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By Alex Yeo
Taking a Peek into the Past

It has been almost 16 years now.. from the day I was brought out of my small watery cushion first home and officially breathe in the world's air. Thinking n looking back into the past, I noticed I slowly grew up to be someone who really liked attention and a boy who felt like he had almost nothing to worry about as so much care is given to him maybe because of having not only a full set of parents but an additional 3 siblings as well.

Most of my demands were fulfilled. Most of my needs were taken care of. I was happy. I was spoilt. I was the youngest child. :/

Not long later, as i grew a little bit older and seen a little more of the real world, I realised not everyone really likes me. Those friends who I thought represents my family outside turned out to be nothing but ordinary people who gives you this uncomfortable , awkward feeling of being hurt. I was backstabbed for the first time, but not long later, i realised this is just another common process of making and finding true friends.

Talking back about being spoilt, it really changed after that i got to see what really is waiting for me in the upcoming future. I would have to give my fullest respect to my older sister as she is the first one who had to endure all obstacles and challenges first without having anything or person to learn from, to pass every challenge of life given to her first and keeping strong just so not to disappoint and scare her younger siblings. My second sister actually trained me indirectly to learn that everyone out there is different and they are that way no matter you like it or not. She also actually thought me that different people communicate differently and actually increased my self discipline and self esteem (eventhough it's not very high now) after having to endure her screams and scoldings.
As for my brother, mostly i just learn from his mistakes he made and also his inner self believe that had kept him moving and achieving results that had made him being looked up better.
And yeah, this may sound corny but he gives me confidence when i face an exam or a competition. My brother being a 'dont-care-less' fella, I will just imagine how will he face such situations and often it makes me feel more relaxed!

I have just only about a year plus of schooling and another chapter will be closed. :) As for now, I think and ponder on every memory I had and make sure I don't leave school with a bag full of regrets weighing down on me. So far, the bag is already half filled, but with the time I still have in school, I am determine to convert those regrets into good memories. For now, I will just live the most of my life here in school!:D

Looking back and having a closer look into my past and younger days, nothing beats photographs! So erm, here it is!

Baby Me. The year..erm..not sure.. but should be about 1-4? :-O Big gap..but really not sure.

Rock On! :D Me with glasses in somewhere i forgot.

What the heck?! I'm damn cute! :D! Again I forgot the place.. It's between this 3 places. Cameron, Genting or China. Hmm...

Ok. Don't know what was on my mind... Again forgot the location! Don't blame me. It has been more than 10 years.

China..I'm quite sure ..i think... :-O

China confirm! Wee..Mongolian Hat. I look like a Chinese Local boy. :D

Me again somewhere. The rolled up paper thing is either, my potrait with my bro or some chinese drawing from China.

Ok. enuff of me! These are my siblings when young XD..

2nd Sis and bro. damn cute!

4 of Us.Bro, Me, Older Sis and 2nd sis. In Club Med...

My 2nd sis, older sis and bro in Cameron.. from my sister's is said that the year was 1989. So if that's correct. I should be 1 year old.

This is how they look like now! My mum is at top left, top right is my 2nd sis, bro at bottom left and bottom right = older sis!

Ok. Gotta stop calling them older sis, 2nd sis, and bro. They are Sherlyn, Carmen and Damien/Jeremy respectively. I really am not sure about my bro's english name as he uses his intials "CM" much more often as his intro name.

Wee, posted photos!

Bb for now~

By Alex Yeo




By Alex Yeo

Regardless of what had happened...
Josiah Ng(Cylist of Malaysia) went to the finals!..
Even though I was extremely disappointed that we did not clinch a medal from there..
I am still extremely proud.
He came as a surprise actually...

And Elaine Teo..(TaeKwanDo Participant)
I'm sure she's extremely disappointed.
So am I.
But I know she will feel the disappointment 35235X more than me.. I wish her all the best... for her financing situation and for her Tae-Kwan-Do career.

So again, regardless of what we had not achieved in Athens this time around, and eventhough i was very very...disappointed,
I still am proud to be a Malaysian! And will always be supporting Malaysia!!!
Good luck!!

Malaysia Boleh!


By Alex Yeo

By Alex Yeo
Olympic Games 2004 : Athens

OMG!...extremely bad day.
Malaysia lost in every badminton match today!

damn disappointed.



By Alex Yeo

I'm back!

And I'm going off again
To some street party.



By Alex Yeo
End of Exam!
Exams ended. And OMG! Results are like @$^#$&%&!!!!!  It's not like i did not expect it..... It's just kinda weird cause for the very first time, came out according to my expectations! Wee!
Results extremely average. Eg:- 28/50 for one subject objective paper. XD And english i got 51/75 for one of the papers. God. That's like..OMG....
Thank god i did okay for my essay paper ...71/85 i think.. Which i thought was Okay. Wasn't the best. But okay.. So total up... divide..multiply..bla bla...and got 76.25%! Which is an A. Just imagine if i didn't hit the A. It would be like.. so..damn and crappy. Damn lame not to get A for malaysian english papers! As the matter of fact, i've been getting A for every english paper from Senior 1!Bwahaha! :P Grr... Nothing to boast about. Nothing to be proud of really. -_-" hmm...
History was a PITA. Results like 28/50 for the objective paper is enough to satisfy me. Expected such result by the amount i studied, got such result. Fair trade! And, the history teacher did not come to our class today. So couldn't get my other paper which i actually thought i did...better :) Heard he was attending some course. But wtf, at the few hours before the end of the day, saw him walking around in school. OMG! ARGH!
Bio, how do i put it.. Expected again? Got 28 i think ..over 40 for the objective paper. The other structure paper..was 33 over 60. But hey, those results are not bad. If you compare it to the class standard, i'm actually quite ok! Then again, did not get back paper 3 which is the lab reports paper. Oh well!
OK. WTF am i telling all my results! Waste of time.. Yeah, so now is 5:37 pm and i'll be going to the airport at 9 something! My dad and I going to UK for my sis Graduation. Mum,older sis and bro is already there.. My trip was kinda a last minute decision thing..cause i didn't want to miss school and i had my exams last week.. So oh well, it's my sis man! Important ceremony! =D
I actually considered about going before this. I asked Kelvin da Fook and he said if he was me, he would go. Easy for him to's not him! Yeah so, i replied, which i actually though was kinda gaya,:-
"If i attend my sis graduation, she may not attend mine"
OMG! Gaya! It actually means, if I go to UK, i gonna miss school for lotsa days especially this important Discussing-Exam-Papers Week. So if i miss lotsa days, i gonna slack..and be dumb..and be slow..and gonna fail..and cant graduate in the end!
Bahaha! =D
And let's see. Hm. The head prefect, Adi a.k.a youngest head prefect in history, has taken charge now. So far so good i guess, but it has been only 2 days since he officially worked as a Head. Nothing much to comment on that :)  So gonna 'put the elections behind and work well' as what the prefect teacher and Adi himself said.. Grr.. Good luck prefect board, good luck school...... -_-"
Oooo, what else. And oh yeah, did i mention that i am a Reality Show Freak?! yeah! reality shows are like, the best shows ever thought and produced! $$%*$^*$!!! Especially the current shows, Malaysian Idol and Akademi Fantasia. I'm a big fan of both and please give those shows a chance. The people participating are really talented and have a great voice! In AF, the previous concert, Zarina got eliminated. OMG! :( Zarina. I regretted so much not voting for her. Her voice is like damn good! Especially during her parts in the song 'Memories'... Another talent gone. Was kinda devestated after that concert.. :P ...kinda sad as well...T_T!!
And MI was good as well, I voted once for Zamil(each vote costs 0.70 for god's sake) cause i thought he sang best.. And the people in MI are really good as well. I think we stand a chance in World Idol!! Grr....
And oh yeah, here is a damn professional gaya photo i took in 2003 Sports Day!!

Men's 100M- Benjamin leading the pack, followed by Ikmal and followed closely by Praveen. Chun. 
*Omg blur photo..sigh, no choice..gotta resize it cause it's too big.. don't look as cool anymore..:(* 
Oh, gtg pack rite now. : zzz. Can't waste anymore time. Hopefully can finish packing in time and got time to take a nappiz... Zz.. Okman. Will be home next week~! So , remember..erm, just for the sake of putting something "Procrastination is the thief of time!"
LOL! BAhaha! ^_^


By Alex Yeo
Rest for 2 weeks

Yeah, i know i already didn't blog for like... a week or so..
been really busy with projects and the computer! XD!

So yeah, gonna rest for another 2 weeks, for the Mid-Year Examinations.. =(~
Let's see..what happened.. past week
Adi won the elections..
Erm, Some international news.. rocket project worked also~ [ECOND PLACE WAS DAMN CLOSE TO THE FIRST..MAYBE ABOUT 1 CM! ARGH]

That's it...i think.


By Alex Yeo

Official results of the voting on monday. As for the unofficial results, I can't say it now.

Btw, car project today was a success! And mr.ariff called the top 3 car that went furthest and ask them race again. OMG, my group's ACK MOBILE went so far~ Grr... Ownage.

HM, somehow i know i could had feel happier than now, don't know what else to do now.

Will post soon


By Alex Yeo
Election Day
**edited 24th June 2004, 4:25pm**

Today is Wednesday.
Election for head prefect's on Friday.
And things are not looking good.

The 4 Candidates are Teck Eng(F4), Teck Kuan(F4), Praveen(F4) and Adi(F3).
As a Form 4 prefect, i'll definitely go for one of the Form 4 Candidates.
But sad thing is, Mr.Form 3 has supporters. Really active supporters. And in sense of capabilities, no one is more capable then the two Tecks and in sense of activeness, no one is as active as Praveen.However, in sense of making many friends, Adi has it. Which is very very little required by a Head compared to responsibilty maybe? With Adi natural talent for making many friends, this can really proves to be essential as friends definitely will vote for each other. And therefore, Adi gets votes. Adi is Form 3, which also means he will be sitting for his PMR examinations this year and therefore resting as a prefect very soon. A head, resting? This is extremely weird. Anyway, No one in the prefect board right now keeps discipline better than the Tecks. N Adi? I'm not criticising him or whatsoever. I don't do that. It's just that, realistically speaking, if adi is qualified to be a head, half or maybe 3 quarter of the prefect board is.

Adi is a great guy, extremely friendly, funny, cheerful, bubbly and happy. I really got to know him in the prefect's camp and he is really a genuine boy. Just I think what is extremely important in any big organizations or board such as the prefectorial board.. But really, not a head prefect material.

Maybe then that's why Adi got to be one of the candidates. The candidates are chosen by the prefects themselves, one by one..enters a room .. write a name on the parchment or just a small piece of paper and put it into a cup. That afternoon, I was not surprised at all when the twins were the prefect's choice then i heard Praveen~ but after that I heard adi too. I really had no comments then but at the same time i was not really worried. But as the candidates were introduced, Adi had an extremely loud cheer but there were only Boos to the other candidates. Immatured ppl. Does not matter now, but it's essential as they do cast their votes.

My next post will probably be the results. I really hope the students really think this time. Who is really capable of doing their job. Everyone knows Adi is much more lenient, less strict.It's obvious that ppl will vote for him cause he's less strict. Very much less than the previous head prefects. But in the long run, is that good? Our already improving discipline may go down. And he's form 3. I don't see how he will be able to do a job better than a Form 4 can.

To help ppl that are still blur on who to vote,I have written honest things, read this :-


Teck Eng - Responsible, matured and can think in many aspects. He does not only do his job without thinking first and is also a good person to talk to. He also has a good relationship with many ppl out there. In other words, he's the People's Head Prefect. Can really enforce rules strictly if he wants to but at the same time, he keeps ppl liking him as there's still this cheerful side of him that can never fades off. Conversable, meaning can be talked to and he can listen and put words said into thought and consideration. In sense of capabilities, i give him a 8/10. and the 2 missing points, can and will be there when he gets more experience as a head.
**edit** IF you choose to vote for Teck Eng, please cast ur votes to Praveen instead. Teck Eng gives his fullest support to Praveen. This is requested by T.Eng himself.

Teck Kuan - Very responsible, matured too and carries out duty extremely well. He does not tolerate with any nonsense and therefore, makes a very good prefect. Being that, he is not the ppl's favourite choice. But this basically shows that he does his work well. Unlike people who let the students go freely. Students that are often caught by Kuan really have to think this time.. who's more capable of holding the post of head. Someone who lets ppl go or catch you if you are doing something wrong. One of the most capable and responsible prefect.Being an active student in sports, he also understands the need for the balance of academics and curriculum activities such as sports.He has proven that he is a good prefect. And now, he just have to prove to the students that he is a good head as well. And i believe, he can.

Praveen - Honestly a suprise man in the top 4 but nevertheless, there's nothing wrong with him being in the top 4. Having a reputation of being too playful, Praveen still does his job well when he is required to. And as a head, he will be required to almost the whole time. Therefore, you can really expect a good job from him. Being an active sportsman who does many sports, he certainly can relate to students who find the hours of such activities are too little. This also means he is fit and very active in school. Praveen is someone who I can see does not look the kind where a head prefect might look like, but inside, he really will try all the best if he's chosen. You can expect a friendlier school environment with discipline still being upheld. Good choice.

Adi - Humble guy. Also extremly friendly, cheerful, fun to be with , bubbly and happy. Whoever that sees him have no choice but to smile. He's really a nice guy to be with and also a good friend. I don't think he'll do anything wrong if he's a head but at the same time, he's young. It will be quite improper as the older seniors will not give him face or listen to him that much. He would also be facing his PMR examinations this year which also means it would be extremely hard to balance the job he needs to do. I actually don't mind him being the head as he will give a new look to the school but definitely not this year. Give him a year or 2 and i can assure a great job done from him. For this year, maybe too early, but nevertheless, a chance has to be given.

*edit* it's all mine personal comments along with some of my friends' :/ no bad criticism intended. all's still great and good! :)

thanks for reading, post comments if u want~

By Alex Yeo
"The day I learnt the hidden meanings behind projects : Part 1...."

It's 12:49am now, Saturday. School started last Monday and by far this is one of the, if not worst week ever for this entire school year. After the 2 weeks holidays which is basically wasted by my sheer laziness, I really had a ..stressful week. =(

The tiredness kills! After sleeping roughly about 10-12 hours average everyday during the holidays, n u only get about 4-5 hours sleep during weekdays, it's terrible!!!
Felt extremly tired. And sleepy. And restless. =/ ARgh.. Don't think i learnt anything new this week at all, except not to do work last minute.

N PLEASE, never ever do a project last minute.
You'll regret it for life.
Especially if it's those that is supposed to be important and every other group is having such great progress with it.
Never ever!
I went over to chrisanne's place on Thursday to START our project. The due date is on Friday btw.. Kim could not go, what's the surprise? Had to cancel my Accounts tuition too.. So anyway, got over there. Things looked good in the beginning.. As in .. u could see that this will be such a great day to do a project, spirits are high, both of us looked happy. So ok, chrisanne asked me to wait for 5 mins coz she was on the phone which turned out to be about 10..
But i didn't mind! I was very tired that time too, just woke up from my nap , changed and when over. So i sat down, closed my eyes for a while and rested wearing my Bergaya Gap Cap. Sat, and thought.
As my mind begins to think about the project, it's weird cause outside i'm having this great spirit and motivation that i'm gonna complete the cool looking project. But as i think, all i see is failure, frustration and disappointment.

So got started with the project. Let's see.. this is what happened. It all started from 7...... =( Very, tiring.

Thursday, 17th June 2004...

6.30pm-7.00pm - Got disturbed from nap, looked at the clock and yelled.. omg it's late...quickly got prepared and left home for chrisanne's house!

7:00pm-7:10pm - Arrived at chrisanne's house.. Was asked to wait 5 mins and i took another 10 minutes nap~

10 minutes gone

7:10pm-7:45pm - Spirits were high, wanted to start.. Chrisanne checked the useless boxes i brought, talked a little to me... n went to check the corn flour from the kitchen and shouted as all she saw was corn flakes. "OMG! DUMB DELIVERY MAN! ARGH!!!!!!" No, she did not say that. I did, in me!

45 minutes gone

7:45pm-8:20pm - Maid called the man , i clearly heard she said that duno what uncle gonna send it personally..we waited..and waited...and waited...

1 hour 20 minutes gone

8:20pm-9:00pm - Chrisanne was frustrated why the 'uncle' has not arrived yet. Went to ask maid... now ms.maid said the uncle not coming. OMG! WASTED TIME LIKE HELL!!! Was figuring out ways to get to the shop ourselves, considering Vincent or anne's parents... Finally anne's parents took us to the very nearby shop..

2 hours gone

9:00pm-9:30pm - Went to the shop got 'corn flour'... i really remembered the mother saying tapioca flour...but chrisanne insisted it was corn.. bought it, took it back.. mother got angry... tried making, couldnt work......father went to shop with sister..and got it....

2 hours 30 minutes gone

9:30pm-10:15pm - Began starch making ,and oops..somewher before or after this there's the dinner that took some time too..i forgot when.. anyway, began making the starch, first try couldnt work, then tried again differnt the sticky thing... was fun, wasted summore time thinking of testing the egg on water only first, bla bla bla, wasted time coz we could not aim properly with the test object.... finally called vincent over.. bla bla bla, we just rushed and put water on starch... formed a very nice bottom starch layer and top water layer....

3 hours and 15 minutes gone

10:15pm-10:30pm - vincent tried and broke 2 eggs from top floor..finally went in and didnt break, was a bit happy but i wasnt really.. coz i think it is a little too plain and wont be approved. chrisanne was looking frustrated and angry and said that it might not work, bla bla, craps, saying we will be the only group to fail, and she said she's not coming to school cause she got medical checkup and she passed me the starch to bring home. Somehow, i felt that medical checkup wasnt the main reason. Oh well...

3 hours and 30 minutes for one thing that only requires half an hour to do. Wow, great.

10:30pm-11.15pm - Got home and arrived home, asked dad for his opinions and ways to make it look more... 'complicated' and 'scientific'....

11.15pm-12.15am - Washed up and dad suggested many things and we spent quite some time talking bout it..finally ended up with putting a cloth in the center with a hole and it's hard to explain over here.. So i started on that part with help from a few people and got it done! now for the legs to hold it....

12.15am-12.45am - Mum came home and helped find something for the legs, finally just decided to use 4 chopsticks. Was fun! the thing looked nice, the starch looks perfect. everything was great. I stopped project.

12.45am-1.15am - Packed up, walked around, got my stuff ready. And slept.

Friday...project day.. big boxes, creative design poured in the class. Every group i say really did quite well and i was feeling a little small coz mine was just a pail~ To cut the story short, I did it. We did it. The 3 eggs didnt break! Was so extremely happy after facing so many problems. And we did it.

Will update more about the final test on the egg catcher n the emotions that came thru.... Part 2.. stay tuned!
For now,


By Alex Yeo

Lala, got this from my sister's blog! Trying it out!

Three Things about me

1. Alex
2. Chia Yuan
3. Kelvin! <-- people's been mistaken me for him so many times until i will just reply them!

1. me being one of the most 'creative' guys among my friends!
2. brave enough to voice opinions and correct people! Grr...
3. the way i dress and gel my hair~ BAHAHA!

1. My lack of discipline >_<
2. Me being late always..........
3. the amount of time i take to understand something!

1. How people can be so patient at certain things
2. why i still cant find someone who thinks like me?!
3. why am i still single! GRR.. >_<

1. Studies
2. (annoying) people -_-"
3. Things i don't understand...

1. Ghosts/spirits/unknown,unidentified objects ..
2. cockroaches
3. sudden loud sounds from nowhere

1. Computer
2. Mirror :P
3. Handphone

1. Er.... Body Glove..
2. Giordano
3. Esprit? :/

1. Jet- Are You Gonna Be My Girl?
2. The Darkness- I believe in a thing called Love
3. Muse- Time is running out

1. Myself!
2. Kim
3. Chrisanne (oh man, i sound like a loner >_<)

1. Run
2. Jump
3. Soccer >_<

1. Internet
2. Singing <--i can't sing well but i just like to :P
3. Taking photos! <--not that i do this alot, but it's a hobby still!

1. Rest!
2. Relaxation
3. Peace :/ (sounds lazy...zzz)

1. Professional Photographer
2. Advertising guy
3. Designer

1. Blue
2. Orange
3. Metallic silvery colour... :/

1. Some nice relaxing beach with see-thru waters..
2. Paris
3. Portugal

1. Did and not yet finished my biology,english project.
2. Watched 'Diari Akademi Fantasia'~
3. Watched Malaysian Idol Audition in Penang

Some interesting (or not-so-interesting facts about me)...

10 Years Ago, I...
1. Entered Peter & Jane Kindergarden!
2. Stepped into my first year of education and world with people other than my family in it.
3. Wiped my first and probably ONLY table :P
4. Face got published in the newspaper for the first time..

5 Years Ago, I...
1. Shifted to a new school, SSC
2. Made lotsa good and close friends :/
4. Started to become well-known in my little school with little ppl!

3 Years Ago, I...
1. Regretted shifting to SSC -_-"
2. Felt the 'fun' and 'excitement' of senior school~
3. Started to feel that my friends are not the same i thought they were..
4. Losing out popularity in my school!

2 Years Ago, I...
1. Was a little bit more serious in my studies~
2. Started to feel power as i was not the youngest in the school anymore >_<
3. Experienced what it felt if a good fren left you to study abroad :/
4. Had some really depressing moments with friends and ppl around..

A Year Ago, I...
1. thought much wiser than before
2. was more 'careful' about my appearance :)
3. started to see who i can really trust =)
4. took the PMR examinations and DID WELL~! YAY!

So Far This Year, I...
1. Failed a school exam for the first time >_<
2. Had some stressful times with the new subjects introduced my year :/
3. Got closer to a 'few' people! =)
4. am still alive~

Yesterday, I....
1. Er, bad memory...... I.... played warcraft and made an oath to do my projects today!
2. went to my accounts tuition in shyan's houseand realised it's kinda fun if u understand it!
3. Tried starting on my history project and yeah, not bad! got my facts!
4. Er, what else, watched tv? Blogged? -_-"

Today, I ....
1. spent few hours doing my bio project
2. will finish my english project later~
3. understand much much more about vitamins -_-"
4. slept at 5.30am and woke up at 3.30pm!

Tomorrow I...
1. will have to complete as many more other projects as possible~
2. will wish the TWINS HAPPY BIRTHDAY! n maybe going out with them!
3. will start to prepare myself mentally for school on monday >_<
4. will watch the Akademi Fantasia's Concert!

And in 10 years time I intend to...
1. Have a successful and stable career with quite high pay~
2. start my own business if possible and be a young sexy successful businessman! Grr... =)
3. Have a lovely wife-to-be that is just....loving!
4. make everyday a happy day!

By Alex Yeo
Hello Friday!

It's 1.37am now. And, Hihi! IF u read my previous post, i explained alot about my projects. =( . Sadly, yes. I've only walked a step. =( .........Sigh. Really felt so.... bad and terrible. I really, really really do not have the slightest of discipline at all. Went to chrisanne's house yesterday, got started on our physics project which i thought was most interesting. We were required to propell a car without any mechanical thingies, make a rocket which i dont have the slightest idea how to, and catch an egg without breaking it from the first floor~ That's kinda interesting! It's like like we gonna use what we learned in school or something, haha... those formulas and all.... -_-" I dont even know how to apply them! Grr... So we just used logic thinking i guess, so went to chrisanne's house and not bad, we made a car! As in those model cars, with paper cups, rubberbands, tupperware...looks kinda cool! I am quite proud with it! So erm, still havent figured out how to propell it, or we cant do it. Sigh, the other 2 things we have to do, i guess i just have to leave it aside. =/

Don't know what to type now. =( School's starting next monday and honestly speaking, i'm not ready for it at all. I don't think anyone is, except those who really loves studying and does everything on time and yes, have no better things to do :) . WHY are there so different people out there?! Now i know why sometimes i see ppl wishes everyone to be just like them! It's like, there's this 3 groups of people, one group who just studies, scores good grades, hands in assignments on time, does not do stuff ppl my age do, then there's this other group who is kinda lazy, plays, but at the same time cares about studies a little, don't know yet the importance of learning 'certain' subjects, does a little studying, plays alot, then there's this other group who is lazy and naughty and dont study at all...

But there's another group who is damn smart, and can play as well! people in this category, i don't know what to say. i really respect them. In order to have people in that group, u really need a high level of discipline. As in , really really high!
My parents are busy people. And no, i'm not putting the blame on them that they never tutor me at home and all, it's just that.. they are busy enough to take care of their own things, i just cannot make them allocate another certain hours to worry for me.. I need to take care of myself, i can't get sick often, i can't let my school call my parents, i can't make them worry about me on my activities at home. But this is tough for me, I really am just admitting that i just do not have the necessary attitude to do it. I do not have the discipline required, i do not have the patience needed. I , sometimes feel so lousy that i just think i cannot help it anymore and just give up. =/

It's not like i never tried. I did. It didnt work out?

So back to my projects, so instead of putting false hopes that i'm gonna finish everything in time, i'm just gonna do 1 project which i think is the ONLY project i'm required to hand in. English, some literature thingie. So oh well, IT's friday. last last friday, the last day of school, i was just thinking of this friday. What i done, how am i ready to face school, and stuff. I'm a lousy student. I really am. =( Form 1 , I was still Ok, Form 2, starting to slack, Form 3, getting slightly bad and Form 4, boom, I cant really handle it. I said this and i'm gonna say this now, the difference is too much i cant really bear it. I am not ready for form 4 at all. I failed a paper for the first time, my results for the first exams are really low to average, i don't understand a thing in class sometimes, sometimes i get so blur i just wanted the class to end. I DONT KNOW. This is definitely not my year..=/ Bah, i drifted off again, so anyway projects. yeah, gonna do one only~ lala...

Btw, things are getting tougher for me. If u tell this to the teachers, they will chuckle and say, u've seen nothing yet. If u tell this to your friends, they will probably agree and say, what to do? IT's the same thing all over again.

I got no comments.


By Alex Yeo
"Could anyone possibly...?!"


ARgh! *Pulls hair* Started with 14 days of holidays including the week before. For the past 8 days, did nothing except using the computer for the whole time, eating, sleeping, a little TV and going out with friends.Now, 6 days of holidays left including the weekends. Minus today, since it's already 7.15 5 days of holidays left. Tomorrow tuition and maybe doing project + another night tuition on Thursday, which makes it about 1 day all together. So minus another day. 4 days of holidays left. Minus Sunday. I'm going to JB for my grand aunty's 80th Birthday. Coming home about evening. So 3 days of holidays left. OMFG.

The only free days with 24 hours, Saturday and Friday.

I'm screwed.

2 free days plus roughly about 10 hours. Minus 20 hours probably for resting ,sleeping and eating. left, 58-20 = 38 hours.

38 full hours. For 7 projects. Now i'm really screwed. Definitely will not spend 38 full hours doing project. 100% get distracted by the computer. Minus another 10 hours.

28 full hours. For 7 Projects. "......." . IF properly divided, will have 4 hours. For every project. Good. But in order to achieve that, Requires tonnes of discipline. If it requires a discipline point of 99, i probably have 20.. GG alex.

And OMG, just remembered. Maths. Got this, damn thick whole set of papers to do. That makes it, 8 projects in 28 hours. And screw this. I remembered something again. My fren invited me to an event on Saturday. Was supposed to go, to repay my debts i owe her. Debts = The amount of time she called me but i didnt go out with her. So screw the previous schedule i did. ALL mixed up now.

Now I'm really really screwed. This is bad. Very bad. Thanks to the new i-want-to-give-u-alot-of-projects-n-make-u-suffer-until-u-fall-sick-and-die-of-a-miserable-death Principal, I will get damn alot of punishment in school. Gonna have rain of demerit points showered on me when the school reopens. Or somehow, magically i transformed into a worker bee/ worker ant! I suddenly can finish my projects in time! Wahaha! MAGIC!..... =( Miracles, sigh. But they do happen when u believe. =) *Sings when u believe*

And just to think a few years back, i thought it was damn cool to do projects. When i was younger, project was not given. So when my older siblings receive their projects and doing at home. I was thinking , " Shit, damn cool to do projects.. Can tell my frens...Wah, Look at me. i'm doing a project!"
OMg, wtf did i think like that. Projects, are stress bringers..rather than being fun. =( Sigh, but honestly, i still think, doing projects can be kinda interesting! It's just that, I can't do. Projects allows me to bring out my creativity and can show of in school how creative and cool design my project is =P. BUT i, am too freaking do. =(

Screw those ppl who can finish in time and think they are so smart. You guys have no life! >_<

Argh. Stressed again! FRUSTRATED.
I really, really really really , really. DONT KNOW. HOW TO . Finish. In...time.
Can really break down now. Break down in tears. And stress.=( MENTAL BREAKDOWN. HAHAHA .NOOO.HAHAH.NOOO.HAHAHA..NOOO. ?_? I really hope some fairy cast a hardworking spell on me man. I really hope so man...oh man.Can u believe how desperate i had become? =(

CHANGE SUBJECT! Yesterday, went out with ZV,VN,AMC,PMP,CZ,TE,TK,TH,AJ to 1U. Main point was to watch Harry Potter 3! An all round-up critic is, the show is .... how to put this, not nice at all compared to the first 2 episodes?! The story is screwed, the..things are weird. I duno how to say. Just watch it and u'll understand. It's like...when the show ends...u'll be like, Huh? wtf. End liau ar? It's like the movie it's at the plot line where it's starting to go higher, then suddenly ..end. ?!That's not only others..but i duno y i cant explain! But nevertheless, i enjoyed the show cause i read the book. It's really damn nice to see them doing a good job on the moving pictures, the spells. It's like...kinda realistic and fun to watch for me. I especially like the boggart scene~ Hehe, cool stuff. Btw, Dementors are scary. >_< !

So after the movie, we decided to walk around searching for food. Finally we all decided on a place we regretted later and thought we should it anywhere but there. Pizza Hut. Argh! Then after lunch, walked around in..really walking around!couldn't find anything to do! We even entered a pet shop. Damn bored. And ghey allen bought an umbrella thingy that u can wear on ur head some headband with an umbrella attached! I thought ppl looked faggish in that, but oh well. He likes it. -_-"

Then walked summore. And ended up in Coffee Bean , had quite a good long chat my group of frens, really know lots of stuff from there.Heh.. The conversation was interesting for me~ Probably the best thing we did for that whole day . -_-" So ppl started to go home from there, and ended up with AMC,PMP,AJ and me~ We took a cab to Midvalley, coz i thought it would be easier for my parent to pick me up. And at least got something to do over there. Midvalley turned out to be kinda interesting too. At least the place is nicer to walk... somehow, i felt more...cozy. :/ Went to MPH, while walking, and pretending to be book-worms, had a conversation with PMP and AMC. I actually thought that conversation was kinda interesting. Until I didn't know i walked so deeped in into the shop. I spotted a Warcraft book that they had been promoting on Blizzard. Didn't buy though even i was really tempted to that time. Figured out i'll buy it if the other guys bought something from there, but they didn't. So i didn't. =/

Books look damn cool from the outside! Especially those Fantasy , Fictional books.. Damn cool pictures! I also like those... with the slightly pop out drawings..can feel it~ =D Damn nice! Those scary thriller books with a knife and blood dripping.... >_< !

Went home after that, planned to blog but didn't;got distracted by the computer! Went home and suddenly the thoughts of my projects came rushing in my mind. Omg. suddenly so stressed up. Like my head suddenly so heavy... So just released it by playing warcraft with my frens. I thought it worked, until today when i woke up... The thoughts came pushing me down again. =( Sigh, I really gotta get started with my projects. I really don't know when to, I really don't know how to, I really don't know what to. =(

Teenage Stress? Nah, i doubt it. Probably Alex in sr4SC1, SSC stress. =(
It gets tiring... frustrating..annoying. I really really gotta get started!

Starting tomorrow! I HOPE! Pls pray for me guys. Either pray for A) I can finish my work in time, or B)i won't get punished.

And oh yeh, here's another pic from the IU NIGHT in Kota Permai Club!

L-R : Pavitirah, Wah Chin, Diyana, Sheila, Nina, DiyanaH(WTF!), Sabrina(...)
-Taken before the IU started.

K.. Will post more good IU photos from my fren's cam as soon as i get them!
Till then,

Bai~ :/

By Alex Yeo
2 Months , almost 1 Week; But I'm back!

Current mood : Little worried, Little tired, Little annoyed, Relaxed
Current activity : Computer, Thinking of what to type,
Current programs/browsers active on computer : Friend's Blog, Own Blog, Edit Blog Browser, Warcraft 3(Bnet) , Msn Messenger 6.1

Test.! hm........... oh do i start? ...

ok.... it's been.. so long! since i last posted. Just when more ppl starts to be interested, I stopped. NOoooooOoooOOooo!!!

(Poster wishes to apologize for the lameness of the above message)

So anyway, was...damn frustrated! Computer spoilt! ARgh! But lucky now fixed~ hm....As I thought back...on that unfortunate heart trembles with hands terror.(<--Gaya! =))

30th March, 2004 , the sky was perfectly clear.. and my mood was as good. It was the middle of the exams and I was studying Biology online if i wasn't mistaken. To cut the story short, suddenly, got damn loud thunder and lightning strucked! ..then bla bla cant on...monitor also spoil..everything also spoil.... kept quiet for 2 minutes. "Devastated"

then brought to fix...came back..spoil again...argh..long and ghey story..i dont even want to be called this guy..fren recommended.. was much better....bla bla bla....called him quite late :/ ...and a week ago got back! yay~

So, let's see...recent events..oh yeah...
I'm in the Interact Club for my school.... and we organized an IU NIGHT!Took quite a lot of preparation i think...not that i was part of it anyway...blergh.... another friend of mine who is also an interact member and myself got some problem with the commitee...but that's another story all erm, anyway... lots of preparation... sales of ticket and stuff... and they had the IU Night in Kota Permai Golf Club...~

IU was actually kinda fun for me.... even though lots of ppl dont agree >_< ... i thought it was cool... btw, got there damn 3 hours before the thing started..coz i am a MEMBER!.. anyway, i was so damn busy that day..selling roses and chocolates.. -_-" all over...thx to damn many shy ppl who dont dare to approach us and buy! i need to carry it all around.... argh! i was like .....a ....flowerboy! NOOOOOO!

Considering how busy i was, I still managed to take some pictures!

Took a few photos there...=) None with my face though =( forgot to use camera to take self.. =*( erm...nvm..see my frens!

Pavitirah & Sabrina
-Ushers! Took this photo before the IU started!

L-R : Huey Shyan, Zoe, Cezlynn
-IU Ladies! Erm, ...Shyan looks kinda funny in this photo.... hm.... oh well~ =)

Ying Ying & Amy
-Good friends! Grr...

The Gang.. 10/11 from sr 4 science 1!
Standing, L-R : Zoe, Kah Jin, Teck Kuan, Kelvin, Zhi Ven, Teck Eng
Sitting, L-R : Haris, Praveen, Allen, Pei Huan, Cezlynn
-Where am i?!!!

So those are the photos I got so far.. heh...buggers asking me to post it up..grr...anyway, other photos quite blur or not rather not put up! Well, if anyone wants any of the photo i took,just message me man and i shall send it to ya via MSN!

Well, posted photos.
Nothing else i think.

Till next time. (very soon)



By Alex Yeo
How will you feel when....

Got this sudden urge of posting this message as soon as it 'happened' to me.... =/ Felt very... uncomfortable when it happened to me... felt.... left out... felt like being kicked 3 times at my solar plexus..... Felt, like trust is a word without anymore meaning...Hmm..... If it's a matter of maturity and accepting things the matured way... i have to admit i'm not ready for that yet. Cause, I honestly, was not very pleased after this 2 phone conversation... :-

-Was doing my physics revision online at some site, then saw something i not sure need to memorise so i called my fren-

Me : Hello, *Fren's Name*

Fren: Hey, yeah? anything?

Me : Hey, don't put on speakerphone... other ppl can hear me..

Fren: Oh ok, ...wait, yeah?

Me : Yeah... u know this formula.......*some crap long formula*.................... do u need to memorize it?

Fren: Yeah, u have to... the teacher said whatever he thought will be coming out...

Me : Oh ok..hold phone..
*Back from phone call*

Fren : Hurry man, i don't have much time...

Me :*Jokingly* you think i wanna take ur time meh?

Fren : Yeah~ Ok anything else?

Me : *confirm on the formula again*

Fren : *Slightly frustrated* yeah~ Yeah! I myself don't know the formulas anyway, how did u know that there was ppl around me just now?

Me : Hm? Just a guess ler......Okla....thanks..bye...

So after that, i decided to call fren number 2.... just in case he know better...

Me : Helo, yeah, do u need to memorize this?

Fren : Yeah....

Me : * Asks some other question*

Ok..i'm cutting this short... so suddenly, my first fren said something... like some loud Yes? or something...

Me: Huh? ... *I thought they did some call divert thingie*...

Suddenly, another fren spoke too...quite rudely scolding me for disturbing........ I was like, " WTF?".... and i realised... they are having a study group together..
without me knowing a single thing about it...and they are like what? the frens i always go out with?

I duno ler.... at least now i know how it feels to not be told anything... and i dun think i'll ever do that to anyone anymore...coz i know it's not nice! =)

But oh well, maybe i duno the other story....Haha.... anyway, did some online Studying yesterday and today...yesterday did biology and now physics....and quite glad i took the science papers in English..cause it's basically all in the net... seriously some notes are really useful.... just hope i get to convert them to great results! Haha...ok..wish me luck..ending here..gotta study~ =)



By Alex Yeo
27th March 2004, Saturday

One of the most significant date in my calendar. =/ That date is not only sandwiched between many important and eventful events, but also having many useful happenings too...!Hm.... what the heck am i talking about? To make things easier..
I'll explain one by one the numbers and words on the date(which is today anyway for u noobs that dont know):-

27th : Got to watch, know who got voted off and almost cried after the tribute video in American Idol Results Show which i was really excited to watch after the concert on Friday! Indirectly, that added my love to 8tv!~ , this date also made me know the confirmation of Malaysian Idol which I am really looking forward to!! Will tell more about that later... Thus that has made me loving 8tv even more! Did not attend tuition cause got slight transport problem~ =D(anyway, i really was not looking forward to because I was really tired =/ ) , this date also 'merupakan' a date which i was really really wanting over the week that was rumoured to have at least one day of holiday but did not and was really frustrated ! So finally free from school! Yay~ Also a date which I am supposed to STUDY.. Exams are on the 29th...!

March(reaching April) : 3rd Month of the year... and it's ending. So basically it's almost the 4th Month of the Year... Realised how fast time passes. It's almost April! During the December holidays, was thinking what will happen, how much I will change in my studies and all throughout the year. If i thought about what will happen to me on April then, I will think about rapid improvement, maturity, and well-respected. Honestly, did not really changed alot from December. =/.... Installation Day is coming~, and with a blink of an eye, end of school?! .... And damn, time passes really fast! I can't really accept the fact yet!

2004 : Wow, who would thought I will be here in 2004. After many rumours on the end of the world, asteroid striking, Y2K, Judgement Day, ridiculous events, Alex Yeo CY is here!! In 1999, when i was about 11 years old... thought about what will it be like when I am in 2001,2002,2003,2004,2005. What i saw was a taller boy, looking good, sounding sexy , having lots of friends around, being matured, doing 'cool' stuff, studying hard. Wow, did not reach my expectations but at least all happened at least a little bit =) . 2004.... Really, a year which i imagined cool future stuff... maybe not flying cars yet...but i thought of every school/house having a voice or facial detection machine or something like that~ And surprisingly, was not as disappointed as I thought when that did not happen. Cause maybe I grew along with the years and did not notice any huge change. But maybe if I come from the past, I'll see rapid developments. But I dont know~ So i can't say anything about that =)

Saturday : Eep! Back to reality. Saturday.... Monday's Exam. This a supposedly Study Day and so far i did not live up to the name yet. Got EPL soccer matches today. And tomorrow, the game of the week! A little excited about that, but i think i should not be as the 'supposed-to-have' emotion is feeling worried. So erm, will try my best to study.. and hopefully pass all the papers with my fingers crossed. Stupid stuff, only one year of difference in level of education but it's like so different. It's like playing a game starting with the difficulty 'easy' then suddenly shot up to difficulty 'you deserve to rule the world' ~ Dang the education system, and dang the high expectations. Dang everything.

Erm, back to topic. Yeah, I'm a big fan of Reality Shows! It's basically a name it, I like it kinda thing. My least favourite is maybe those obvious scripted shows , eg:- for love or money, joe millionaire, etc.

And whatever the critics say about Survivor , I love it. One of my favourite show around. Seriously, damn nice and the concept of twisting everything everytime is cool. Hail Mark Burnett! And oh yeah, Fear factor is cool too, Amazing Race is good stuff...

Not forgetting American Idol, one of the best shows! Did not expect to like it this much in the it's only singing and all. But i finally got to understand the whole show and... love it! Watching every episode now....started from Star World ... and after I got my 8tv(favourite channel so far), I realised the episodes in 8tv is faster, so i shifted to 8tv. Watched all episodes i missed from 8tv in Star World so i basically watched almost every episode now~ Cool stuff. I already have a few favourites and like I said, elimination is a sad process =( ....was damn sad just now at the Results Show, Argh! I have no problems with Simon. =) Cool guy, cool criticism. And, it's amazing what Idol Shows like American Idol, Pop Idol, Australian Idol produce! Guy Sebastian , Gareth Gates, Will Young, Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken, Ruben Studdard... All really popular people now. Their songs are big hits. Even having bigger hits than the current celebrities right now worldwide. I don't see why not anyway... some of the current 'stars' suck and the idols are really talented.I like everyone of them. =)

Talking about American Idol, Malaysia Idol is coming too! Yay? or.....Gay?
I'm just curious on the judges and the contestants. I really hope they have someone like Simon who tell it as it is because without him, it's boring. Everyone will receive polite nice compliments and that's no fun at all. Then they will have to balance it out with a female pretty judge like ....Paula! =) I don't think we have a problem there as we have many talented female here in M'sia and pretty faces! =) Then Randy is basically a random spot. It will be better if we have people that are really qualifed professional judges so that we stand a chance in World Idol! I just hope the contestants are really really talented. I don't mind Vince(from Akademi Fantasia and Astro Talent Quest) win again. If not, better. I hope there's No fake 'wanna-bes' and boring voices.... or it will be a huge disappointment and embarrasment! Really excited about it, and Akademi Fantasia Season 2 is coming too... Hmm....

And I'm currently addicted to the flash games available at one site. The games are all addictive and fun to play! So basically i'll just waste my time there. And yes, that's a real distraction!... >_<.... Hm...

I actually wanted to talk about other stuff that happened recently . But the date today is too important and eventful I have to type it out! =)
Will talk about the other stuff next time that i'm sure it'll put a few more confused faces ....=/

And oh yeah, many thanks to Allen for helping me realise a few stuff and...checking out my blog often! =) Many thx to bro, sis who also helped me with my 'confusion' =) Thanks to everyone who gave their feedbacks and reading this right now! And I'm sincere! =/

Wish me luck everyone... for my exams...! Nervous.. Argh! I'm not ready at all man.... Just hope I pass everything. =/
And woah! I just accidentally off the switch for my monitor! Panicked! coz i thought i off my computer by accident without saving this !!! OMG! ....

Ok, will stop here.... ..................................still recovering from my shock...................................
Till next post,



By Alex Yeo
post removed.

By Alex Yeo
Criticisms, Zzz

They are just .....great. Great things to improve someone or something... yes, some may show it in some different way but they all just concludes with , " it sucks,so pls do something about it. " =/ ............ Argh! people and their way of telling things... It's weird come to think of it.... to have different people saying things in different ways but end up with a same meaning... All just either trying to make the receiver feel good or to some extent..even bad... Why the heck for? If it looks ugly, say it looks ugly. I don't understand the necessity for someone to go all the trouble just to say long things with reasons and facts and proof and all... -.-" ...... coz at the end of the day, whoever that got criticised will thank them for it. And it so happens that in the world today, if someone criticised nicely, ppl will rarely take it to heart and follow.... but if someone tells them honestly and straight to their face... it works. Always. =) So basically, whoever that tries to criticise in the nicest way possible is not trying to help you at all....but a real friend who wants you to look good and proper will be damn honest even if he/she have to hurt you.... =) So don't go be angry with whoever that did that to you! (but make sure he/she is not trying to hurt u purposely just for the fun of it -.-'')So just, Trust me, I'm experienced. =)

So anyway, now -
Current Mood :- Confused . ?_?
Current Activity :- Pringles , thinking of things to type , surfing , thinking of things to type , wondering on ways to improve blog , phone just came so i'm on the phone now too. Zzz..

Btw,I received many 'interesting' remarks on the colour of my original blog.....-.-'' !......erm, wait a while....can't concentrate ok back....yeah, now about the 'remarks'....... Yep, I changed the colour all right...if u noticed~ duh. N this color is a random pick... so erm, feel free to comment about it!And I also wanted to add some more features to this page...i tried the colour picker and it didn't turn out so i dumped it... the small games i thought it was too ...'logical' and boring.......and other things were just too..... "mafan" i turned out not having anything new here except for the background colour! And if some of you noticed, there's this small banner-like picture at the bottom right..below the quote of the i still can't get that to work even with a proper URL and if anyone know the problem, please please help...=)... So anyway, before starting to type, i thought about alot of things but i forgot it all when i started. Argh! I got terrible memory for my age anyway, an info for those who don't know~....for those who know, cheers to you coz you know me! Bwahaha, ....Zzz, And oh yeah, about my current mood now..... I'm really really confused...

Confused. In the sense that, I don't know what I'm doing now.. I don't know if i'm right, or wrong. I don't know what people think of me. I don't know what I am pictured like. I don't know what people will think of this post. All that. It's just that. I am just so confused. Am i this, or am i that? Am i north or am i south? Argh! -.-

Had a talk with a few people few days ago that made me realise how.... complicated my thoughts really are. I never really thought it was simple, really. Just not as complicated like now. I, for one... think that I'm really ....different from everyone else. I can actually feel the difference. It's that... I see things in people other people don't see. It somehow kinda acts like a Truth Machine tool and I can really see the real personality of that someone.... either first impression or the hundred, I realised I see the real true side of someone without needing to be that person's closest friend or something. I dunno. Please don't misunderstand and think I think I'm damn smart....or something. I'm being really.... honest here. =/ ..... So anyway, all that, had naturally made me..... an advicer. Yes. Someone who advices... It's basically because i really can't stand the antics all around me.... all those pretending... all those fake stuff...not being their real self... and it's also because lots of ppl around me are my friends and I want to tell them that they are wrong doing this/that and all. OF course, you will have this group of ppl who really can't stand my advices. But I do know i don't just simply go around telling ppl what to do. It's when they reach an extreme stage...pisses me off with their 'fake personality' ... i really can't stand it. Therefore, lots of ppl also think that I don't and can't tolerate with people and their negative sides... And thank God for that. Coz I really think that that is a good thing as it makes me who i am right now... Having the ability to not fall into the trap of those ppl who are just really..... fake.

I have problems explaining this i understand, 95% of ppl i tell this to don't understand what i'm trying to say. So if you are the 5% ...thanks. For instance, I have a friend who really i just don't know why...he is just so...not himself. He does things that I know he really don't mean to and things that is just not him! I don't know how to explain this. It's just so obvious to me.... but when I look around , ppl seem to be enjoying his fake style. Is this because ppl tolerate better? Are ppl actually seeing what i see in him but just ignoring it? That frustrates me to. Why am i the only one noticing it? And when I do something about it... for instance, advice my fake fren, everyone just...don't seem to back me up or care.

It's like being in a scene with no sound at all where I see this man killing this woman and giving the knife to someone else beside him and when the police arrives, they catch the man holding the knife at that time, leaving the murderer standing there pretending to be innocent.... And everyone else noticed it too! But they just stand there...stares blindly without muttering a sound at that woman lying dead....while I keep jump , scream , shout , tell the policeman that the real murderer is standing at that scene itself.

It's scary. It really is. Is that what is really happening? Or no one except me noticed the murder?

Just imagine that scene without any sound. It's freaking me out right now. Coz that can be the reality. Or is it not? I'm confused again.

So I just hope i don't pass a false negative message here. Coz I am a confused young boy and don't really know what's happening. So erm, anyone know the truth or have similiar thoughts or just wanna flame me, feel free to post your comment or just post at the chatterbox... I'm getting really blur right now and tired ..... like usual. So erm, thanks for ur responses for my previous post. Incubus rox btw. and God, the sweaty guy. I feel damn dirty when i think about it. Zzz..
So ending here... and speaking bout friends...... bah..i'll do it in my next post..


By Alex Yeo
Incubus, 16th of March 2004, Kuala Lumpur

The concert..was somewhat..amazing. Nothing went wrong i think...except for a few people who almost fainted and puked due to the lack of air to breathe! But other than that, it was great, as expected. And oh yeah, the other few things that bothered me was the ''I-dont-care-who-you-are-but-i-am-gonna-jump-like-mad-till-i-step-on-your-shoe'' attitude, and the freaking smokers that smoked non stop throughout the concert that just ruined the healthy me and made me smell like them, the people who just squeezed through everyone just to get a good place to stand...and of course... my height~ =(

Dang, life is certainly unfair for those who are just basically genetically shorter ~ Yes it is. And almost or just basically everyone reading this right now is taller than you don't know.. Well, i'm telling ya right now.... just try to bend your knees down till you reach my height... makes the world a bigger place, doesn't it? Argh! and that's the thing that bothers me... and even the fact that i stood somewhere at the front of the many many people in the concert, i still faced that problem! One tall guy is enough to block my view! Grr..... they should impose a rule where shorter people like Alex Yeo should stand in front because everyone wants to enjoy the concert~ Oh well, that's basically impossible, so I just think i should be lucky cause I was one of the dudes in front and my vision can squeeze through a few heads to see the band playing. =) If i was somewhere in the center or at the back, i won't be posting this right now. Probably either screaming in frustration or dozing off somewhere cause the medical team pulled me out during the concert to give me the attention i need~ Well, that didn't happen. So i'm happy and rocking!

Btw, to make things look neater and easier, this was my schedule:-
11:30am-5.00pm : Arrived at Praveen's house...! Waited for Allen, watched TV, went online..... So after a little while, Allen arrived with his usual self.... First thing he said when he saw me, " Alex. You look fat/fatter" ...........I was like....."Really? Damn." But in my heart.... I wanted to reach inside his organs and pull everything out and tie it all around his face and kick him till i leave a shoe mark on him.... but i didn't, =) So everything went fine.....! 'Walked' to SS15~ the Cafe area....had lunch. Ate Tomyam Fried Rice+Egg on top which is damn nice like usual..... Oh damn, anyway, after lunch, went to Cafe, surfed, chatted, played........and went back to Praveen's house. Called taxi to take us to Amcorp Mall...... went there to meet praveen's father, father fetched us to Bukit Kiara, bla bla bla bla bla bla bla........ and arrived at 5! Concert supposed to start at 8/9 by the way..

So 5 pm.... We went to the ticket counter and i wasn't surprised by the crowd turn out at that time..... already damn many people in we just basically followed the line and stood somewhere in the Front-Center line..... I looked at my watch... 5.30... OMG! and i heard the gate opens at 7....... I seriously did not think that i can tahan for like.... an hour and a half standing there doing nothing...slowly sandwiched... argh.... well I did ..... =) We just distracted ourselves from being tired by standing in weird leg positions, talking, eating Ice-Cream..... (Nestle Drumstick sux btw,) and doing other stuff till they finally open the gates...OMG! That part was seriously damn fun..... I was like laughing all the way with my frens coz everyone was like pushing, pushing...can't even stand straight..there was one part where i have to hold a tree just to make sure i stayed after a while of pushing and ass to ass touching (yucks) we finally got through , gave the ticket and ran to the front of the indoor thingie and stood there.... We were there like..i dunno how long..i lost track of time talking and waiting impatiently while allen got prav and himself a beer .... I drank water btw.... I don't drink~ I'll lose my hot personality if i do that ... =) So anyway, the people really started to grow.....really...a lot... from the time u were enjoying the air to breathe and complaining about the heat..... you will complain about the air and the heat 30 minutes later... argh...~ So the lights dimmed, people cheered, they tested the spotlight, people cheered....they arranged the props, people cheered.... lolz... abit lame but i understand their excitement....!

So after a while, a band came out ..... Pop Shuvit(spelling)~ and Wow..I realised they are really good...! I never really understood asian rock bands before but pop shuvit really proved me wrong... they really were very good and i enjoyed every bit of their stuff..... people started to warm-up and go crazy and jumped and all..which was really fun... =) After Pop Shuvit.... OAG came......I was like....WTF...but when they start..... I only recognized them.....recognized their songs rather....=)..popular stuff..... so everyone got crazy again, jumped again and got excited....~

Then after their performance, everyone waited for another half an hour again....Zzz.... but this time everyone was not that impatient cause they know the main performance will be out next.....after a little while...Incubus walked in...and woah...started with Megalomaniac....and wow........ It was crazy.... Fun like hell, Great like dunnowhat..... everyone sang along, rocked, jump......damn cool.... nice stuff..fantasic stuff..... then a few songs passed, and that was when things started to get a little irritating.....! One smoker beside me was like blowing the smoke out everywhere..and I even got to touch the heat of the ciggaratte! Ouchh.....and taller people was squeezing through everyone and blocking almost everything of my view...! And Suddenly, I was seperated from Allen and was damn I got back to them anyway, when i finally couldnt stand the heat and CO2 so I just squeezed through some people and reached them~ Got a slightly better view....there's this small gap where my vision can actually squeeze through... and see the singer...nice stuff ...people all around know the lyrics and that made the atmosphere even better~ Ah.... cool stuff.... and there's this guy.....and freaking hell..... his hair is...... quite long.....and omg........ full of freaking sweat....and during the songs.... He was like shaking his head all around... and yes...I WAS BESIDE HIM! AHHHHHHH!!!! I felt so disgusted and sticky that i have to move a little bit more to the right.... and then came other guy in front of me... jumping like nobody's business , stepping on my shoe and toes during the process....damn it. Be considerate man....

So other than that, everything was great.. they never sang Drive though... sang lots from their new album =/ ......... I got to enjoy myself quite well that night..... a stress releaser.... =) But i can see Allen enjoyed it more~ He jumped much higher and shaked much more..... Lolz.... it was a funny and enjoyable night and trust me, I'll go again if there's anymore rock concerts coming to Malaysia~ I'll go to any concert anyway... I love music~...=) So if u got the time and no company, ask me out! bwahaha......! (and i mean it -_-)

And now erm, my blog is getting really messy and language is all mixed up right head's still shaking in the concert.....dang.....getting really sleepy now....zzz.... and I think I wrote enough! Any question post it at my comment section or chatterbox...I'll Try to answer you , considering if I know the answer or not.... :) So getting really tired of typing right now.... Zzz.....

btw:- Shaved a little just now...and i left a little moustache there coz i felt.... 'keberatan' ARGH! and i look damn ugly now!
Dang those people who said my moustache is ugly and ask me to shave....oh well, it will grow back soon =/ I HOPE!




By Alex Yeo

It's been a while.....a very very long while!!

OMG!!! I feel so.....sorry for my blog.. I just abandoned it like that..... NOOOOOOOO!!! Anyway, don't worry visitors that check this page often, (I'm not saying this to please myself, I know there are ppl who still check this site regularly! I know you are out there!!) =) I'm gonna start blogging anytime soon!!! So pls do check this page~ N I'm gonna add a chatterbox to me page too! Got the idea from Atif/ Leon's blog.... Go check out their blogs too.. I have links to their page~ Cool stuff....rite.... so now i got a comment thingie + a chatterbox~ So just write stuff at the right place k?

K...Holidays(1 week) are here...and i'm not gonna waste my time doing nothing! :)

Have fun all...

Peace out

By Alex Yeo

Did this quiz...
Got this result:-

[I am Legolas!]
I am Legolas Greenleaf, Prince of Mirkwood, representative of the Elves in the Fellowship of the Ring. I contributed my archery skills, keen senses and prettiness to the Company, so don't you start. In the movie, I'm played by Orlando Bloom.
|| Which Lord of the Rings Elf are you? @ ||

I rock.

By Alex Yeo
Back In School

Yep, back in school...
anyway, straight to the point.. I need to know how many ppl actually still visits this site occasionally..
please drop something in the comment box so i know how many ppl still comes here..
and i can continue blogging again like last time!
so thanks, and chow..