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By Alex Yeo
Goodbye, 2007

Final day of the year.

*insert something cliche here*


On a serious note,

*pulls red carpet out for 2008*

2007 has been reasonably okay but there were definitely some bitchy times. Hope next year's better.


y can't think of anything to say one wtf.

i ate kajang satay today.


By Alex Yeo
A reason to be jolly

So I clubbed last night after a long hiatus from the clubs and the night started off slowly but got better towards the end. Maison saturday damn empty omgz compared to Thursday.

But I was also the driver last night therefore I couldn't really drink alot so I was reasonably pretty much reserved last night therefore not much expression on my part. Which sucks obviously considering I am a very shy person by nature. *giggles*

So the obvious things to look forward to in the upcoming days would be Christmas, and the New Year. And i haven't even started working or finding a job yet. Damn sad. Another promise broken. I'll mark that in my new year resolution list. How apt the timing of certain things are. Perhaps I could start working next year. Perhaps not.

A lot of my friends are back from overseas and I reckon we should make full use of it and go out as much as possible together. Afterall, it has been a dead many months with very little people to hang out with here when everyone was away. Mini-gathering soon, perhaps?

Going out to shop for Christmas gifts very soon. Another season of splashing the cash. :/

Merry Christmas everyone!


By Alex Yeo
I'm back (for quite a few days already actually)

I think I lost my ability to stay up late past midnight and wake up extremely late the next day.


A few hours past midnight, I would become extremely sleepy and tired for some unknown reason. This has never happened before!

Must be the trip. Dammit. How much one week can change a person.

Me and Josiah Ng, Msian world-class track cyclist. *yes my shirt damn ugly i know. no choice. must wear T_T*

Will be back blogging about my little pathetic life soon.

Looking for a template change meanwhile. Suggestions are most welcomed.


By Alex Yeo
Location: Korat, Thailand

From the 8th(today!) to the 15th,

away supporting Malaysia in the 2007 Korat Sea Games.

(with a Malaysian sports supporters association)

*waves Malaysian flag*

please don't ask me why i opted to go for such a trip which would probably be synonymous to strict schedules and various rules which I may not look like the kind who actually follows.


but if you still insist on asking, the only answer i can think of is that i believe this is certainly something new in my life worth trying. invaluable experience, hopefully!

for those who would miss me(dun deny) when I am away, you can happily browse through my 4-years-worth of archives of this blog via the sidebar to the right. eh not boring one okay. some posts quite interesting.. and if you are the stalker you are, you can actually see how 'different' or 'similar' i was compared to who i am today. weeeeee.

or if that is still insufficient, you can always sms me! i'll try to reply! i think can receive lar in thailand. pre-paid lines got roaming rite. hmmmm.

wahhaha damn perasan.

things i hope wouldn't change when i get back:
1) my skin color - omg got feeling i will turn super dark. hopefully not. (not that it's wrong lol but still!)
2) my bed and pc room - coz i'm a geek.
3) my friends back home - hahaha.


omggggggggggggggggggg to be honest. the thought of traveling with this newly-met bunch of people is pretty scary and intimidating. as many ppl already know, i am a super dependent guy! argh. and if i'm not mistaken, i would be sharing room with a random guy i duno summore. :S

that's not really a bad thing but but but omggg i think i'm actually gonna miss home?? so lame rite. 7-8 days only but missing home. -_-" zzz. nvm.. i'm trying to LOOK AT THE BRIGHT SIDE and take this trip as a pre-melbourne practice trip before i actually fly over to melbourne to complete my university studies in the future.

bwahahaha. hopefully can somewhat train "taking care" of myself for that 7-8 days. (ehh, need to wash own baju one okay. since i am only given like 3(?) pairs of the official t-shirt i have to wear to the sporting events)


i don't even know why i am psyching myself the way i am now. i'm thinking far FAR too much. "this would be fun this would be fun"



that's it.

cya all soon.

i'll be back.

no promises of souvenirs sorry. hahaha. but i'll try lar of course.

sawadee kap! *n try to spot me on the TV if possible!! grrr.*


By Alex Yeo
As Promised..

Elliott Yamin performing 'Wait for You'. Recorded by me. Which DOES NOT justify the bad quality terima kasih. From that video you can actually see that he was pretty damn near! O_O

Somewhere in the middle of his performance the rain fell summore. As if being surrounded by crazy teenage fan girls were not enough. Pffft.


Remember my 2nd year units which have long and gaya names? I thought it would be nice to share them. Just to give a rough idea to people on what I am/will be studying since no one ever gets it. ZZz. (It is NOT Mass Comm! Arts.. Humanities.. Social Studies.. anything along those lines is what I am actually doing! -_-)

I'll double-major in International Studies and Communication thus the... 'contrast' between some of the units as you can see below.


Semester 1 2008

* ENH2407: Authorship and Writing
* INT2040: Globalization and its discontents
* INT2050: Mobile Worlds: Migrants, Refugees and the Politics of Belonging
* WRT2407: Postcolonial and Diasporic Literature

Semester 2 2008

* COM2411: Media, Culture, Power
* COM3409: Media Texts
* INT2060: Global Cultures, Local Traditions: creating and consuming (popular) culture
* JRN2907: Radio and Television Journalism


so now you know. not that I am proud of. sounds difficult. very unprepared. first year wasn't exactly a breeze and i wonder how my following 2 years would be like. Hmmmm.


So this Saturday I'll be departing from KLIA to Bangkok. Then from Bangkok I will travel by bus some distance away to Korat for the SEA Games! Wuhooo. Malaysia Boleh. I wonder how traveling with the msia supporters association would be like. I wonder strange things like how will I possibly be going to adapt to the strict schedule and all. But one thing's for sure, it is gonna be one hell of an experience! wuhooo.

First time leaving the country with a grp of ppl i don't know (with the exception of my 2 uni mates). Scary. But hope it'll be enjoyable. Hope it doesn't turn out to be like a freaking bootcamp. Oh noez! T.T



Now you know a little bit more about me.



By Alex Yeo
Before I forget,

*yawn* damn sleepy now as i'm typing this.

i just got back from watching elliott yamin, shaggy, and whitney houston do their thing on stage. thanks to that, i can't stop belting the "i will always love you" song now. so she may not currently possess the powerful voice she used to have.. but who cares, she's still a living legend in her own rights and there were glimpses of "the voice" now and then throughout her entire performance.

shaggy funny entertainer. elliott wuhoo. happy for him that he's doing well and being all happy. some of you may know i was rooting for him all the way in american idol season 5. and his voice was really good lar during the concert.

oh, and i got a pretty good view of the concert too. very near elliott during his entire performance. there were also times when whitney and shaggy walked over and i waved and i think they saw me wuhooooo.

i also stood near the backstage tents area so I was damn near shaggy and elliott when they walked past and all warh! hahaha. i duno why not many ppl stood where i stood. nobody knows maybe. my secret location bwahahaha. i tried to spot whitney passing but tak jadi zzzz. I think she got her own personal 6-star backstage tent or something. T_____T

fore-warning: ahead are photos of shit quality bwahaha.

elliott yamin

you can't see it but trust me on this. it IS shaggy.

the stage which is apparently the same stage used in the Live Earth and Tribute to Princess Diana concerts. Brought over from Wembley.

(nothing of whitney because they were very strict on the 'no photography or filming' rule before she came out)

it was the live n loud KL concert in case you are curious.



*rubs stars from eyes*


my 'high school friends' celebrated my belated bday for me at TGIF last Friday (haha. the irony, get it? friday's on friday bwahaha). omgz. must stand up on chair and not know how to react when the waiters start chanting and cheering and singing. luckily i didn't get it that bad, i opted to give a speech rather than sing and my speech was a mere sad 5 words - "thank you all for coming." boring alex.

anyway, thanks for that guys.

they recorded the entire thing but i dun think i'm gonna post that up coz i looked like an idiot and looking like an idiot is not the impression i want to give of myself to anyone who reads this blog. so.. no video!


this is the part where you can skip coz it's me yapping about my boring university stuff. Again.

So my results for my second semester-first year, were out few days back and I did reasonably well but I am not very satisfied with one of my grades BECAUSE it was not due to my stupidity or incapability but my laziness and procrastination habits that i did not score a grade i aimed for. yes. a distinction gone thanks to me submitting my assignments late resulting in the deduction of ALOT OF MARKS!#!@$@!$!@

I have also chosen my units for my 2nd year first and second semester and they sound all freaking long and gaya hahaha. which probably isn't something i should be happy to look forward to as i learnt that the more the gaya the name of one unit is, the more difficult it is. :(

oh yea, i also need to mention that i have decided to.... change my course!

but nothing significant lar. just from b.communication to b.arts.

first year units entirely the same.. so no hassle there. b.comm is actually b.arts single majoring in comm..

that's one of the factors influencing my change cause i want to DOUBLE MAJOR instead of just majoring in one hence the switch of course. so now you can call me Alex Yeo, Bachelor of Arts, majoring in International Studies and Communication undergraduate.



ok super tired.

wanna sleep soon. computer clock shows 4:27AM and that is relatively earlier than any other days I have been sleeping lol.


goodnight all.



Edit: A SHORT video of Elliott Yamin singing "Wait for You" I shot during the concert with my very lousy handphone camera:

(omg technical glitch. upload tomorrow. night)


By Alex Yeo

Today, will be the day I flip the leaf over.

19, babeh!


By Alex Yeo
What I have been up to

Day 25 of my holiday and nothing I wanted to initially resolve got resolved. Hurrah. Somehow that statement lacks the surprise element but what the heck right? Only Alex can 'unsurprise' people like that and that's cool cause it's uniquely him.

So a few highlights of my unproductive 25 days.. cause you are damn interested right I know. Bwahaha.

1. The Bersih Rally

Super elaborated 2 part series I made a few posts before so I won't touch on that any further.

Very pissed off after observing the attempts of the mainstream media and the govt to play down the event but what can I do. I did what I could. Hope there would be more awareness among people today.

Oh yeaa.. I was checking my university email when I stumbled upon this mail by my lecturer cum social activist(okla not really but still) with the subject heading "Look who's in the picture". So I opened the mail and realised that the mail had nothing but a link to a random chinese blog.

I clicked the link and after scrolling down in attempts to search for a picture which would catch my attention,


my drenched figure displayed in its full glory (not that I was naked but you get the point).

Summore so obvious the focus of the photo was on me. I took comfort in thinking that maybe this guy whom I cannot remember taking my picture thought I was some random adorable primary school kid which was so semangat thus the decision to take my photo and display it. But noooo. JL had to burst my bubble and say ".... Alex, you don't look young in that picture."

Nah. Here's the link. nov10 post.
*bangga* actually dunno if i shud be bangga or not hmmm.

2. I dyed my hair.

Yes, rejoice for if you had clicked that link, spotted that picture of me and noticed my hair, you would be happy to hear that I've cut it quite a bit and dyed it too. Bwahaha. I call it the holiday hairdo.

I allowed the hairdresser to select the colour as I am one who cannot make decisions (and I'm colourblind afterall) and so she did, very willingly. The results turned out a little more 'gold' than I wanted it to be but what the heck, it looks better now than when I first saw it.

I dunno if the colour is fading or if I am getting used to it but I'm liking what I have now. Apparently, it suits me. *giggles*

Pics of my hair hours after the hair cut:



Looks very fancy but if you think you would see that exact style if you see me tomorrow, forget it. I simply cannot imitate how that hairdresser styled it and it has gotten slightly longer than that, so yeah. I'm such a lousy groomer.

Shit I shouldn't be blogging about my hair.

Damn bimboooooo!!!!11

Himbo is the word but I shouldn't use it cause I'm not supposed to know such terms. *manly pose*

3. Korat SEA Games with FAMEMAS

So I got shortlisted for this application thing and was asked to attend the interview somewhere in the heart of KL.

FAMEMAS for those of you who are ignorant enough(not blaming you, I was too), is an organisation/supporters association for the Malaysian contigent in sports. They travel the world following the Malaysian squad in various events to give their support. The people wearing the same t-shirts you see on TV with the Malaysian flags? Big possibility they are the people of FAMEMAS. *trumpet sound*

They, or Samsung rather, were sponsoring 50 members to support the Malaysian contigent for the upcoming December SEA Games in Korat, Thailand.

So I applied, got shortlisted; went for the interview, and made it! Hurrah x2

Best thing is the fact that I would be going with 2 of my uni mates too. Awesome.

So it may not be a pleasure trip stayin in 5 star hotels and all but I'm going for the experience lar okay. Can practice my photography skills too. Awesome x2.

And last but not least of course to support the country I love!:)

Don't give me the weird stare.

Awesome x3.

4. Handphone Dilemma

I want to get a new Nokia handphone.

It would either be...

so sexay *drools*

Nokia N81.


stainless steel, carl zeiss lens camera

Nokia 6500 Slide

I have been doing my research reading and WATCHING reviews. Yes watching. A new use of Youtube I found out only recently. Want to buy a phone? Type in the model of your phone in Youtube and watch professional reviews after reviews on the model you are interested in. Very good.

But after all that, I still cannot make up my mind. Hmmmm.

N81's design is definitely more lasting, as the 6500 slide looks as though it would be less impressive in the months to come. However, the 6500 slide has very good reviews whilst the N81 has mixed ones.


5. Messed up bodyclock.

My bodyclock is screwed, again. Sleeping when the first birds chirp at the sight of the early sunrise, and waking up when housewives begin searching the refrigerator thinking of what to prepare for dinner.




yes, weird cause I wake up so late and that should make me feel like I'm wasting my day instead but nooooo. For some reason, sleeping early, or earlier rather, makes me feel as though I could be doing so much more.

I really need to get a job. At least that way I'll force myself to wake up at proper times.

Resorting to self torture. T___T

That should be all I think. Thus far.

What to look forward to:
  • Malaysia vs Australia Hockey Match with FAMEMAS members (cheer practice)
  • Live N Loud KL Concert! (shud be attending the Whitney Houston, Elliott Yamin one)
  • Korat 'trip'!
  • Christmas
  • 2008

    2007 ending!!



    By Alex Yeo

    Eh, damn late liao. Blog tmr.


    By Alex Yeo
    Percintaan Tan Hong Ming


    By Alex Yeo
    BERSIH - Rally for Electoral Reform [Part 2]

    The pouring rain and dark skies didn't deter both the authorities and the participants of the march. TK and I stood at a reasonable distance from the actual scene so we could able to plan our actions and decisions from what we felt as, a safe distance.

    It was around that time..

    ..when that happened.

    The yellow and red(Unit Amal-refer to previous post) people got pushed further and further back towards our direction as the dispersing actions by the authorities went on. No one ran away, no one walked home, no one boarded the train to go to a safer location, none of that 'chickening' happened.

    Instead, many sought refuge in the nearby mosque while many others just continued their protest on the streets, showing their tough resilience by standing strong and shouting random stuff in front of the authorities, no signs of faltering, not at all.

    Umbrellas signify rain.

    I noticed around me that the shops around had their respective workers rushing out and informing the people that they were going to close the shutters and doors - asking people to either get in or stay outside and stay nowhere in the middle.

    I had a literal rush of adrenaline at that very moment as it felt like I was in one of those climatic scenes of those typical action movies, except that there was no hero in this little excerpt of mine..

    Workers rushing out of shops, some standing on stools, serious expressions etched on their faces, asking in commanding voices for everyone to disperse from their gates as they pulled down the metal shutters from the ceiling.

    TK, his friends, and I thought better and we decided to stay outside. A split-second decision which paid off. We didn't want to be locked and sealed up for the rest of the march. That was not what we were there for anyway.

    And did I mention that the chemical-laced water from the water cannons had chemicals in it which could somehow travel through air and cause irritation to the eyes, nose, and throat of the people around?

    I kinda felt like sneezing, but I couldn't. That was how it felt. You smell something funny and the next thing you know, your nose gets itchy and your eyes feel like closing.



    It was then, TK and I noticed that the main protest group seemingly was getting somewhat nearer and nearer to us as the water cannons and tear gasses went on for several more shots.

    Too close for comfort, I thought.

    TK also pointed out that they were so near already.

    A loud clicking sound was what I heard next.

    In the opposite street in front of TK and I, white fumes started to spread wildly.

    "RUN!" I shouted to TK.

    but not without a huge grin on my face.

    I was trying so hard not to laugh. I don't even know why I felt like laughing. It was such a serious event, but the fact that there was this 2 characters in TK and I in the entire chaos just seemed so... awkward and out-of-place. Of all people. Lol.

    I also spotted a smile on TK face as we dispersed from our original 'safe' spot.

    We immediately turned our bodies and ran very quickly to some distance away. Not too far though, as we still wanted to observe what was going on.

    It was only later when we realised how lucky we were. The freaking tear gas shell could have landed right next to us for all we know. The police could have tossed it to our street instead of the opposite street. It was DIRECTLY in front of us in the other street.

    Damn-fun and exciting.

    The little group of us which sought shelter at the same place consisted of TK, his friends, and I.. along with several random people and the coolest of them all would have to be the lawyers in their suits from the BAR Council. Gaya.

    I later found out there were there to 'observe' the entire rally and to assist thought who got into trouble and all with the authorities.

    Somewhere near where we sought shelter from the chemical-infested street.

    You can't see it clearly but in the picture, a random street vendor selling drinks in the open air(the irony) was in the thick of things covering his mouth with a handkerchief while several members of the authorities stood in position not far away around him.

    FRUs/police all geared up.

    Not long later, someone came up with the suggestion that we should conduct our own little march to the palace as they received news that there was a huge march heading to the palace already. Many even already reached the palace. None of what happened to us occurred at their stations. Damn. Really didn't know if I was lucky or not after hearing that little bit.

    Our little march was met with people also proceeding into the palace from different parts of Kuala Lumpur. If I'm not mistaken, I saw TENAGANITA's head Irene Fernandez somewhere there too. I also saw my ang moh lecturer too somewhere on the way.

    Outside the BAR Council building, one of the 'stops' during our little march. You can spot a line of FRUs forming a wall in the background behind, blocking off the road, but a group of marchers from the other side still managed to cross anyway. They just passed a gap the wall didn't cover. -_-

    However, it doesn't all just end happily ever after over there.


    our little march became even smaller when TK friends and I split-ed from the group and we ended up conducting an even smaller march of our own to the palace. -_-

    Ok. Not good idea in my shoes because, was raining at that time. Ok, maybe it wasn't raining cats and dogs, but drizzling heavily for sure.

    Secondly, they were all guys which could run faster than me by a mile. And they all wanted to get to the palace fast so they decided to run.

    Thirdly, I had a cut on the back of my left foot. You know when you wear a new shoe which is not of the right size or something, you get that damn painful relatively tiny cut. I got that shit at that very moment. Perfect timing.

    It got so bad at one point that one of my newly-met-friends, who was TK's friend's friend, decided to switch shoes with me. Damn shy and embarrassing. But I couldn't reject because I really couldn't walk properly.

    march march

    more march march

    I think if anyone I know saw me at that very moment, they would shed a tear. Seriously.

    My determination was.. paramount. I felt so proud of myself achieving what I did.

    I was limping like a dog drenched wet under the freaking rain being the only one without an umbrella while feeling all tired and exhausted with my legs almost giving up on me but I was still walking forward. Inch by inch, step by step, knowing I would still eventually reach in the end. I was still marching. I did not want to turn back or stop. 'Must reach palace no matter what or you'll regret for sure, Alex,' I psyched myself helplessly.

    T.T Trying to fit my jeans in the gap between the back of my foot and my shoe to minimise contact. to no avail.

    Nearing the palace, we saw this huge continuous line of people, or the yellow wave if you like, overhead us on a fly-over bridge thing, heading towards where we were headed to.

    Line of marchers. Not hard to spot, just strain your eyes a little to the little heads on the fly-over.

    It was amazing. And I thought the police actually succeeded in stopping people from reaching the palace. I thought the sealing of Kuala Lumpur would limit the people drastically but the continuous line of people went on and on as we stood still at a place to get our bearings right.

    Damn near the palace. Can sense the huge gathered group of people. It was here when there were there people from Unit Amal shaking hands with us thanking us for our support. No problems, mate!

    The wait and journey took much longer than the time we spent outside the palace.

    We were late by several minutes. But it was not like we could see anything anyway even if we arrived early. The police had sealed off the entrance many meters ahead to the palace allowing only the people who were responsible for submitting the memorandum to the King to pass.

    We didn't care, after all, the saying goes something like 'it is all about the journey not the destination,' right?

    There could be no more fitting and apt saying than that.

    We made it.

    Whether I made it drenched wet, or with someone else's shoes, I didn't care, cause I made it.

    I was tired as hell, my legs felt like they were gonna break apart, but I still made it.

    We made it. The citizens made it. The odd-tens of thousands of people made it. The citizens spoke, and we were one in our aims, we were one in the march, we were one at the end of the day. And the feeling is a positive one.

    Some of the people who were gathering outside the palace

    The ministers can deny all they want, they can say all they want, but something had been done. There had been an impact surely. Whether directly or indirectly is only left to be seen.

    The peaceful assembly remained peaceful from start to finish. Police resorted to violence, but no one fought back or caused any further damage.

    And don't trust 100% the statement released just today by the King about the 'kesal-kesal' thing. Like any other form of news we get here in Malaysia, nothing can be trusted 100%. Just read this:


    The journey back consisted of TK and I, but mostly TK, helping an elderly couple to board a train to a specific location cause they did not know how. Good Samaritans, we are. *random*


    The solo journey in the train felt quicker than it was when I started off my journey, but maybe it was because my mind was filled with the thoughts of the very eventful stuff which I have done or went through throughout the entire day.


    I was smelly, sweaty, and tired hence I had to politely move to a corner less occupied in the train to avoid being shunted by everyone around me.

    Certainly beats sleeping at home till late afternoon everyday.

    It has to be up there among one of the top events of my somewhat un-meaningful 19-years of life.

    If not, the top.

    Daulat Tuanku!

    End of Part 2.

    p/s: Thanks, TK for the pictures.


    By Alex Yeo
    BERSIH - Rally for Electoral Reform [Part 1]

    Before I begin elaborating on my adventurous Saturday, I would like to state how dumbfounded I felt at the reaction of the government towards the entire rally and the state of how they responded towards the international media which covered the news is shameful and depressing. How angry I was at the amount which was censored at the national media level and how biased, and fake the reporting on the entire rally was. The police and the ministers of our country resorted to lies and baseless facts when asked to comment on the rally. I am embarrassed, and sickened, but somewhat not surprised. Deep inside, I know that was the reason in which there was a rally in the first place. A reason in which influenced my decision to participate in the rally in the first place.


    That Saturday morning, I woke up the earliest in days after I spent much time rotting at home thanks to the first week of my holidays. People who know my sleeping habits would know a rocket blast would probably still not wake me up and the fact that I actually woke up in time on that Saturday, I believe, shows the commitment I had towards the entire event.

    I decided not to wear yellow after reading several precautionary measures I received from some friends before, and that decision, you would see, paid off in the end.

    I knew what was coming. I knew there were gonna be blockages. I knew there was gonna be police, but I was never ready for what I eventually saw on that day.

    As I passed the toll house separating Shah Alam from Subang Jaya and beyond, the traffic came to a standstill.

    A roadblock.

    So soon.

    I drove passed the police with no signs of fear whatsoever etched on my face but only a hint of anger I felt towards the incompetent and sad state of the leaders of our country who ordered such acts - the anger which I had to direct towards the 'innocent' policeman, which I took as somesort of a medium to channel my negative energies, but I shouldn't have really.. as he was just doing his duty.. but nvm.

    I knew the roadblock was meant to arrest ppl who was attending the rally because the few which got stopped, I managed to peek, were middle-aged men wearing yellow t-shirts. And I can assure you that was not a simple case of coincidence.

    If the roadblock at the Shah Alam exit was not enough, wait till you reach the train stations.

    There was a horde of police stationed at the Subang Jaya KTM station who was also catching suspected protesters who was going to KL via the trains. There was a police truck, and some stationed at the ticket machines to check on people who were boarding the trains. I obviously did not get caught. Non-yellow shirt and innocent-looking-baby face paid off there.

    If that was not intimidating enough, the train I took was crowded. To the brim. Not like that is the fault of the anyone but it's enough to make anyone turn back.

    I had to stand still on my spot and not move an inch. Literally. The only thing I could hold to keep my balance was a tiny portion of a pole on the train. And the worst is yet to come. A somewhat sweaty man boarded the train at the next stop. And he, too, had to keep his balance. So he raised one of his hands to a higher section of the same pole I was holding, leaving his lower arms totally directed right in front of my face. Great aim, perfect height. Best-alignment-ever. You cannot get more accurate and precise than that. I bared. During that moment in that crowded train, I once again thought of the sacrifice I was making just to attend the people's peaceful assembly. Oh how much I was sacrificing.

    The train reached the KL Central station 30 mins later. I managed to arrive right on time and met TK and his friend there.

    Surprise, surprise more policemen but the sight of the men-in-blue has become such a common occurrence that they do not scare me anymore.

    We boarded another train to Masjid Jamek(how lucky), and as we arrived, we were greeted by truckloads and truckloads of more of the men-in-blue..

    The sight of a police patrol car/truck/bike passing by every 15 seconds was the last straw for me.

    I became furious at that point.

    truck #1

    chemical water-cannon truck #2

    Why were they doing so much. Just to stop the people from peacefully practicing their democratic rights who only wanted to fight for a fair and free election.

    Why were they committing so much. To rob the basic democratic rights of the people, when they were never as committed when solving crimes and putting criminals behind bars.

    FRU: sila bersurai

    On a brighter note, the police were not the only thing we bumped into in the areas around the station. There were obvious people who like us, were awaiting any signals from anyone to begin the march to the palace. There were people in red uniforms, the ppl from Unit Amal, who did a great job in guiding the growing crowd during that time, and the rest of the day.

    Everyone silently acknowledging the presence of each other. Everyone watching silently the antics of the police and the FRUs who started blocking roads and sending in big ass trucks occupying the road in front of where my friends and I were waiting.

    I felt as if the stage was set at that very moment. The citizens versus the police. The people versus the entire government. Only time would tell the outcome of it all.
    There was a growing sense of anticipation and excitement at every passing minute.

    It was then, after a reasonably long time of waiting, my friends and I heard a group of people chanting and shouting something which was not clearly audible. Many onlookers like ourselves rushed to the sound of the chants to see what was happening. Has it begun? Is this the start of it all? What is going to happen? How will it all end?

    A huge group gathered at a point not relatively far from where my friends and I were standing. We thought of observing the situation first before putting ourselves fully in it.

    Not long later, the red police trucks started moving towards the direction of the reasonably large gathered group of people.

    A few words of warning, and the next thing I know,

    there were incomprehensible shouts of protests and the sight of the gathered group of people dispersing into different directions.

    The moment I noticed water cannons and tear gas shells used by the authorities upon their own citizens, my patriotism became second to none.

    As the first blast was shot, the sky instantly turned eerily dark, the rain suddenly poured heavily..

    More in Part 2.


    By Alex Yeo
    In brief

    Oh my gawd.

    Where do I even start????!

    I'll definitely update further when I get the pictures from TK. This is just a, wth-immediate-feedback kinda thing. Just got back from the rally.

    For now,
    do know that I am safe and alive. If you actually bothered to read several international news agencies like Al-Jazeera and AOL and all, you would know that the police resorted to violence towards their citizens at a peaceful rally.


    had to run in rain,

    had the chemicals from the water cannons irritating my nose and eyes even when I was just standing at a reasonable distance.

    tear gas almost hit me. close call. Ran like a bitch. Haha.

    had to run with a cut on the back of my foot thanks to my shoe. almost unbearable.


    super exhausted.

    but worth it.

    I became very angry when the police started firing at the citizens to end the peaceful rally. Resort to violence. For what? For your own citizens who you should be protecting who were only demanding for a fair and free democracy in the form of a fair election?

    Like that also cannot give? Must fire at citizens all? Must put on your rugged army-like uniform and carry shield and gas masks? Must resort to such violent tactics?


    Don't they get what is the rally about? Why were there roadblocks all the way from Shah Alam?? To police stationed in train stations. To trucks and cars and bikes of policemen patrolling KL like some @#$%^. GAH.

    embarrassing. so embarrassing. so-called democratic nation. with a corrupted, everything, right from the elections.

    heck it.

    BERSIH Rally for Electoral Reform Part 1 update coming up next.

    On how ridiculous it was seeing road blocks at all roads leading to KL even from Shah Alam itself, to the truckloads of policemen in the LRT station.


    Awesome experience.

    I feel Malaysian all over..

    edit:"Hardest hit by police action were the crowd near the Masjid Jamek LRT station who were fired at with torrents of chemical-laced water from a FRU water cannon."

    No wonder lah. -_- so 'lucky' to have chosen that stop of all places -____- TK!


    By Alex Yeo
    BERSIH - People's Rally for Electoral Reform


    Clear any appointments you have on the 10th of November at 3pm this Saturday. Instead, set a reminder on your phone or PDAs that this Saturday would be the coming together of the nation to fight for justice and democracy we have been robbed of all these time. And lastly make sure, you be there.

    Don't give a damn about politics?

    I didn't. But the past year has taught me how much I have been gagged and blindfolded by the entire stigma. As citizens, I believe we should fight for what's right for our country. Don't say you were not given the opportunity to do anything, this is the time.

    Being the youth and younger generation of this country, I trust that we have a huge role to play for the betterment of the nation.

    And this rally is not about bringing down the government, no.
    This is a PEACEFUL, i stress, PEACEFUL rally organised by people who longs for the fair and free democracy not present in our country today.

    On the 10th of November, 2007, people will march to the Istana as a nation and BERSIH representatives will also hand over a memorandum to HRH the Yang Dipertuan Agong.

    The 4 immediate key demands would include:

    * The use of indelible ink to prevent double-voting;
    * The abolishment of postal votes;
    * Clean-up of the electoral roll;
    * Equal and fair access to national media.

    All in the name of the coming general election.

    It sounds simple doesn't it, but no. Somehow, our electoral system is structured in such a way that the election in itself is corrupted and unfair. Then how would citizens be given the chance to choose their government when everything is so biased to begin with. In a system where the ruling party holds so much percentage majority-wise over the opposition parties, the country will go nowhere. It leans almost towards a monarchy or a one-party system where no one in the country can out-rule. = no democracy.


    If the government has nothing to fear, why not contest in an open general election to see what the public really wants. If they are competent, they get selected. But this can only happen if there's a fair election in the first place.

    As yellow is the designated protest colour, participants are encouraged to wear yellow items of clothing, armband or a ribbon from today until Saturday, 10 Nov.

    There may be talks on the fact that a permit is not issued to the gathering and people are gonna get arrested and all. There's also the thing about police blocking the area so no one can enter to gather.

    But you shouldn't be afraid. And I, of ALL people, don't think will let that stop me. So why should you back out.

    A coursemate of mine who would be attending the event as a journalist e-mailed me some precautionary measures which I think I should share. And this is not to scare anyone of you.

    *Be alert but not alarmed, it's not as dahsyat as the organisers and government is making it seem.
    *From what I know, there will be heaps of people. Like, heaps.
    *Realistically, they can't shut off mobile signals in that area.
    *FRU, RELA and the cops will be out full force.
    *Don't be afraid of going. Just be a bit smart about it.
    *Do take public transport and have alternative transport arrangements just in case.
    *Don't wear yellow. Seriously. Don't. It's an awful color and it makes you an easy target for the cops. If you must wear something yellow, bring an arm band or something small to keep in your pocket.
    *Try not to put yourself in the middle of everything. It's very exciting yes, but not convenient to run.
    *Be careful who you speak to.
    *Look out for "planted" troublemakers (if you know what i mean?)
    *Be mindful of escape routes (I will update you on this)
    *IF (a very big IF) violence breaks out, run for dear life, run but look out for kids or others who may be stuck in the same funk.


    *from MalaysiaToday*

    If I can convince even only ONE of you to go, I believe I have done my part.


    To those of you out there who spends everyday moaning and bitching about the country and yet you remain seated in that stool or couch of yours doing nothing about it, quit complaining when things doesn't turn out your way.

    As Haris Ibrahim said in his blog, look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself : “Can I ever look at you again if I do not join my fellow Malaysians who are stepping out to try and make a change, to try and make this a better place for me and my loved ones?”

    I don't think so.

    Wear Yellow, Save Malaysia.

    Be part of history.

    And most importantly, be there.


    By Alex Yeo

    *tagged by Natasha*

    1. The phone rings,who do you want it to be?
    -Kate Beckinsale. *dies*

    2.When shopping at the grocery store,do you return your cart?
    -The occasional times I do shop at the grocery store, yes.

    3.In a social setting,are you more of a talker or listener?

    4.Do you take compliments well?
    -No. Not at all. Self-esteem not high enough.

    5.Do you play Sudoku?
    -Yes I do.

    6.If abandoned alone in the wilderness,would you survive?
    -People tell me otherwise but I like to believe I would.

    7.What song are you listening to?
    -No songs.

    8.Did you ever go to a camp as a kid?

    9.What was your favourite game as a kid?

    10.Are you single?
    -Yes. *winks*

    11.Could you date someone with different religious beliefs than you?
    -No problem.

    12.Do you like to pursue or be pursued?
    -be pursued.

    13.Use three words to describe yourself.

    14.Do any songs make you cry?

    15.Are you continuing your education?

    16.Do you know how to shoot a gun?
    -Used to.

    17.If ur house was on fire,what would be the first thing that u'll grab?

    18.How often do you read books?
    -Not often. The reading habit comes and goes.

    19.Do you think more about the past,present or future?

    20.What is your favourite children's book?
    -I never read when I was younger.

    21.What color are your eyes?
    -Black. I like to see it as dark brown.

    22.How tall are you?

    23.Where is your dream house located?
    -By a beach of white/golden sand and clear transparent waters. Calm to moderate waves.

    24.Have you ever taken pictures in a photo booth?

    25.When was the last time you were at Oliva Garden?

    26.Do you like mustard?

    27.Do you prefer to sleep or eat?
    -Erh, both.

    28.Do you look like your mom and dad?
    -To a certain extent.

    29.How long does it take you in the shower?
    -Not long.

    30.Can you do the splits?
    -No. Thank God no.

    31.What movie do you want to see right now?

    32.What did you do for New Year?
    -I don't remember.

    33.Do you own a camera phone?

    34.Was your mom a cheerleader?

    35.How many hours of sleep do you get at night?
    -Holidays 12. No holidays 5.

    36.Do you like care bears?

    37.What do you buy at the movies?
    -Popcorn and coke.

    38.Do you know how to play poker?
    -Texas Hold Em'.

    39.Do you wear your seatbelt?

    40.What do you wear to sleep?
    -Shorts, t-shirt.

    41.Anything big ever happen in your hometown?

    42.How many meals do you eat a day?
    -Holidays 1. No holidays 2-3.

    43.Do you always read frienster bulletins?
    -I facebook.

    44.Do you like funny or serious people better?
    -Depends on situations.

    45.Ever been to L.A.?
    -When I was alot younger. or was that L.V. Hmm.

    46.Did you eat a cookie today?
    -No but that question makes me want to.

    47.tag 3 people.
    -JL, SJ, Kari.


    By Alex Yeo
    "We said if we had to die we would die together on that field." - William Gallas

    Arsenal proved the spirit and mental strength they possess alongside their superb technical abilities by coming back twice to secure a draw at the Emirates.

    This team just does not know when they're behind.

    Click to see why Rio is a cunt and why Cesc is adored by so many Arsenal fans these days. Classic.

    Ferguson damn bitter. Moaning and whining after the match. And I wonder who claimed that Arsene Wenger is the 'whiner' all these time. Nothing else to complain about then spoke about the abuse he got from the fans. Wth. First day on the job?

    To the man utd fans who thought that they should have won it and Arsenal's celebration over a draw was unnecessary and bla bla bla, nice to see them prove the theory that 95% of the 'fans' knows nuts about football who only watch matches between the top 4 teams in the EPL.

    *thinks of Anderson rolling around in the field after Cesc fouled him*

    Lol. That's your star player right there manure fans. HAHAHA.

    I just had to share all of that. Can't hold too much inside me. Sorry.

    Couldn't resist.

    To a long season ahead, come on gunners!


    By Alex Yeo
    Ancora Imparo...

    Today officially marked the final day of my first year of university.

    *Cue the tears of joy, confetti and victory music*

    It has been one heck of a rollercoaster ride, with overdue assignments and sleepless nights being apparent the whole year long.

    I'm glad I made friends, friends who are great people, but it's unfortunate that it took me a longer time than necessary to open up, thus leaving my time spent with these people often too short and limited.

    Some are even transferring to Melbourne next year, a path which I have decided not to follow immediately, but almost certainly only in the 3rd year of my course. Surprisingly enough, the seemingly introverted alexeo feels that he would somewhat miss the company of those people who did not seem to cross his mind throughout his entire period as a freshie of the University.

    My course in general has been excellent. I'm a firm believer in the importance of social studies and the studies of humanities in general. And the lack of exposure towards these social theories and concepts during my schooling days being under the Malaysian system and all left me craving for more and finding the entire course very enriching and enlightening in retrospect. And I don't care what anyone says anymore because they can do and say what they like and so can I.

    My decision to do what I am doing, and to study where I am at, has paid off definitely. Everyday, I look at the heaps of Engineering students gathering at the cafeteria or the library, who speak a foreign language when they suspiciously speaks in a louder tone of voice as usual to each other, and then I cannot help but feel so grateful that I am not enrolled in what I originally wanted to do. Not out of passion, but peer pressure and everything else.

    This is what I like, this is what I do best. And if there's someone better than me in what I do best, then so be it. Because I know that at least if I do something with an insurmountable amount of interest and passion, the possibilities are endless and indefinite. Engineering was a decision born out of fear and insecurity. I opted for engineering subjects during my pre-u period and that year marked the end of it all for me.

    "Look. This is not my thing. You cannot bear this for another 4 years at University level." I remember saying to myself.

    But it doesn't matter anymore.

    All of it doesn't matter anymore.

    What matters is that I am here today, and no matter how much I may be moaning and groaning about my tedious workload, I cannot imagine myself doing anything else. Being the 'strange' me, the thing holding me back from doing any designing courses is the fact that it does not critically and intellectually challenge you in any way and somehow or rather, I seek those challenges in what I do.

    I like people praising me for something I thought of out of much work and effort which requires one to have a deep understanding of something. I think the word here is 'scholarly.'

    I am not being defensive.


    So thank you my Monash friends, who have all graced me with the fact that the world is not the tiny cocoon I have been living in but so much more. And they all tell me this either indirectly or directly.

    From them, I realised that there are many other types of people not just limited to the people I have come to know all these time before my time in University.

    From them and the entire course itself, I learnt to accept other people's opinions and that I, clearly do not know everything. It's a lesson in humility. It is not to say I have been a proud person, no. But everything seems to be more.. accepting now for me.

    It doesn't make sense. But I don't know how to put it into words.

    The next 2 years pose tougher challenges and obstacles ahead and honestly, I am not sure if I am ready to face them. I hope I am.

    I have nothing else to say.
    I cannot be emo as I originally wanted because I had a sudden inspiration lost.
    But point crossed, I hope.

    4 months break now. Internship awaits.
    Or should it be the option behind door number 3,
    the rotting from home.

    I can't decide. I want both a break and a productive holiday.

    Maybe I'll have a little bit of both.

    Maybe not at all.

    I don't know.

    I can't decide.

    *kneels on floor and crumbles to dust*


    By Alex Yeo
    Exam Hiatus

    I'll like to blame my hiatus on the exams which I'll be having in a few hours time but I wouldn't cause I'll just be lying to everyone cause it was not like I was using the break to study anyway which obviously sucks but it's not like I can do anything about it now cause it'll just be all too late.

    But then just now, I was really studying. Like really really forcing myself to memorise and understand the stuff I was reading. 'Happily' browsing through the lectures slides on the ever unrealiable MUSO(Monash University Studies Online) site.

    So bla bla bla, I was randomly surfing through couple of notes, forcing myself to memorise those stupid jargons and difficult theories and concepts when I decided to shift to another .pdf file.





    *pulls hair wildly and screams*

    Sorry Dr. Jega,

    if my answers are as incomprehensible as my handwriting,

    then you know who or what to blame.


    exam ends...technically,.. judging by the time now... tomorrow. so cya all.


    By Alex Yeo
    Tag, you're it!

    I am a choosy blogger who chooses which tags I would like to do and not to do. And this is one, obviously, which I choose to do.

    *tagged by both KW and JL*


    the Rules

    - go to wikipedia and type in your birthday (month and day)
    - write down 3 events, 2 births, 1 holiday and tag 5 friends

    3 Events

  • 1582 - In Stratford-upon-Avon, William Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway pay a £40 bond for their marriage licence.

  • 1814 - The Times in London was for the first time printed by automatic, steam powered presses build by the German inventors Friedrich Koenig and Andreas Friedrich Bauer, signaling the begin of making newspapers available to a mass audience

  • 1893 - Women vote in a national election for the first time: the New Zealand general election.

    2 Births

  • 1908 - Claude Lévi-Strauss, French anthropologist

  • 1967 - Anna Nicole Smith, American television personality

    *cleanest picture i could find off the net*

    1 Holiday

  • # Bahá'í Faith: Holy Day - Ascension of `Abdu'l-Bahá

    5 Tags

  • Zhi Ven
  • SJ
  • Karina
  • Liang
  • Natasha (do you still read my blog)


    Claude is a guy I come to know from his freaking typical social French theories I learn in Media Studies. And I never knew about the late Anna Nicole Smith sharing the same birthday with me. That's cool.

    And the holiday is a freaking awesome event I can't even pronounce. Copy and paste it into Wikipedia for more information. Something religious about all religions fundamental purpose is the same.


    And with that,

    I close this tag.


    By Alex Yeo
    Happy Birthday.

    The same yesterday 4 years ago, a 14 going on 15 kiddo decided to set up a blog for purposes that very same kid cannot remember today.

    Thus yesterday, in the sense of roughly 5 minutes ago, was this blog's 4th year old birthday. *screams in delight*

    Happy Birthday, Blog o' mine.

    *wipes tear*

    for the 'emo' feel

    The 19th of October, 2003 is my blog's birthday.

    4 years. That is a considerably freaking old age for a blog.

    Relatively, that is as old as a human toddler who can speak and walk by him or herself already. Most toddlers-lah at least. I think.. not sure. I'm sorry I don't know anything about growing children. I'm the youngest in my family after all.

    Anyways, when I set out to make this blog that many years ago, I decided I want to keep it known and open to friends only. And unfortunately at that time, blogging was still pretty much at an infant stage(okay abit exaggerated) and there was no password or 'private blog' function for sure!

    I'm glad after that many years, things still remained that way. To my friends who started reading this blog from Day One. I thank you. You must be the few people who knows me better than I know myself. *bows*

    And I'm also really glad that I actually took an effort in creating this blog. Because thanks to that, I have many memories carefully jotted down in the span of all those years. All which I can happily read back in the future. Something which I already did briefly yesterday night, as I spent most of my time reading back my archives from 2003-2005.

    again for that 'emo' feel.

    I don't know about you but I certainly like reading the life struggles of someone that many years ago and comparing it with the life struggles of that same someone today. Better if without his or her knowledge. Yes, I know I'm extremely busybody and voyeuristic.

    I've basically started covering and recording my life all the way from the post PMR days in 2003 till my overdone annoying rants on my university assignments today.

    It's amazing! You can kinda watch me grow up and all just by the archives of this blog.

    These are some of the more significant recorded events of my life in case there are someone out there who may care.

    -Here's to the activities my school organised for the students after the PMR examinations and my very first post.

    -Here's to the tribute post on the final day of school and the analysis of my SPM papers right from Day One till its final day.

    -Here's to my response of me scoring full marks for my colorblind Undang test which I was not meant to, featuring also a frustrated post on how I wasn't given credit for designing a flyer for a Haunted House my class in College organised for a charity event.

    It's actually pretty scary too knowing that my life is pretty 'exposed' all these years. :|

    But what the heck. -_-


    So, with all that being said, happy birthday once again.

    *pops champagne*

    to the sucky annoying rants all those years and today.

    *raises glass*

    and to the many great years to come.

    photo courtesy of (damn potong stim i know but i don't wanna get sued)



    By Alex Yeo

    I just have to blog about this.

    The problem, or one of the problem(s) rather, with me is that I am very easily influenced or inspired by something or someone I see. But it's OKAY because a few days later of ignoring that particular subject matter, I go back to my normal, uninspired, boring self.

    And once again, I am proven to be defense-less against this stigma.

    Why oh why didn't I learn the piano when I was younger?

    First, listen to this track by Ciara titled Like a Boy if you haven't heard of it (where have you been?!)


    watch this.


    that's right.

    that pianist has A LOT more piano renditions of famous hits. check out his profile.

    Awesome. with a capital A.


    By Alex Yeo
    Do you love me?

    *click to enlarge*

    for the curious, a simple evidence of how my life is like in monash.

    i know i am very 'wu liao' and 'mengada'. that's why i'm posting this up.

    ah, to feel loved is a good feeling to feel.

    *side-note: my semester is over omgz i still can't take it. first year over omgz omgz omgz.*


    By Alex Yeo
    Pyramid 2





    Pyramid 2!

    or a.k.a an extension of Sunway Pyramid which popularity was sadly dying.

    It's almost like a battle between the shopping malls over here in the Klang Valley. First 1 Utama had their extension, then, it suddenly created the trend for other shopping malls to extend themselves too! Now Mid Valley has their own new neat section, which I haven't visited, and Sunway Pyramid now has Pyramid 2. And I heard there's a new mall in KL by the name of Pavilion or some sort.

    If there is indeed a "battle" proceeding, in the short term, it can only benefit one party. My shopaholic friends and non-friends alike. *thinks* I can already name a few.

    But that's not the point. The point is, Pyramid 2, which I visited few hours ago and to my dismay, not all the shops are occupied yet. Which probably and HOPEFULLY, explains the 'not-so-syok-ness' of walking around unlike other malls. But what do i know anyway? I'm not that much of a mall fan. :/ But I get a better .. vibe? walking in other malls lah. That's just my lousy worthless opinion.

    So most of the shops at the lower levels were occupied, and the shops at higher levels had the COMING SOON huge posters stuck outside of their 'under-construction' shops. After walking for a little while, it slowly became annoyingly familiar and dull. :<


    You know what?


    I really have nothing else to say.

    Everything else in the mall felt .. ordinary.

    Maybe an exception given to the 2 different colors of the dome thingy lah, as displayed earlier in this post.

    But other than that, everything was pretty much the same.

    I actually decided and went and take photos because before I left for the mall, JLYap, the 'ronery'(lonely) NZ boy asked me to. And I also thought it would be a good practice for my photographing skills which I lack quite a bit. Hehehe.

    And after browsing through the photos which I took just now, I suddenly had an inspiration to make a blog post out of it since,

    1. I did not have anything else to blog about
    2. My blog lack photos
    3. I've always wanted to try a critique-like blog post on a place or an event cause I enjoy reading them in other blogs but it clearly shows here that I can't write them as much as I like to read them. :(




    Even though walking around wasn't the most pleasant in the world, at least some parts of the mall were cool.

    Another part of the mall

    New-age directory board = a computerised one. pretty cool but if you ask me, i personally prefer the classic non-digital directory board. but that's just me.

    Pyramid 2. Everyone should check it out. MOST of the shops are occupied.. really. Maybe only 15% or so are not.. so.. yeah!


    *side-note: final week of the semester this week. yay.*