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By Alex Yeo
For the longest time, this was one of the most emotional Christmas Day ever. Screw that, make that the most EVER.

I don't know if it was Coldplay's version of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas that I heard earlier or something else, somehow this Christmas made me think so much about the people around me and myself.

I didn't even celebrate Christmas to begin with. I only started a few years back solely as an excuse to party. And then I started celebrating with my family at around the same period of time as an excuse to join in the stereotypical exchanging presents and family-bonding fun.

I had so much fun counting down Christmas with my friends just now. And I believe the dinner with my family later will be the typical Christmas-y affair which is great, really.

Can I just take this opportunity to show my love and appreciation to my friends and family.

For all the times you stood by me

Merry Christmas folks.



By Alex Yeo
From the


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OMFG. The thrills of clubbing. Music thump thump thumping. Lighting flashing. And the liquor acting as the very bridge between the 'euphoria' of the club and the world outside. It's a one-way ticket to paradise! Almost. Until the club decides to close la that is omg potong stim.

It's not REALLY about drinking and getting pissed drunk folks. It's about letting the music flow through your veins and just letting everything around you take control of you. It's about releasing. It's about letting go. It's about feeling as weightless as a feather.

Shit so drama. Like some druggie in rehab only. This is the healthiest substitute(lol, not really but you get what I mean) you can find! Don't do drugs, kids!

Evidence of me being very happy under-influence in a club:

In Poppy Garden, KL



By Alex Yeo
Wow. I'm so pissed right now.

The sun has risen and I'm still up here and all for nothing.

My C/primary drive keeps running out of space so I had to keep deleting files which I really liked to keep and now the files are all gone for NOTHING I tell you.

How frustrating is that.

And I had to install an anti-virus software into that very congested drive and thus more files to delete and my anti-virus had so many problems installing and I had to keep deleting files throughout the entire thing plus the scan took so long and now I'm here having to face a scan which detected NOTHING.

Waste of time and effort omfg.

Now I'm going to be late for a scheduled appointment with my friends later and they're going to be angry at me AGAIN because I overslept or something.

It's NOT ALWAYS my fault!

Priorities yada yada but I didn't expect so many problems to happen ok.


Stupid breaking down PC. My PC has killed my THIRD frikkin' mouse and now I'm using a lousy 4th. WTF IS THE PROBLEM?! 3 TOTALLY DIFFERENT BRANDS AND SAME FRIKKIN' PROBLEMS GAH.

My modem keeps dying on me and the connection is so so so bad. Not like it was a GOOD modem to begin with. Started off with disallowing me to download anything or else it will threaten to disconnect. What a b*tch.

And my stupid full harddisk. OMFG.

Sigh. Sigh. Sigh. Yet to settle a lot of transfer to Melb stuff.




By Alex Yeo

A very blur pic. Can you find me LOL

Damn that super grainy pic. And even that was after-edit LOL. Either I suck in editing photographs, or the photo is beyond editing, one thing's for sure - my phone cannot take night shots very well. I think it's the former.. weeee. And someone else take the photos next time hmmph!

I know this is super outdated and more than half of the people who read my blog would probably know by now but here it is anyway..

Hi I'm Alex from pre-December 10th.

Hi I'm Alex from post-December 10th. Sorry for the annoyingly-distorted face.

Ahhh. Hello Raymond Lam wahahaha. That angle not very Raymond Lam-ish la but got the sides short front long concept la.. If you don't know who that is go google.

The amount of hair that was swept away from the floor on the hair-cut day was quite horrifying to say the least. Hmmmm.

Never had a single haircut for the whole semester. Which also means that... the same hair on my head experienced every thick and thin of the whole semester with me! Semester over = haircut. That's symbolic for you!

Anyway, my modem is acting up, my mouse is acting up, my facebook is acting up so nooooo!!!!

And, to idle = bad.

Going thru some weird patch of my healthy productive life thingy. It started, then it was followed immediately by this patch, now I'm going to get it back on track again.

OH. That night in Poppy(refer to first photo) was damn memorable. Shit maybe I'll blog about it one day. Abit lazy now..

"See la.. (Yeo, 2008)."

Stupid random ramblings. Boring.


If you really need to know

By Alex Yeo
If you really need to know,

I'm lost right now.

I was happy with my new outlook on life a couple of months ago. I was set, ready, prepared to take on any obstacles through my new set of lenses I picked up. I was set, ready, prepared like a soldier in-attention waiting for his next orders. But right now, I feel and I know that I am completely.. lost.

It worked for a while, this new outlook of mine. But whether it is the denial which might have possibly taken place taking its toll, or the limits of the 'outlook', right this moment I don't know what to do, which path to take, where to step forward.

In other words, I am lost.

I never felt this unsure since almost forever. My previous outlook albeit not very positive, worked, and I had a full grip of myself and my actions. I had control. I had a direction. I had myself.

Now I'm just all over the place and astray.

I feel broken - into many pieces. Like a smashed vase on the grounds of a clean marble floor.

I felt rejuvenated with the new outlook for the first few months. But like I told a friend recently, I feel that life has lost its meaning somewhat. And it's more complex and less frightening than it sounds because whether you like to believe or not, that previous line has no suicidal implications whatsoever.

It's just that, I was so sure. Negative or not, I was sure. I knew what to do, what to expect, how to react.

I knew what to feel, how to feel, when to feel.

Now I feel like a aimless wet sponge moving reluctantly forward absorbing just about anything which appears next.

I feel unprepared. And confused. And clueless.

I don't know how to get a certain thing done until the last second.

Maybe I need to patch myself up, but if patching up means to revert, I don't think I can do it anymore.

Maybe it's the balance I'm struggling to muster.

Maybe it's just me.

Maybe I'm just not ready.


Can't Take That Away

By Alex Yeo


I'm Alex from the Past

By Alex Yeo


Either my mind is too single-tracked to comprehend (kinda harsh, it could be the time of day), or I've somehow managed to disrupt the time-space equilibrium through my idle-ness and conflicting sleeping hours at home, this is something worth mentioning.

Here's a festive joke for you:

On Christmas Eve Santa Claus was getting ready for his annual

As he pulled his favorite pair of red pants on, they ripped.
So, he had to take them off and put on another pair, which were
a bit too tight. He then went to check on the rest of the

The elves were on strike. The reindeer had shin-splints. At
this point, Santa was BUMMED.

He went into the kitchen to take a calming drink, and the
bottle was EMPTY. Now he was really mad. All of a sudden, there
was a knock at the door.

Santa, in his angry state, ignored it. There was another knock.
Santa was in no mood for all of this. When the knock came again,
Santa --filled with rage-- threw open the door.

Standing there was a little angel who said, "Hi Santa! What do
you want me to do with this Christmas Tree?" Hence...the story
of the angel atop the tree.

Just so you know, productive week failed as predicted by some of you nonsupportive skeptics *disgruntled face*. But I really tried. Oh well, we always have next week to look forward to!

  • I really want to achieve so much this summer break but my heart says one thing my mind says another.

  • I hate being asked to do something. I want to do it myself so I can let people know that whatever I do is from my very own initiative and not by anyone's request or demand. What's the point if I only do something after being asked to. I refuse to be a conformist slave!

    Stupid capitalist society. Life is not about working you falsely conscious idiots. RISE UP MY FELLOW PROLETARIANS!


    Wishing he lived in a Marx's idealistic society,


    Glutton & Insecurities

    By Alex Yeo
    I'm such a glutton I feel sick =(

    People sometimes wonder why I'm 'rounder' than most of my friends who eat more than me and I have to admit I sometimes feel that way too. *cuts wrist

    But today confirms it all!

    Well it could also be the lower activity rate as compared to my friends but I personally think it's more to the amount I could and would gobble up at times. I might not feel hungry at all but if I have a craving for a certain something, let's say, McD or maggi mee goreng, I would order and eat it regardless of whether I'm full at that time or not.

    Then I would struggle to finish it but I will also feel at that particular point that not eating it is such a waste that I would force myself bite by bite to gobble down the food.

    This, coming from a guy who is happy eating one meal day is significant.

    I just need to NOT think of food now at random times.. that's it..

    Oh oh and I received my offer letter today! It simply means that I can now legally transfer to the Monash campus in Australia.

    Like finally la. Damn slow the faculty zzz.

    I dunno what to feel to be honest. I feel exactly the same as before I got the letter. The pieces just moved about and switched places a little bit here and there but the overruling plot remains the same. Part of me wants to stay part of me tells me staying isn't even an option anymore.

    Ok I'm going to be frank here.

    I am freaking out and feeling crazily paranoid over my new life there.

    No it isn't so much the staying alone, cleaning the house, cooking for self, doing laundry thing.

    It is... the virtually nonexistent social circles I have there. This has always been my bane and worst fear ever since I left school. But at least in college there were some schoolmates; despite being in different classes we still managed to meet during our breaks early in the year when we first started.

    At least in uni there were a few people from college and school that now despite being in different courses, we got to meet after classes and the occasional break sometimes.

    And at least in BOTH the situations above, it all happened in comfortable, safe, secure, and most importantly, LOCAL.. Malaysia!

    Now the plot thickens to a whole new level and I'll be going to some ang moh land and I'll be going to be the new kid and I'm freaking out zomggggggg.

    I know there are a considerable amount of international students there as well but I'm more than sure by now they all have established cliques and comfortable social circles that I am going to have to struggle to be apart of. Sux.

    Only because I'm going in as a 3rd year International student, that's why it is that baaaad. It wouldn't be that bad if I had someone from the Monash campus here in Msia going with me to the same campus taking all the same units with me but I do not have that luxury unfortunately.

    There are people from the Msian campus going there next year as well but they are either going to another of the many Monash campuses in Melbourne or will be taking a different set of subjects altogether.


    Being anti-social definitely has something to do with it but it is not ALL about it I assure you.

    I guess I can only take it as a practice for the working world in the future.

    Then again, I'm only speaking from paranoid speculations and thinking of the worst that could happen.

    Going in as 3rd year student... ang moh land.. malaysians and other international students knowing each other beforehand... in a course where you have to talk to score... final year before graduation... living alone...


    Advices please, anyone?


    Clubbing @ Poppy Garden, KL

    By Alex Yeo
    *edit: This was NOT on my birthday but before rawr*

    The pre-birthday clubbing session! Hah! Nolaa.. at least it wasn't planned like that on purpose.

    Ok entering clubs is such an hassle for the few of my friends and I because KL suddenly decided to be super strict recently and noooo. And summore knowing me who cannot take rejection cooly... sigh.

    And so many people were saying how Poppy was very strict on the age(21) bla bla bla but we decided to try our luck anyway. So the days leading up to the Poppy night I was busy thinking of Plan Bs and Cs and Ds sigh boo.

    But wtf entrance was so much easier than expected! They didn't even check our IDs wah can you believe it. The plan to didn't shave must have worked hahaha!

    I got a strange feeling I'll be seeing these people ALOT this summer break..

    Oh I also need to mention how pathetic we are when it comes to getting drinks for clubs hahaha. Ok so we're all not exactly filthy loaded rich and being STUDENTS, we're always damn broke when it comes to getting bottles man. So we always resort to the cheapest bottles they have that night or something. And even then our wallets will be damn empty after that! Sigh so sad. So now you can think twice if you wanna hang out with us rawr just kd.

    But I think we'll be going less frequent now la anyway.. since almost everybody has found jobs and is working already.

    Vernon, Me, MY, HK

    You know, the stupid thing about me is I almost ALWAYS agree to do things like these when requested..

    Me, looking rugged and Bev

    They're all over me *smirk*

    I remember at this point the effect of Photo #3 has started to kick in and my head was spinning already.

    Me, WL. Take 2.

    Take 3.



    My Monash girls and I. Out-of-focus like cock.

    Now focused but I lost my gaya-ness zz

    Spot me. We're a bunch of happy people on the dancefloor!

    Yen's hair threatening to wack my face

    The gang. Interesting lighting.

    Richmond wtf? I asked Vernon the cameraman why did he have to cut my face into half. He said "to make you look thinner" :o !!!!!

    This photo looks like the one I took in Space the other time hahah. I never learn.

    I look so horny here :o!

    Tired Nick, WL, Bev and I

    Me strangling Bev. Yen damn obscene boo.

    And lastly, the customary 'gone' pic. hahah


    Healthy life starts next week I really promise! Since everyone is working already.. plus my birthday being over.. plus a start of a new month... Must fulfill I dun care no excuses man. Duno if I should post my bday celebration photos up or not hahah.. see how la when I get them first.


    Happy Birthday to Myself

    By Alex Yeo

    Where do I even start?

    Right. What happened after. That's where I'll start.

    In a nutshell, last night's intoxication level was off the roof. I was never that argh must I use the word.. 'drunk' in my whole drinking life.

    I know I was causing a lot of ruckus to the people around me and ahhhhhhh.

    I never got to yum cha with the gang because Richmond sent me home instead! :o But I don't think he had any other options la.. when I went home I was quite glad also.

    Didn't shower or wash up eew disgusting like anything and crawled up to my bed.

    Felt like shit on my bed and couldn't sleep.

    Woke up and puked, woke up and puked, woke up and puked, 3 times in total.

    Slept for 4 hours and woke up to a phone call and couldn't go back to sleep anymore.

    Cleaned up my puke in my bathroom myself, showered, ate brunch, all with a thumping headache.

    And here I am now.

    Last night marked the first time I vomited after alcohol consumption and it felt terrible. I could barely walk steadily to my bathroom and even then I couldn't properly aim at the toilet bowl accurately hence the mess I made which I had to clean up after.

    I always took pride in remaining composed regardless of how much I drink but last night was seriously over. I dunno why. I didn't think it was the shots but more of the drinking from bottle directly.

    Thanks to those who came, and took care of me while I was at my state last night. You know who you are.

    Sorry I couldn't layan the most of you during and after..

    I know I'm heavy la haha so extra thanks there to that fella who had to lift me to the car hahahah.

    Sorry JL. I really liked the finger light thing and I want it back so badly now but sigh blame Richmond ok never stop me from giving it to her haha kd sigh stupid b***h took advantage of my state gaaah.

    Last night was so bad that I actually considered staying away from liquor for now. But I don't wanna make any promises hah.

    But regardless, I had fun! And I hope everyone did too!

    Oh and I spent so much time worrying during the few days leading to last night that I didn't really thoroughly spend the last few days of my official teenage years satisfactorily. Boo.

    So I'm twenty now and unprepared woaaaahhhh.

    I might have forgotten to say something in this post so I'll update it in the next if I remember it suddenly again.

    Bye. Thx for last night and the wishes people.



    By Alex Yeo
    Adam was wandering around the Garden of Eden feeling very
    lonely, when he heard a loud voice ask him, "What is wrong with
    you?" Adam said he didn't have anyone to talk to, and he was
    feeling very lonely.

    Then the loud voice said he was going to give him a companion
    and it would be a woman. The voice continued, saying; "this
    person will cook for you and wash your clothes, she will always
    agree with every decision you make. She will bear your children
    and never ask you to get up in the middle of the night to take
    care of them. She will not nag you, and will always be the
    first to admit she was wrong when you've had a disagreement.
    She will never have a headache, and will freely give you love
    and compassion whenever needed."

    Adam thought that sounded great, so he asked "What would a
    woman like this cost me??"

    The voice answered, "an arm and a leg."

    Adam thought about that for a moment. He thought that would be
    a pretty high price to pay, so he then asked, "What can I get
    for just a rib???"

    The rest is history . . .

    Square One

    By Alex Yeo
    Who am I kidding?


    That Night In Space

    By Alex Yeo
    Hello. I feel that I should post more about the things I've been doing so here are some photos from the other night at Space in Heritage Row in KL. I was in Poppy last night too woah I feel like I've been really partying considerably alot considering that my holidays were only here like not too long ago hah.

    I liked that night at Space a lot. It was also the night when I noticed (or confirmed rather) that I cannot properly get a grip of myself under the influence of liquor. That being said, I feel extremely.. happy when I'm tipsy/high. Like a form of happiness I've not felt ever since I left high school. Shit damn emo but it's true. =( I dunno why. Maybe it's the out-of-shell thing sigh dan lain-lain la. I was showing WL a pic of myself in form 5 then he said 'woah I've never seen you smile like that before without alcohol' :/

    The picture I was referring to T_T

    Omg why ar. I also dunno why. Maybe it's the need to be more serious and less playful when you go to college. Maybe it's the various sorts of expectations weighing down. Hmmm. MY was probably right when she said to club is a form of escapism we take and hence enjoy doing.

    Ok emo moment aside, here are some photos of my journey to Space minus the astronaut suits :o damn lame.

    It was the last day of my exams and I slept for zero hours the night before! Right after the final paper I went with the group to Redbox and I remember being damn sleepy omg. Skipped my dinner later for a 2-hr nap right before hitting the club.. but still!

    Lack of sleep + empty stomach + liquor = not a very good sign.

    On the way

    SJ harassing me. As usual.

    I need a haircut.

    Still a steady and composed Alex.

    Still somewhat there..

    I got dimple

    Caught red-handed hah

    Pictures here-forth I was in my happy land already.

    Bev, me, MY

    Uh huh

    No caption

    SJ damn scared of me hahahah

    Group photo Take 1!

    Group photo Take 2!

    A bit gone hah

    Really gone hahah what is MY doin!

    Sigh MY taking advantage of me

    Bev and I

    Too close for comfort *gasp

    Are you..

    ..judging me..


    Messy hair + red eyes + funny expression = Gone.

    My blog so that explains all the pictures of me wuu. And also have to self-censor some photos! hahaha. When I get the photos from last night maybe I'll post it up or something see first. If this is gonna be my pastime for the next 4 months woah bye money and hello (bigger) beer belly man.

    Ok. Healthier productive lifestyle starting next week I promise!