

2 down, 3 papers to go.

By Alex Yeo
N Arp-Dead

Pooch Cafe.

I've deleted Warcraft from my computer.
Not slowly navigating my mouse and clicking the Uninstall button mind you. But just hastily and to an extent, angrily deleted the whole freaking folder which has caused me to be in such a lousy condition today.
Yes. I can't believe myself too.

My finals are exactly next week.
And it's 6pm already.
And i hardly studied today.

Exam mode on from now..(hopefully).
I'm not depending fully on it but I hope my exam luck is there again this time around. :(
I think I need it this time more than ever.



By Alex Yeo
Arsenal may have drawn against Everton but..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

..the stats were by no doubts in Arsenal's favour.

29 freaking shots against everton's mere 2.
Everton's foul almost triple Arsenal's.

Arsenal's corner kicks 5 times of Everton's.

and just look at the freaking possession.

After last week's 4-0 trashing of Reading, I would say Arsenal was extremely unlucky not to have bagged this one.
But Everton which is doing relatively pretty well so far can be stubborn at times. And I hope they do the same against the other top teams.

Season's still a long way to go.
On-form Arsenal extremely extertaining at every game unlike 'some' clubs which still win boring-ly. *yawn*.

So don't smile just yet, Chelsea/ManU supporters.

We will make the 1-0 win at Old Trafford the deciding, 'painful' game for the season. ;) (lol to the win and the faces of the players after Adebayor's goal. :p)

Arsenal Fan

By Alex Yeo
Yesterday was the last day of my college

and I'm disappointed in myself.

The girl who I realised existed somewhere before the mid-year, who made me promise I would at least make her acknowledge my existence sometime before the end of college, appeared in front of me for the very last time in college (unless I'm really lucky of course).

But what did i do?
I walked back a few steps.

and looked away.

and that was the end.

someone pls throw a rock at my head.


By Alex Yeo
My results weren't 'that' bad afterall

I received my Forecast results today and eventhough it wasn't impressive, somehow or rather, I just wanted to show my parents what I've achieved. They clearly showed their unimpressed faces as 2 lecturers of mine gave me exceptionally low forecast results for their subjects which I think may not be fair to my liking. -__-
No prizes for guessing what those 2 subjects are. ><

My mum then brought up my brother's academic file to show me HIS forecast and final results which were very good. I then saw MY OWN ACADEMIC FILE and decided to dig through it to see wat precious records i may find. :D

The most surprising thing was my Kindergarden's progress report!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

It was damn cool. I don't even remember having it. It was like recovering an artifact from 18 years ago.

I didn't know my kindergarden Peter and Jane somewhere near or in Taman Megah was so precise and all. Apparently they claim they are guided by the Montesorri method of Education, London whatever that is. But it sounds good. ;)

But anyway, they actually have such detailed analysis about me! In different aspects!
I damn lazy to take photo of every single detail(and most of them are boring anyway) so I just took the first 2 sections. Haha.

And ehh, it's not like school where the teacher remarks are full of insincere compliments and stuff which sounds too good to be true. This is kindergarden where one's growth is essential to be monitored! So if anything's negative it will be negative. Bwahaha.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Me aged 3 going on 4. :)

I then found my primary srikl report card which wasn't erm, very nice.
The only nice page was my Standard 1 page where I was 5th in my class for the first semester and 3rd for the final. :D Then came the following year when I had a drastic drop to 14.. then the following year which I was reaching the tail end of the class... and ...yea. :/

If anyone doesn't know yet, I had 4As for my UPSR out of 5. Bloody Karangan Paper. Argh. But such results were good by my standards at that time... Me being the 'average' kid. But no one can be satisfied rite? So when I had that results I wanted more-loh. :( I don't know where my results slip went. Damn.

I then found my PMR slip too! Which made my heart twitched in delight again the moment I had my eyes on it.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Bwahahahaha. simply unbelievable ok!
To be among like the wat? 15-20% among my peers to have obtained 7As and above. And not forgetting I wasn't a bright bright kid?! Walau. Seriously damn happy. I still remembered my reaction! Kelvin was there beside me. Haha. Haha. Shit. Haha.

My SPM slip was among the thick set of papers too.
I have never told anyone publicly about my SPM results before. So this is gonna be the first time. It wouldn't matter now anyway since it's a year ago already. :|

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I know it consists of many numbers and alphabets unlike 'some' people's which only has A1 and A2.

But if you see properly, I actually obtained 3A1s and 3A2s making them a total of 6As! And if include the tiny A1 at the right side, it's 7! XD
Some schools actually include that okay when giving out awards. -_- My school didn't. Zzz.

I know the 5C is ugly but.
It's just me.

and and also.. my results actually quite 'unique' in it's own way!
if you see properly.. From the top to bottom.. It's ... Dua, Satu, Dua, Tiga, Satu, Dua, Tiga, Empat, Lima, Satu... :o

So it's.. 2...

It is actually in order! Haha! Only I got such results I bet. *bangga* So dem special lor.

So finally this year, my college year.
I have not sat for the finals yet but it's gonna be very soon.
So all I got now is my FORECAST results. Results which is predicted by my lecturers.

Speaking about those prediction,
I seriously not really that happy lor.
A friend of mine who obtained around my results throughout the year has a grade higher than me. And it matters ok?
Because I got a freaking D for my forecast.

Damn deng rite?

One more grade to C summore. Honestly it would look better if I had 11C or 12C la.
Not.. 10D. Goddammit.

Luckily I don't intend to do engineering anymore man. The 2 most crucial subjects. Spec Maths and.. Physics.

Yala. My physics got D also.
Damn suck man.
I checked alot of ppl's results in the class and I saw no Ds ok?!
How come only me! I'm not the worst also!

10D <--passing mark.

But once again, engineering subjects. :(

However if you see the Subject average for the whole of SAM,
you can see I only had 2 of those subjects LOWER than the subject average.
The rest I got higher. :D

One proud mark can be ESL. I damn thankful to my lecturer for that one. I thought she was gonna give me 16B! Bwahaha. At least it looks better la with ESL.
But 2Ds. Cmon man. Universities see also get turned off la. Haih.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And apparently,
I saw the scholars forecast and realised their subject average is different from normal!
Theirs were comparing with the OTHER scholars!
It was freaking cool to see such high subject average for the 5 subjects. O.o

But but...
Their subject average for Esl... was.. 15!

Yes. Once again I'm looking at the very small details which can make me happy.
Like beating the top scorer of the country in 1119 for SPM. Hahahaha.

My conclusion is,
my results. Are NOT that bad.
At least I don't think so.

The reason I obtained 2Ds was wat I think the choice of subjects.
I'm just not scientific enough.
Maybe I can right a long winded essay which requires thinking better.

My holiday started liau. Going back to college next thursday then friday will be the last day of college.
The week after that will be a study leave for the students.
My class took photos with our lecturers today. Pretty sad considering it took me one whole year to get to know everyone better and we're all gonna seperate again.

And then it's gonna be back to square one and the whole freaking process repeats again.



By Alex Yeo
Simply too many salesmen around college

I think women are worst drivers than men.
I mean seriously.

Worst as in driving to one's liking and totally ignoring the other cars on the road.
I think my oldest sister is an example. :p

And today I saw this polite,gentle-looking tudung malay lady driving like a... road...queen? Like she owns the road or something. It can be argued that she's experienced enuff to know nothing will happen but it still doesn't give her or anyone else the right to drive like that. -______-

First I noticed from my mirror she was between 2 lanes.
Then she went zooming pass my right with a distance too close for comfort. -_-
Then she cut my front to go to my left lane. And ATTEMPTED to cut me again! But luckily I was already near. -.-

The heavy jam at the roundabout didn't ease me at all. :(

Then I got home and I got 'zhadou'-ed by my maid.

My maid doesn't have the best hearing or anything. I don't think it's a medical condition but sometimes her mind just wanders off far too easily. And she doesn't pay attention much. At least she can make nice chicken curry. Zzz.

The moment I opened my house door,
I heard a phone call rang.
My maid's voice could be heard answering the call.

I then asked,"siapa tu?"

Maid : Li Min(a cousin of mine)~

Me : Ohh. (it didn't take me long to figure out the reason she called as it was my grandmother's birthday. ((oh happy birthday grandma!)))

But somehow, I still asked anyway,

Me : Cari siapa?

Maid : Ama.. (We call my grandma ama)

Me : Mana ama?

Maid : Li Min!!

Me : ??? Bukan, mana ama?

Maid : Oh, bilik.

Me : -________- (like duh) Bilik siapa??

Maid : Li Min!

Me : ?!WTF. (I DONT HAVE A ROOM FOR MY COUSIN IN MY HOUSE) <-- at this point i damn impatient already.

Me : Bukan! AMA DI BILIK SIAPA? (u have to know my grandma sometimes goes to my parent's room to watch TV)

Maid : Ama!

Me : (diu) BUKAN!! AMA DI BILIK SIAPA SEKARANG? (my most correct pronounciation with the loudest voice. it was harsh.)

Maid : Ama di bilik ama la!

Me : -_______________________-

Honestly , I just kept quiet for a few seconds and at that very moment, I can swear I could see a speech bubble popping out beside me with three black dots happily horizontally aligned right in the middle of it.

She just made it sound like it was the most obvious thing on earth. But in actual fact, it isn't.
It may not sound as 'zhadou' as my time experiencing it but it was.

And also,
today when I was walking to my car after college,
I walked through the dreaded 'lorong' as a shortcut route to my car.
Ppl close to me have been asking me to avoid the 'lorong' as many drug addicts are said to be hiding in the corner waiting for a potential victim before raping/robbing the poor fella.

I never thought anything like that could happen in broad daylight and in such a populated area like Subang Jaya. But I still was more careful anyway.

As I was a quarter into the 'lorong', a man called out behind me.

Me : shit.

I forgot how the conversation went after that but I realised immediately it was some SALESMEN attempting to sell some DIGI POSTPAID PROMOTION to me.
Well looking at the bright side, at least it was not a bad guy. -_-

Maybe he was. Shit.
*checks wallet*
still here.

Well at that time I was really uninterested and wanted to leave but my family members got it right. I just care about ppl too much and I will lose out in the end because of my too-nice-to-everyone attitude.
I gave the salesman(eventhough he claimed he's not) a benefit of a doubt and listened to wat he has to say.
After much thought, I managed my 'sorry-but-i-am-really-not-keen' speech and almost got myself out of it when his female 'boss' came and talked.

It was damn funny because SHE THOUGHT SHE COULD TRICK ME.
Cheh. Just because I look innocent.

It was damn obvious la.
Coz it was like she saw him writing down his hp number to me on a brochure..
then she asked,"wat are u doing?" the guy told her lah.
Then she said "ohh.. why don't he just fill in the form now and hand in la? so much more convenient!"

My heart 'lol-ed' in disbelief and i was so tempted to show her this _|_
But of course, once again I'm a polite kid so I just acted the way I am and managed another 'escape' speech and got myself out of there.

Stupid man! It was soooo long! around 10 minutes or so. -_- Next time must faster abit.

Before I was 'caught' in the 'lorong', I saw 2 students talking to some man with some sort of a file or something.
Inside, I was laughing at them and it was just so tempting to call out,'losers!'.

Then as I turned the corner, I became a 'loser' as well. -__- paiseh.

Anyway, after I got myself out of the situation and continued walking to my car,
I saw a woman with her children talking to some Burger King promotion man.

Getting out of hand.

From now on they are gonna be known as the SSPIPTTTS.
Shit. Too long.
But how am I gonna remember that is gonna be another issue all together.

My finals are coming soon!
Too fast la wei.
My pre-u course is basically divided into internal and external assessments.
External would be the final big exam thingy and the internal would be the assignments and test I did throughout the whole year.
I got back 4/5 of my internal marks already.
Damn suck okay.
Unhappy, but strangely pleased as well.

I did not fail anything!
As yet of course, still need my physics. -_-

How to score high high for my final final results now.
Damn hard lor. unless I score some miracle marks for my finals. -_-
Which is not likely because I am a lost kid.

Okla too long.
Rants about my studies will continue next time.


By Alex Yeo
Some people are just more talented than me

I once thought i was better than everyone else in this and that but I was proven to be wrong by the emergence of a few other ppl in my life.

If i'm not gonna excel and be the very best in anything i do, so why bother rite?

Which brings me to my university courses dilemma.

Obviously i'm not gonna be doing anything related to science cause I already gave up and admitted I ain't one of the top fews who can do science. (I actually thought I was before entering form 4).

What about Arts, you ask?

You see.
I ain't good in drawing, painting or illustrating on a piece of paper.

I already know that since young. There's just this person sitting in the corner of the colourful class, having everyone at awe over his/her artwork. In that very same colourful classroom, in the other corner, you will see a boy smirking and trying his very best to ignore the very presence of the very talented artist at the other corner of the class. And that boy would be me.

I have ideas, yes. But I realised very recently that eventhough my ideas can be of an interesting bunch, there's just this other few people which can strike the equivalent or even more interesting ideas compared to mine.

Which sucks, obviously.

Because if I ain't good in Science.
And not among the best few in the Creative side,


A person brought to this world which will bring totally no significance watsoever?
Before I entered my Pre-University programme,
eventhough I once said I was totally clueless over my future at that very time, my mind was actually set to ONE thing.
I will not sit behind a desk in an office doing some business-related thing for some people.

Not business where you don't actually need to graduate in to work for it.

So anyway,
back to the topic.

There's also this other bunch(alot of them actually),
where they are better than me in their Science field,
and are also MORE CREATIVE than me!!!!
The unfairness.

My heart turns sour each time I hear them discussing about their future course.
They are 'confused', they claimed and 'dont-know-what's-best-for-them'.

Their case seemed similiar to mine but the only ONE difference is,


So don't anyone dare try comforting me by saying,"hey alex i know you didn't do very well for the sciences, but cmon.. you are so creative and good with ur designs and essays!"


not anymore anyway.

So basically,
I'm gonna enter a course which I will once again be from the middle to the last of the class.
Because there WILL be people who are gonna be better than me.

Which totally loses the point of a course selection for me.
Because I only want a course where people COME to me to seek help and I can be one of the top few in class.

A little bit greedy?
Don't think so.

It's just a type of frustation caused by not excelling in anything I had done throughout my 18 years of life.

Don't think anyone else will understand.
My life can be of a sad one if told from a different perspective.
But i'm not complaining.
Not just yet.


By Alex Yeo
Of Architecture

I met a senior of my school just now at the Architecture talk organised by the Taylors School of Architure, Building and Design.
It was initially surprising to meet her but it got comfortable after a while.

She came over to talk to me while we waited for the talk to begin.

She : Heya how are you? Which programme are u taking now?

Me : SAM hehe. U are in TCPJ izzit?

She : Yah.. so why architecure?

Me : Oh..coz it looks interesting...

She :

Me : Well, is it interesting?

She : It's a tough course.

Me : hm?

She : Many sleepless nights.. projects and all..

Me : oh haha. It's a long course rite?

She : yeap! all my frens are in australia already except me still here..

Me : k..

we watched a few presentations and video clips which was really attractive.
it is something i would be willing to spend my time on.

we also had a little bit of fun by attempting to design a 'shelter home' for tsunami victims in Acheh.

some kind of fun it was.
well we were serious.. we tried.

but at the end,
the other groups structures looked so much... better than ours. :o

ours look like one clump of...well u know.

so architecture is pretty interesting.
but i realised it can be quite demanding with the workload.
to cut and paste.. and all that.
it can really drain one's energy.
even just now i felt very tired and was in no mood to cut precisely etc.

it is still a course im considering, however.

we'll just see how things goes from here.


blogging from college's library now.
time to search for hot chix.
just kd.
time to study la of course. :)


By Alex Yeo
Some quiz from

Nick sent me a link just now regarding some quiz testing you on the most suited course for you or something like that.
I did something of similiar style in Taylor's as it was compulsary.

And my results turned out to be quite the same too.


You scored as Visual&PerformingArts. You should strongly consider majoring (or minoring) in the Visual or Performing Arts (e.g. Art, Art Education, Art History, Ceramics, Culinary Arts, Dance, Drawing, Fashion Design, Film, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Marketing (advertising), Music, Music Education, Music Theory, Painting, Photography, Theatre).

It is possible that the best major for you is your 2nd, 3rd, or even 5th listed category, so be sure to consider ALL majors in your OTHER high scoring categories (below). You may score high in a category you didnt think you would--it is possible that a great major for you is something you once dismissed as not for you. The right major for you will be something 1) you love and enjoy and 2) are really great at it.

Consider adding a minor or double majoring to make yourself standout and to combine your interests. Please post your results in your myspace/blog/journal.





























created with


So interesting - visual arts.

And look at my physics/engineering score. lowest of them all.
and hello don't forget i'm doing physics this year for my South Australian Matriculation and my class is an ENGINEERING class.

totally wrong choice of subjects.
mathematics pretty low too. and i'm taking SPECIALIST mathematics.

duno y i took them oso. but maybe it was bcoz i hadn't make up my mind last year on wat to do yet. so i just wanted to be safe. ><

oh well. not much regrets though. at least i've learned ALOT of things this year and to know that mathematics is not just as far as wat we learn in high school but it is so much more. I can confidently say that no one has seen maths yet until they take specialist maths. tertiary students may argue that their maths is the REAL deal and it's true. no problems there. i'm just saying for those who did not take mathematics after their schooling period, they shouldn't think it's just..'there'.

cool bunch of engineering-minded ppl(and some not) ppl i met too in the class. :)
so thats something definitely not worth regretting on.

and at least by taking those engineering subjects this year, i basically confirmed for myself that i am not gonna be doing it on a higher standard. i wouldn't know, would i? if i had not taken those subjects then kept wondering what it may be like for me. :)

70% mind made up now.
that's a stunning improvement. :D


By Alex Yeo
Today is a Sunday

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

fav comic. :)


By Alex Yeo

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Taken from the 4th floor of Taylor's College SJ.

Air so dirty omg.
I think I shud stay at home more often.

But wait. I don't go out that much anyway.
Eh, isn't going to college considered going out?

Putting the pieces together..

too important my last few weeks!

i'm gonna speak more mandarin/cantonese from now on.
however much i suck i gotta start somewhere!

ni hao.
zai jian.
zhoi gin~


By Alex Yeo
The blogger from space

I'm not sure if anyone heard of her but she blogged about her experience when she was in space.. not when she landed.. but when she WAS IN space.

So darn cool. Check out her link here.

I wasn't really a follower of the blog. Just read a few posts of hers when she was still blogging from space. I damn like space lor. I always wanted to view the Earth from outer space. So reading what she wrote was pretty interesting. :)

But she landed already. And among those informative posts of hers, many are very inspirational too. She tend to write many inspirational stuff for some reason. I mean I feel damn proud of her. For SOME reason. I duno wat.

I know she has nothing to do with me.
She's the first Iranian space tourist and the closest thing probably related to me is that she's Asian.
But I'm quite sure that's not the reason why I am so proud of her.

Maybe it's because she still can motivate ppl in her way eventhough she must be completely overwhelmed that she actually got to see what most ppl cannot. I mean, to be able to travel to space may mean the WORLD to some ppl. Until some ppl just wouldn't bother on other minor stuff anymore, like putting corny inspirational messages around. But she still cares lor!

Duno how to explain.
She seems and looks like a nice lady too. :) Feel so happy for her that she was able to travel to space.


On another note,
I got myself a new dog! A Siberian Husky! Wuhoo!
Didn't buy it. Given by my sister's fren.
Seriously looks damn intelligent lor.
But definitely not watchdog material.

And ooohh yah.
My trials over liauz.
Not totally impressed.
More of relieved that it's over. :/

Can start concentrating on finals already!(yea rite la) :D
Still got one more physics presentation to go though.
Gonna present something on the Twin Paradox.
Damn regret taking that topic, okay.
Thought of having something so super gaya and interesting that it will impress the hell out of my lecturer.
But it's gonna backfire now. SIGH.
Not completely understanding the topic oso.

Okla enuff.
A crappy post with such 'formal' language.
Damn sienz jor.



By Alex Yeo
so random

When you have an exam to study for and you just cannot seem to study,
you start logging on to and search for interesting videos to occupy your time.

and then during my 'intensive' search period, i suddenly thought of something very interesting I saw during the CNY season!

which brought me to this video!

omg. pls watch it again if u have watched it.
or if you haven't, do watch it!
especially if you're malaysian, chinese and hokkien!

so touching and meaningful!!!
it struck the heart a little bit more also because of the fact that it is sooooooo real!!!



By Alex Yeo
I am a liar

I'm in the library now and the computer time shows 8:49AM.
And my class starts at 8AM.

So wat am i doing here? I'm not too sure myself.

Ok. I arrived late. And even if i were to enter the class just now I would had missed half of it. When you miss half of physics, the rest of the period isn't of much use anymore. Besides, I could hardly understand even if I had attended the WHOLE period. Whats more, just half. -_-
And also, the playful questions the teacher put up towards me when I enter late is pretty unwanted.

So basically, it was just not worth it. Zz.

When I was walking from my very-far parking to college just now, I stumbled upon 2 very familiar aunties.
I stopped walking and smiled - natural reaction.

Then said our usual greetings.
And then only realised they were parents of my ex-school/classmates!

Me : Hi!

Aunties : heloo

One aunty stared at me weirdly though.

I asked her, "Do you remember me??"

Confused Aunty : Yeaaa.... you look so different now!

Me : ?_? (hmm)

Other Aunty : You attending the late class izzit?

Me : *silence 2 seconds* (wat late class..) ..Yeah

I gave a like I have to really get going now expression and then we said our byes.

I got a good reputation among parents and I want to keep that.
Even by such means! *devil face*


I really got to get going now for my next class.

..and oh yea just in case you're wondering, there is no such thing as a late class for my course. :)


By Alex Yeo
It's that time of the month again

Yeap. that period where friends are pissed off at you for some reason, have totally no mood to study when you totally have to, something which u really liked is gone and nothing is just going right.
also the period where some friends decides to become bitchy all of a sudden and when you cant even have some time off by gaming cause your com is totally screwed up.

and you aren't supposed to be gaming too since ur exams are all so near. results pretty vital too.


once again it all came at once.

at what appropriate time too!

trials starting this friday.

thx world.

i cant even study i dont know why. some test tomorrow.

and it's past midnight already.
i wanted to sleep early to wake up early.

i don't know wat to do now im so lost.

maybe i'll just sleep now.
good idea.
and screw tomorrow's test.

n maybe try to clear some issues of mine.


By Alex Yeo
No. Not anymore

With the deepest of breaths, he clenched his fists tight and walked towards the door. Step by step, he walked, expressionless; but very clearly his eyes were still full of thoughts. He stopped right behind the door and paused. With a small amount of effort, he lifted his head up and stared to his right. It was obvious he was looking at one of the students in the class. His face stood still and he was motionless. But the message was indeed clear. The student looked back up and immediately somehow understood the expression. The man then gave a quick sigh and turned away, his hand reaching for the door and finally exiting the classroom.

One quick stare which had meant so much.
The student suddenly felt like dying.


Yes. I am THAT student.
And that man happened to be my physics teacher.
I do not know why but he chose to look at me that day.

His face.
His expression.
His body language.

It says it all.

My physics is a goner.

It was several days after he gave back the results for my latest physics test.
I did badly as expected, one of the worst in the class.

The usual thing happened. He called my name, I went to retrieve my paper.
I stood there, waiting for him to give my paper when the dreaded question came instantly.

"why?..." He had a disappointed smile marked on his face.

"I..will try harder next time." I said with a sigh.

"Next time? U know wat month we're at alreadY or not??" It sounded harsh, but he said it in a very 'playful' manner. But it was clear he still meant wat he was trying to tell me.

"I know.." I forced a weak laugh.


Wat is wrong with me.
I don't get it.

Beginning of the year,
I adapted just fine to the subject.
I do not know when i just suddenly got 'lost' in the subject.

Everyone is at pace.
All except me.
No one thinks physics is tough.
No one from the other classes.
Very little from mine.

I've been very busy with tests past few weeks.
May be the reason why I didn't blog.

I still have a test next week.
And my trials begin next friday.
And guess what the subject is? Physics.

I feel so drained I can dive into the ocean and still won't feel the water.

A summary of some happenings which happened would be,

My clan participated in the World Cyber Games and we didn't win.
We didn't get knocked out in the first round either so that's a good thing. :)

My IT replacement teacher left already. It's not like we cared when he was around. But I'll definitely think of him once in a while now that he's gone. Nice man.

I watched Actorlympics in Actor's Studio Bangsar with my family. It resembles Whose Line Is It Anyway but this is more malaysian-based and it's pretty good. Very funny at parts. Can't really think of a part which made me say, "huh?"

Suri Cruise got her pictures finally out. Oh. It has nothing to do with me.

Totally lost in Physics. Wait, that's nothing new. It has come to an extent where there's no difference whether I attend the physics class or not. Because I would not learn anything anyway.

Haris birthday party rocked even with a small group.
That night also confirmed my allergy to alcohol. Which sucks obviously but that may be a good thing.


trials coming soon.
and the 'rest period' i awaited ever since the start of the year didn't come.
And it looks like it won't either.

U know this 'rest period' where there's this period of time when we just go to classes without having to worry about assignments, tests, quizzes, etc?
Well, that period obviously didn't arrive for me.
It is non existent in my course.

So I took tests after tests, quizzes after quizzes, submitted assignments after assignments..
waiting for this 'period'..
till I reached my trials already..
and there's even a quiz next tuesday before the trials to add salt to the wound.

If you want to consider the time after trials to be my 'rest period', then you're wrong because everyone would be busy worrying about the FINALS and lecturers will stuff revision after revision into ur face till u literally suffocate.


So no more 'rest period'
and course ending in no time.

Yay for SAM.


I hope to study a little earlier for the trials compared to the length of time I study for my other previous examinations this time around.


Okay. I should have covered everything I wanted to say.
I've nothing else to say this time.


By Alex Yeo
A tribute post

I want to blog, i really do. But for now, all things must come to a halt as this post is gonna be a tribute post to the crocrodile hunter, Steve Irwin who passed away after a tragic accident involving a stingray.

Which stung him in the heart, unfortunately.

Very unfortunately I might add, as I found out the death cases involving stingrays are very very low.
And very unfortunatey too for Steve Irwin as it stung right to his heart.

IF you do not know who Steve Irwin is,
you shouldn't even be... having internet access to be able to read this blog. So I'm assuming everyone who reads this knows who that legendary hunter is.

I used to make fun of his australian accent with my friends. In a good way of course. In a way which still showed my high respect towards his courage facing wildlife.

I stopped watching the television for a while now and he didn't come to my mind at all.
But when mentioned, sure know lah.

A worldwide sensation. Even appeared on the Larry King show on CNN.
And some ads in the cinemas too if you remember.


Condolences to his wife, and 2 kids.

I feel so sorry a great icon for the environment-caring is gone.

RIP Steve Irwin!


By Alex Yeo
Like wtf?

I had the experience of my life few hours ago.
I can't believe it happened. To me.
It was not tragic, but it certainly is an experience worth mentioning over and over again.

So at around 10pm, I was gonna depart from my house to Subang to meet Richmond and Nick and whoever who was there.
I already had this slight feeling that something may happen because my grandmother kept advicing me to drive safe and it's not good to go out so late at night.
She mentioned it more than usual but I did not want to think of it that much.
And summore my glasses was being fixed and my mum actually adviced me not to drive as I did not have my glasses.

So anyway, I just drove out.
When I reached the first roundabout,
I started off proper like usual and attempted to eat into the inner lane which I couldn't because there were cars.
So I kept the outer lane and drove slowly.
So fine, one car from the inner lane cut passed me.
Then suddenly,
out of nowhere,
this dark coloured car zoomed very near to the right of my car, honked and braked suddenly.
Instincts will make me brake my car too at that very time as I did not want that car to bang into me.
So I braked.

Then came the split second moment when we decided on who should go first.
As I was about to step on the oil,

Yes. not very loud.

I drove off abit, thinking it was some stuff that fell of from my back seat.
I looked into the mirror.
A man lying on the floor picking his motorcycle up.
SHit. I did not know wat to do.
My father always advised my siblings and I not to stop when a car bang you from the back as he may be up to no good.
And at that very same roundabout 2 weeks ago,
a motorcycle banged into my mum who was using my car and she had many people surrounding her and threatened her.

So obviously naturally I would pray that none of those things would happen to me.
I drove off slowly, as I knew it would just be a small thing as the bang wasn't even very loud.

Then my worst nightmare came through.
I looked to my left, a car was following me damn fast.
I sped a little, hoping he would give up and would just show his anger.
He didn't.

He came even quicker now.
I looked to my left. It was a chinese man,
a very very angry one.
He shouted some things in cantonese. Something which went like 'I still dared to run?'
The vulgarity came abit later.
Then he rolled down his windows.
He brought out some handcuffs.
WTf. It was damn freaky I tell you.
I was like shit. I am so dead. Pls go away.

Then he drove off alittle faster, attempted to brake in front of me,
he kept asking me to stop.
I did not know who he was.
What if he's some big shot gangster who was gonna kill me.

This time, I stared at him again.
And woah,
for the first time in my life,
a gun was pointed to me.
right towards my car heading for my face.

My right leg immediately shifted to the brakes.
And slowed down my car.

HE stopped right in front,
Came down.

I locked my doors.
He tried to open my door.
Who was he. WAt does he want?

He started shouting in cantonese. He said I dared to hit and run. He was furious. At least he looked like he was.
I remembered he had a gun.
I opened the door. I was nervous.
He asked for my IC and driving license, I gave him both.

Man : YOU HIT AND RUN??? #%@#%@# (cantonese)

Me : sorry! i duno wat happened. maybe we shud turn back (english)

Man : wat you dont know. (english)

HE then took my identity cards with him and asked me to follow his car to the police station in S.Alam nearby.

I called my dad immediately while trailing his car, and told wat happened.
Till then, I still am not sure who he was.

We went back to the roundabout, the motorcyclist was no longer there.

Then we arrived.
Out of panicked and confusion,
I simply parked the car.
He asked me to repark.

But i wasn't scared. No. Not at all.
I had a strong argument.
I know wat happened clearly.
I am not someone who gives in easily.

He started telling the story to the policemen.
A crapshit overly exaggerated story.
Which was not even true.
Not a single bit.

He looked at the side of my door and told the police the motor banged there, causing the dent.
I told him it was caused by my house gate.
But no, the police doesn't listen to you.

One even came nearby and said "pagar mana boleh macam ni"
I felt like slapping his face.

But i did not lose my cool.
I even asked the chinese man," do you even know where the motor hit me?"
He did not reply at first.
I said, "the back. see this marks?"

But he continued with his bullcrap stories.
I said,"Can you let me explain my side of the story?"
Then he said "don't need.i was the witness! I saw"

All you saw was a man falling from his motor and me driving off.
And you assumed I hit him off and I ran.

The conversation between me and him in the policestation was pretty pointless.
I kept talking to him, but he had stupid replies.
The more I talked to him, the more confident I felt.
I knew he doesn't know anything about what really happened.
HE just simply assumed.

Then there was once when I decided to remain silent.
He talked all shit and smoked his cigg.
I just crossed my hands and stared away.
Then he asked "do you think you were in the right or wrong??"
I did not reply.
He asked again.
I chose not to reply again.
He then asked again.
Which I finally said,"Whatever I say is gonna be wrong. wat's the point?"
He said something stupid which I had forgotten which prompted me to say,"I don't think I'm in the wrong honestly"

"are you a police?"

"If i'm not a police, why i bring you to balai?"

"can i see ur badge?"

He showed me his card.

"Oh ... you kurang ajar ah.."

"?? like that also kurang ajar?"

"kurang ajar la!"

I seriously didn't know it is against the citizen rights to demand for a proof that a certain someone is a police after he took my identity cards.

He was just waiting there for the motorcyclist to report. It was so obvious. He just wanted someone or something to stand on his side. Because he wasn't even a proper witness.

thinking back about my conversation with him is such a pain in the ass.
Now I understand wat the public sees of the police force. And to think I was at their side once. Bah.

My dad arrived not long after,
which was perfect timing.

Suddenly the police acted all nice and chicken shit in front of my father.
Which sucks obviously.
And my dad miraculously solved everything through talking.

My siblings arrived then and I was sent home.
My dad took the man to teh tarik or something.

I also found out that he apologised to me through my dad.
I think he eventually realised that,
Omg. If only I can report him.

And someone bang me from the back I got the right not to stop ok?
You don't need to chase me all the way jus because you assumed I banged into him.

The way he approached me was all rude.
I don't blame his actions actually,
normal instincts for a policeman.

But the way he approached me I felt was simply too much.
And was very rude too.
He even made fun of my inability to speak chinese as a chinese.

So after all that crap,
I obviously didn't get to go to subang anymore.
Which was pretty unfortunate,
but to be honest,
I wasn't even really affected by what had happened.
I had the courage to speak firmly to the accuser.
Maybe because I know that I was not in the wrong.

Seen those greatest police chase on tv?
I never thought I would be involved in those kinda things!

I also don't think this is something I would forget very soon,
but wat the heck.

Roundabouts have always sucked in my opinion anyway.

p/s:off to vietnam. brb on tuesday!


By Alex Yeo

Watched Click.
Very long never seen such a touching story liau!!! :o

I bet ppl who have not watched the movie must be thinking wtf? and giving me the O.o face.
But.. yes.. it's a comedy.
But a very meaningful storyline behind it too.


Also, several Australian Uni Representatives came to my college to brief students who are interested.
Freaking waste of time wei.
I thought I could get a clearer picture of my future but I got more confused at the end of the day instead.


Everyone who was there brought their parents along to REGISTER for the unis.
And those who choose to enquire actually have stuff they already planned to ask.

Ppl there are those who already have what they want in mind and just want more info(s) regarding their course of choice or see which university offers the most appropriate degree for them.

for a clueless boy like me,
I just randomly asked some things which I may or may not do just for the sake of not wasting my time.
Sometimes, I just stand behind some people asking questions just so hopefully I may be able to 'accidentally' pick up something I may be interested in.
Which didn't work obviously. :/

So I began searching through a list of courses just maybe I can suddenly spot one I may be interested in.
But almost all was a possibility.

I can't be going to the representatives and ask,"helo i got no idea wat i want to do pls help me"

The reasons for my clueless future:

1)No specific passion

2)Interested in something that has no good job prospects

3)Low entry requirements for a specific course a turnoff

4)Like the course but realistically too tough for me

5)Too big/severe of a choice to make

6)I can't make decisions

7)Want a course which sounds good/has a good reputation



By Alex Yeo
APIIT Inter College Cyber Games Day 2

So we got home after Day 1, exhausted but freaking happy.
We decided not to train hard that night to ease our mind and relax our body. We planned for one game but in the end we had none.

I crawled to my bed at 8pm and slept till the next morning.
Somehow, the nervousness was all gone.

This time however, instead of taking the trains, I drove there bringing 2 of my teammates along.

When we arrived, we checked the boards and was feeling damn proud cause we were among the 8 out of 25(?) who went through!

People must be fearing us. ><
There were 3 Taylor teams initially but one didn't make it through.

Our first match was against a team from MMU.
And we were the first to play too!

We also lost the coin toss for that game.
Which make us didn't get our prefered side.

That match.


Dem sad lah. Cause if we had won that match, we would be playing in the semis already. Which is damn comfortable cause we know even if we had lost in the semis we would be able to play for 3rd/4th placing. But we didn't.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The MMU team which had beaten us went all the way into the finals, meeting the other Taylor's team.
The Taylors team won that match.

So went there all the way to play a match and go home it's pretty disappointing.
But I guess we can also be super proud that we made it into Day 2.
And the lunch they provided for Day 2 is nicer too~ :D

Quarterfinals. Big semangat booster.

Drove to Kajang after that to chill out at one of my teammate's house.
Had Kajang satay too which was very.. normal.
I don't get wat's so special.

Oklah. I lost my flow of words again.


By Alex Yeo
I miss my dog already

will fill this up


By Alex Yeo
APIIT Inter College Cyber Games 2006

Most readers do not know I belong to a clan, a gaming clan.
It's called NtL.
I am too lazy to brief regarding the history of my clan so I'm not doing it.
Click here for the very inactive clan forums. :)

Anyway, the APIIT ICCG 2006 would be the 2nd tournament we were joining. The WCG CyberCafe Preliminaries would be the first, but I don't think that's counted cause we fought the winner at the very first round! Argh. Some cafe sponsored team which I won't bother naming cause no one would know anyway.

So anyway,
it was a 2 day tournament.
First day was meant for the group stages, whereas the 2nd day the knockout round will commence(which will start from the quarters since there will be 8 groups and only the champions from each group will proceed)

Two teammates and I were so freaking lost on how to get to Bukit Jalil that I think we got conned when we asked for directions on how to take the trains.
-_- freaking bullies.
Explaining about the train journey would be as boring as it was for us boarding the train so I won't bother.

We arrived and met up with the other teammates.
Saw other teams. Look gaya as predicted. Like dem pro.

Bla bla bla delay like hell,
then finally they called the teamleaders out for the draw.

Group A to Group H.
Damn 'kan cheong'.
waited patiently to see Taylor's NtL appear on the board.

Group A.
4 teams announced.
No NtL.

Group B.

Group C.
Not yet.

Got worried after a while. Cause I tot they missed out our registration somehow.
Then they reached the final group, which is group H.

Taylors Yeo ... something-something.
Then i panicked.

Only then when I realised that the Yeo something something was actually our team.
They didn't know our dem famous clan name. -____- so they just wrote the leader's name.

But we requested them to write the clan name down anyway. :D

But wtf la final group. Last team there summore. -_-"
Sure wait dem long.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
team draw table

To cut things short,
we waited dem freaking long.
And they kept delaying for no apparent reason.

my teammates could see that. dem obvious. so nice of them to keep comforting me.
keep seeing the IMU participants walking here walking there with their IMU t-shirts.
Summore found out they trashed the Apt team.
Omg dem worried.

When it was our turn to play(last team to start a game i think),
already so tired and lost alot of mood. But still must concentrate.
Won the coin toss, picked our prefered side which is scourge,


After that victory,
we felt dem happy.
like half a body in liau next round.
cause we saw how IMU trashed the other team.

we won that game also lah.
Pretty easy.
very sporting team. wished us luck for the next round.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
the very lousy-looking group table.

i got no flow at all.
so i am gonna stop here.

To sum it all up,
we topped our group.
with another taylors representative too.
so got 2 taylor teams in the quarters. :D

I slept like a pig when I got home. Was freaking tired.
But happy. XD

Will post about Day 2 of the competition in my next post.
Now no mood. Lousy flow of words.


By Alex Yeo
Gearing up for the future

I'm feeling alot better regarding my future now. Next year, you know.
Because of such high entry requirements set by the University of Melbourne, I must certainly have a second option for just-in-case situations. In fact, I don't even think I can make it there anymore. Sorry Adrian :(

But hey c'mon, even the smart ones in my class are saying it's very difficult to get in there. And you see me there, waving my hands in desperation telling them that I actually want to study there?! I must be nuts. Even just thinking about it. There's no way I can out-do the smarter ppl and if they think they cannot manage to enter that uni, I shouldn't even be worrying abouit it. Which is quite sad, of course.

i may not even be going overseas next year which i had originally planned. I would probably do twinning if my results aren't satisfactory enough.

Then my friend told me about this another uni in australia. ANU. The Australian National University.


Which is not a bad uni really, but i don't hear much from it somehow. Tell me more about it if you know pls.
Entry requirements slightly lower if compared to melb u.
and pretty 'achievable' too!


As I type now, I am resting my hands on several books which is pushing my keyboard towards the monitor. O.o
I just want to say that I still have alot of work.

On an irrelevant note,
I went to the library just now to meet a friend.
As I put my bag down,
this ex-classmate of mine suddenly shouted..


"oh hi~"


"O.o? NO! shhh why u talking so loud"


"NO ITS NOT THE SAME SHIRT! and you are talking very loud! shh"


"No it's not! I wore brownish/green(i dont know which) yesterday! this is orange"

Then I walked off.

She was speaking on top of her lungs.
For I duno what reason.
Maybe she just wanted to embarass me for fun.

Or maybe she knew about my state of confusion from the educational aspect and future aspect and just wanted to cheer me up.

Whichever way, it was still embarassing for me when she did that.



By Alex Yeo
A post of complain, again

Ppl must be getting tired of my constants rants regarding the piles of workload I have. Trust me, I'm tired too.

But I just gotta share it.

Having to juggle so many things for this coming few weeks can kill a living creature I tell you.

Especially if the living creature has been slacking for the past 11 years of his life in school. Especially if the living creature's name has the intials of AYCY.


So I will have a Mathematical Studies Common Test this coming week. The third I think for this subject. And it's gonna cover my worst part of this subject too! Wowwee! Statistics.


And oh yea, I also have some ESL essay to write, and lotsa homework for Specialist Mathematics.

Speaking about the ESL essay,
I was given an interesting topic to write for my essay!


As in,

an interesting topic. Finally.

I am gonna write a sequel/prequel to a movie in 300-400 words. Okay the word limit part is a turn off. but who cares! It's still an interesting topic!

The English subject this year has to be the boring-est ever compared to previous years.
The reason behind it is plain and simple(just like the essay topics).



Did I mention factual?


super boring to the max.

I heard they changed the syllabus recently.
They USED to have interesting topics to write. But it has changed. Into this.. new...'factual' stuff.
It's not like I'm saying I would score better if they give me some narrative to write.
It's just that..
you'll understand.

Like I said,
This week I have a test.
The following week I will sit for a Physics test.
Then the following week I will sit for a Specialist Mathematics test.
Then not soon after I will sit for a spec maths coursework.


But did i regret my decision?
I don't think so.
If you give me the option of reversing time and repicking.

I feel that my decision will still be the same.
This is a short course, and it will lead you to places too.
And to those who choose to remain stubborn and proud, my course DOES NOT only bring me to australia, okay?

I'm going out soon. To actually complete my homework and to revise for the upcoming test.
Omg can you believe it. :D
Eventhough I overslept and screwed my library plans yesterday(sorry kuan), I will still try to complete my work!

Very willing to accept any sort of help and advice!


By Alex Yeo


Got totally nothing to say or blog about.
Most are not interesting enough or i just dont feel like sharing them.


I just came back from pizza hut. same branch.

yes. i broke my promise.
but it's a satuday wat. i have no class after this.


so let me rephrase wat i said in my last post.

not anytime soon.


By Alex Yeo
Pizza HUX

11.05am was the time when Richmond, Jonathan, KW and I decided to depart from Taylor's College SJ to Pizza Hut SJ to have our brunch.

We didn't have any original plans before that so we spent some time deciding.
It went something like:

Richmond: Eat where? Success ar? Hehehehhe

Jonathan: Market.

Richmond and Alex: Dowan market larrr!

Richmond: Secret Recipe okay?

Jonathan and KW: (blindly) okay.

Alex: Wtf? No! Dont be stupid okay. everytime want to go places like secret recipe.. starbucks to eat. Those places arent even places which have food as their top income.

Ok i forgot what happened after that.
But we decided to go to PIZZA HUT instead.
I doubt it was my idea. I just agreed (Stupid KW better change that statement in ur blog).

So anyway, on the way there, left our bags in KW car.
When we got there,
there was NOT A SINGLE waiter/waitress standing downstairs as usual waiting to serve us or direct us upstairs like they used to.
We didn't take much notice and just walked up ourselves and got a place for ourselves.

WAITED soooooooo long for someone to come serve our table. Jon couldn't wait so he walked to the counter but he realised he had to queue behind some girls doing something. -_-"



"Saya sudah tahu apa nak order tak payah pergi sana"
I forgot what she said but she just gave me a stupid smile and walked towards my table.

ARGh. dem pissed.

I wanted to jaga my muka so I continued standing at my table while I ordered the exact same set. and the worst thing was, I told her the freaking set and she bloody STILL TOOK A MENU AND SHOWED IT TO US. SHE WASTED AT LEAST 10 SECS DOING THAT. EVEN IF SHE WAS JUST CONFIRMING, SHE SHOULD JUST USE THOSE PAPER PROMOTION THING AT OUR TABLES RITE. NO NEED WALK SO FAR AWAY. Argh.

Thats not the worst thing yet.
So we took the soup ourselves.

Richmond asked the same waitress for the garlic bread to be served faster cause he wanted it with the soup.
"sabar, dik"

Still can give us that stupid smile.
But we didn't care la. Since we not those customers who make a big hassle out of things.
So we talked.
and talked.

15 mins.
No pizza yet.

then we continued talking.
and talked.

30 mins.

a pizza came up,
but it went to the other table.

45 mins.
the same pizza we ordered came.
the stupid thing was,

it went to the table behind us,



"sorry ah.. potong salah.. boleh tak" or something.


Then we asked the waitress. So long we waited.

Jon had to go then. Since it was already an hour. He had some lab session. His classmates labcoat was with him.
So sad. All he ate was the soup and the garlic bread.

Watever la.
I suddenly lost the mood to blog.

To sum the rest of the story up,
the pizza came at 12:05pm.
My class started already.
All of us had our share except Jon.
KW 'tapau-ed' for Jon but I heard he didn't want it.
I paid extra for no reason(give me back richmond)

I told KW and Rich to complain.
I would really rreally want to complain I swear. There's nothing to be scared.
But i was really rushing.
Like heck.
I had some essay practice.

Go see KW pizza post for info about the complain.

And oh yea.
the stupid pepsi tasted funny.
And everything was salty too.
Im so thirsty now.

The only thing that was nice was the crust.

But not going there for quite some time now.


I want to complain about that malay waitress.

Her smile stuck in my head now.