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By Alex Yeo

Happy New Year everyone!

I'll be coming back on Jan the 2nd. Pls mark that date on ur 2006 calendars thx.

It's been a while since I last saw anyone.
It's nice seeing ppl saying they miss you at their blogs and on msn.

I'm touched. Thx. :')

I really appreciate it!

will be back soon! see ya all soon!!



By Alex Yeo

This would be my last post before my flight to the UK. More specifically, England.


It's gonna be a looooong trip so I guess I won't be seeing any of you guys for a lil while. Flight back is on Jan 2nd. :(
Besides the fact that i'm gonna miss the casual outings with my friends, I'm gonna miss the christmas and new year plans my frens are gonna have. Hmm. I know I wouldn't be seeing some of them for a long long time but what the heck. Also gonna have only one day to prepare for college(what's there to prepare anyway) since my programme starts at Jan 4th.

Speaking of friends, happy birthday in advance, Wilson. We may have one or 2 misunderstandings before especially the famous incident in class but know that I still think u're funny and a kenix wannabe! Bwahahaha. And stop scolding ppl.

To future Aussie-goers including the not so confirmed ones.. Praveen, Koi Lin, Pei Huan, Huey Shyan, Chrisanne.. I sincerely wish u guys all the best. It seems like a giant leap but know that we'll always be there for you! Take care guys. I mean it. Don't waste all the effort of studying abroad by slacking. Work hard! Hopefully by 2007 I can see you guys there! :)

Praveen pls do take care of your alcohol intake. I may miss my drinking partner temporarily but I hope it doesn't become permanent. :D I know this sounds gay but good luck all the best in Trinity!

Huey Shyan.. stay the nice girl you are and do know that the times I scold you or talk rudely was not always intentional.
No hard feelings! Whether or not you are going Australia, don't make ur decisions based on friends. Stop worrying whether we'll lose contact cause true friends will keep in touch no matter what!

Koi Lin, Pei Huan.. I doubt you guys even read this but good luck to you guys too. :)

I also would like to stress that I've always wanted to meet twins and triplets in person and woah. How lucky at year 2000 when this set of twins entered my class. I'm sorry if I crossed the line and became annoying but I am seriously fascinated by the pair. Even till now, Teck Eng and Teck Kuan still gets annoyed by my frequent comments on twins and asking each how it feels like.

Teck Eng.. I want you to stay lame pls. But sometimes being overlame is just damn lame. And it doesn't make any sense anymore. So control it a little :D I feel proud and happy when you seek me for advice and your constant tolerance with me also keeps me surprised all the time. I mean how could you tolerate me insulting you so much and all. Even sometimes I feel bad. Somehow I feel you don't like me as much anymore but who the heck cares! BWahahah. Hope you achieve your college resolution whatever it is.

Teck Kuan.. Kelvin is right all time. I admit I've told him I dislike you for some reason. Bwahaha. But hey, no hard feelings alrite? I hate almost everyone anyway in some way. Just this year we've been interacting more and I guess it helped to improve our eh-hem, friendship. It was a great Genting trip you organised and thanks for that too. I know having called names for almost half of your life isn't easy but just deal with it alrite? I think by next year it will lower down drastically. I've been thru that part of life too. And also, don't smile so wide in photographs pls. Thx.

This year had been a hectic studying year(not that I did that much) for SPM-ers.
It sucks seriously. So I've been attending many tuition and started with Chrisanne's house and then Kelvin introduced me to some great add maths class which unfortunately I keep disappointing the teacher. So,

Chrisanne.. I guess we have a weird friendship or I just think it's plain weird. You keep confusing me with your "i don't like you alex" etc. But sometimes you say "frens frens" ?_? But I've learned to tolerate and i guess that's fine :D
We still haven't perform our duet on "bless the broken road" but I'm sure we can do that some other day. Zzz. Stay healthy pls. And don't ignore me on MSN when i nudge you next year. Bwahaha. Thx.

Kelvin.. Lol. Longest ever I've been in the same class with. 8 years in a row I think. That's fantastic. Thx for ur sms. :/
I not writing much because I can see that we gonna hang out much next year.
So screw it. Bwahaha.

Richmond.. Have fun dota-ing. See you next year I guess wherever you are. Piloting.
Gl hf. Call me for cc sessions.

Nick.. Pls improve your dota and then call me to 1v1. And stop merajuk-ing. And lying. And crying. Bahh. Other than that u're cool.

I also have several e-buddies I call them who shud not be forgotten.

Mei Chan. LOL. We have to thank Teck Eng for introducing me to you and vice versa.
Cause it has been great. Even if we did not get to meet each other in real life, I still think u're cool. Deep down inside I don't know what u think of me but I don't care. Praise me if u can cause I like living in denial. Also stop acting angry like me. And yea, thx for ur effort in stopping me for gaming. But I just can't. Sorry for not replying ur messages fast enuff on msn these days. Gd luck next year whatever you do aite! =) We'll stay in touch on the net.

Joyce. Hey lola. ;)

Eileen. Bwahahaha. I hardly know you omg! I just remember you as the std 4 girl who danced the indian dance. -_- lala.

Kar Wai, stay smart. Don't lanci.

Su Cheng, hello.

To those I didn't mention or forgot to, I don't mean it.
I duno who reads my blog so don't get offended pls. ALL THE BEST to you too!!!

Like I said in my previous post, I'll be doing SAM in Taylors College.
If you miss me, pls see me there.
I'll be more than happy.


Teary-eyed,(not really)

By Alex Yeo
My new beginnings

I am no more free from academics.
I am no more free to do anything I please.
I am back as a student as I once was.

I have reincarnated.

I am now, a college student.

Woah. Pretty gay thinking of the idea that I'm attached to education once again. From Dec 2nd, I had officially ended my formal education which will only continue if I enroll for a certain higher education. And yea, I just came back from doing that.

I have enrolled into the SAM programme at Taylors College.
If you miss me, pls see me there.
The timetable sucks. The hours are longer than school hours.
I can imagine the 'hectic-ness' of this.
I don't like this feeling.

Like I told my friends, I'm not looking forward for college life at all.
It's like entering a new school. And besides, probably EVERYONE in my class could drive already. And me? I just took one Undang Seminar. That's it.
It sucks.

And shit. I forgot to tick my medical problem too. I just remembered. The had a section for colourblindness. And I didn't tick that. I just remembered. Die.
I'm gonna make it a point to tell them during Orientation Day.
I'm such an incomplete person.

And also, my self esteem cannot be any lower at this point. Not only am I an incomplete person, I'm also a dumb person. I didn't even meet the minimum requirement for Specialist Mathematics. It sucks. It requires you to have a C5 for Add Maths at least. But my forecast shows C6. And I thought a credit will do. They never mentioned it at all.

When I showed my forecast to the lady who was helping me, she was already advicing me. I just made every subject borderline. I have to work very hard. Especially for Specialist Mathematics which thankfully they let me take that subject.
Hey, I'm not that all sucky in Add Maths okay? I know my results show otherwise. But seriously. I could understand everything and do everything in class.

And I'm not that dumb either. I know I achieved Cs for ALL my science subjects. But who the heck cares. U need at least a C6 for physics, I got a C5. =)
Btw, I'm doing the Computer Engineering/Science group of subjects. So screw Chem and Bio. I don't need you anymore. Bwahahaha. My subjects are:-

Specialist Maths
IT studies

They also had a Chemistry subject for this stream. U are supposed to choose 2 out of Chem, Phy and IT. But OMG? I'm definitely not touching Chem in my life anymore.
So I dropped it.
And I'm gonna take IT. I've never taken IT in my life.. but I'm gonna see how is it gonna work now. I hope I can manage. I should be able to.
And physics? I was one of them Ariff said not to touch physics anymore when I leave school. But _|_ I'm doing it. I like physics. I think I can do it too.

So SAM requires consistent work throughout the year.
And guess what?
I'm gonna do just that.
College life is the perfect time for me to turn over a new leaf.
And education is getting serious now.
So stfu bad influences. I'm not gonna listen to ya.

It's not a cheap course. And I know that. So I won't be trying to waste my parents money.

I still am not looking forward for college life.
I am not looking forward for the 'new-school' environment.
And the troubles of waking up so early. And not even driving myself.
As of now, I still have no transport whatsoever.

This sucks.
I want to drive so badly.
But i'm colorblind. And I dunno the right procedure to pass the undang test.

And the fear of driving a manual car.
So many things bothering me.

And I am having thoughts of not achieving more than C5 for Add Maths for my real SPM. The lady asked me just now if I think I could score better for my real SPM for add maths. I said yea. What if I don't? Will they pull me out? Won't that be uber embarassing?

I hate all of this.


By Alex Yeo

Image hosted by

Watched The Chronicles of Narnia : The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe just now.
I personally liked it alot eventhough my friends thought it didn't meet the expectations. I thought the battle scenes were extremely 'kan cheong' especially the build up to it. :D

However, I have to say it doesn't really live up to the publicity given to this show. Firstly the preview was fantastic(i love previews). Then the posters. I mean.. it doesn't even reflect the whole movie. The focused on the details they showed only once or twice in the movies which i don't geddit.
Well it may not be as wow as intially pictured but it still worked for me.

Checked out the Narnia official website just now. And read the synopsis for the 7 Books. There's one which showed the creation of Narnia..(i'm quite sure they would make this into a movie because there were several things said in the movie which touched on the formation of Narnia)
Another showed the summoning back of the 4 main characters.
The rest with new casts.
Another with slight relation with the lion,the witch bla bla bla.

Oh well.

Also was super malu-ed just now. By the freaking hand-sensor-dancing-machine.
Normally those games attract a crowd no matter how good or sucky you are.
And that's such an unfortunate thing. Cause I did attract a crowd.

The malu thing was.

U know the machine.
I was only standing at ONE SIDE.
U are supposed to stand in the middle.
Standing at ONE SIDE is for double players.

But I was playing Single player.
And I stood at ONE SIDE.
And I was complaining how faulty the machine was cause it couldn't sense properly.
And there were ppl smiling at me from behind.

The minute I left frustrated, a guy walked inserted coins and started playing.

Malued. to the max.

Left immediately and did not want to turn back.


By Alex Yeo
Photos of SSC Prom 2005

Photos are gonna be in random order. Or according to my preference. :D
A big thanks to Vincent, Haris, Praveen and Jia Xin for providing them. Took a while for me to collect from them. But anyway here it is!

*warning long post*

Image hosted by
Me, Teck Eng, Chrisanne, Huey Shyan

Image hosted by
My group of frens. Ask me personally if you wanna know them. :)

Image hosted by
The 2 girls. When you see one, you'll see the other.

Image hosted by
Them again. -_-

Image hosted by
The couch.

Image hosted by
This is such a funny pic. Notice the height difference? And the maturity?! I look like her younger brother or something! Nooooo

Image hosted by
Me, Adrian(PROM KING!)

Image hosted by
A blur pic of the dance floor

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
My double chin and Nimi Goh!

Image hosted by
The couch again.

Image hosted by
Me, Anne

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
Jan and I

Image hosted by
Me, Vincent

Image hosted by
Adrian with his Q&A session

Image hosted by
Teck Kuan, Jia Xin, Me. =D

Image hosted by
Girls just love me.

Image hosted by
My hot friends.

Image hosted by
These 3 WERE in SSC. Close somehow too!

Image hosted by
Joyce and I. (I'm looking fatter after each photo -_-)

Image hosted by
Chilling at Rainforest later.

Image hosted by
Sunway Hotel! =D

Image hosted by
Reshmonu was here.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
The group and I holding his coffee mug! The coffee was still there!! I know I'm crazy.

Image hosted by
Uh-huh. ;)

Image hosted by
Arriving home the next day. I look fat and short here I know.

Image hosted by
Parents were still at home. Was worried :(

Bah. I miss the prom like hell. Had damn much time crapping with friends and hanging out with them. Something i'll definitely miss in the future.
I'm feeling tired. So..

Image hosted by
I love my friends.



By Alex Yeo
SSC Prom Night 2005 - Sophistication In Simplicity

Alright ladies and gentlemen. I bet you guys are waiting for this post. =)

Let me just say(to sum it all up)
the prom was IMO.. Great.

I have to say I expected much lower of it.
How wrong I was.

Not any ordinary ballroom kinda prom. The venue was an ex-disco still equipped with the lightings and music facilities. Go figure.

Danced floor was busy whole night. Bwahaha. Nice seeing ppl in their formal attire dancing the night away. Slow dance or fast dance it was great. Well, I had fun. And that is all that matters rite? =)


So it was around 8.30pm when I arrived to Zest Club, Sunway. Saw some familiar faces there(old frens mostly) but being Alex, I walked in and started looking for faces I know. Couldn't find any, until someone called my name. It was Chrisanne. -_-
Everyone looked so different. I couldn't even recognize Huey Shyan who was beside Chrisanne the whole time at the stairs.

Me : Eh, where's Huey Shyan
Chrisanne : -_- (points to the left side)
Me : (Omg wtf. So different)

=D Had a little chat with Chrisanne before I called Kelvin to get his ass down there so I can get chopped. I got a sponsored ticket due to much of my 'eh-hem' help and contribution to the Prom. Started walking up the flight of stairs and saw Eileen and Joyce at the balcony kinda thing. Had a quick short chat and entered the "Club".
Woah. Cool atmosphere. Ppl were walking here walking there dressing ever so elegantly. Then saw some familiar faces and approached them to chill a lil while I waited for my frens. Met Adrian Chong(seen him few days back) and Syahirah(seen her 5 years back). Hahaha. It was damn funny reunion. Both left to different places, different times but Adrian knows Syahirah as much as I know her. =/ So we got to chat about the same stuff and all.

Vick. Yea. That Malaysian Idol Finalist. Eliminated one episode before the grand finale. Apparently only lost to Dina by 1% was there too. The Lows had to pick him up from his house and sent him there for soundcheck. Vick also went to Praveen's house to change! Omg. He's damn friendly btw. They chatted with him and all. I also talked to him when he was there. Hahahaha. Told him I was the guy who invited him to perform on Msn Messenger. But he doesn't remember. Gahh! Well at least he knows now.
Really friendly. Jia Xin, a classmate of mine and also a huge fan of Vick got to take a photo with him. I bet she's damn happy. I wanna ask him so many questions! Nuuuuu~

Elvira also performed twice and I think the performers know each other somehow. Through some 'celebrity-kinda-link' I think. I think that wasn't their first time they performed together cause they kinda have I-know-who-you-are face. She had a good voice btw. A powerful one. She was the first one to performed so you could see the malu-malu faces of ppl who really wanted to dance with their dates but couldn't move their feet. Luckily my frens managed to start the dancing thing going by going to the dancefloor.

I was with Nick and the guys when they were annoucing the nominees for Prom King n Prom King. Hahaha. Nazirul, Adrian C, Griffin and Gadafi was nominated for the King while Vivian, Amy, Clarissa and Syahirah was nominated for the Queen award.
Freaking hilarious event. They were asked to do a catwalk thing and answer a question like a beauty paegant kinda thing. Their answers were witty and funny and each had their own respective fanbase supporting them from one part of the club.
I voted for Adrian C and Syahirah after much deliberation(yea rite) :X. I didn't know who Clarissa was but she did look hot from far. XD

Adrian C and Clarissa turned out eventual winners btw. Hooray!

They then had a dance together with the other nominees to officiate their crowning.
I was curious for the nominees on who's gonna grab who but the pairings eventually seemes obvious. Nazirul had a dance with Syahirah, Vivian with Griffin(a pure australian mate btw), Amy with Gadafi. Bwahaha. The rest(including me) joined in after that for a lil while till they announced the officiating was over or something liddat. Talking to each other during dance was fun btw. =)

Reshmonu also came out to perform a lil while after that. Nice to have him for parties. And where did his performing buddies come out from. First he had the Singh guy who sang Hey Waley with him. Then he had 2 drummers dressed in traditional indian costumes with 2 big traditional drum =S for another song. There were some girls who went screaming when he introduced his big hit and all. Famous guy. It pays to be a celebrity I guess. :/ I also slept in Reshmonu's room btw. :D A little more on that later.

So Vick had to leave before Reshmonu performed and the Lows had to sent him somewhere. Nice guy. Hopefully can hang out with him someday. He also said he could get Jaclyn Victor personally if we asked. -_- OMG!!!!! ARGH. No. Regrets. Thx.
So other than Vick shocking Praveen's mum at his house or making Haris(who accompanied Vick for lunch) look famous in Dave's Deli or making me damn happy to talk to a celebrity, he was pretty much an ordinary guy. =/ I was just wondering if stars in other countries do that. Imagine Robbie Williams going to my house to change before he perform or sleeping in Mariah Carey's room. :O
But come to think of it, they don't perform in School proms anyway.

The food wasn't great or much so I'm not gonna blog about it. There was an open bar too which served sky juice for free only. What's that thing about no alcohol kelvin, that guy gave me a menu with all sorts of liquor available!

Vesperntine really know how to work the crowd too. I've seen them perform live like sooooo many times so it was kinda cool. They said something like, "Coolest prom over. No tables and ballrooms just the dancefloor and party all night" Yea yea, i know they may say that to every prom but the reasons for their "coolest prom ever" does make sense. Really good job to the comittee for making this such a success. And you are welcome guys, for thanking me and got me confused for a few secs.

Met old buddies like Janice, Nimi, Nigel etc there. Some changed alot some didn't.
Some obvious changes but oh well. It was nice interacting with them.
As the entertainers finish their act, it was strictly music and party all night from then. All sorts of disco music started pouring in and the lights became dark and only the disco lights were used. Nice atmosphere. There were some obvious party chicks and guys with their crazy dance moves. One girl was dancing like mad and ppl like Kevin, Marcus seemed like party animals.

I also realised how awkward i look dancing. -_-
Hey i'm not used to this kinda thing, okay?

It was a pretty good prom. I know I hadn't been to any to judge or compare but it was fun for me. I heard proms are usually boring and all but this differed so much.
The ppl there was more than I expected but it still didn't meet the minimum requirements. Oh well.

Went to Rainforest after that with Teck Eng, Teck Kuan, Praveen, Huey Shyan, Chrisanne, Haris, Richmond, Kelvin and ADRIAN(i forgot, sorry). Met Allen and Zoe too who were attending Zoe's school prom. Had a sucky beer and I think we were all kinda sad thinking about the seperation and all. Teck Eng I think was extremely emo that night. Bwahaha. Finished my sucky beer before we all seperated.

I didn't go home after that though.
Went to Sunway Hotel with my Haris, Teck Eng,Teck Kuan and Praveen to stay for the night. And yes. I slept in Reshmonu's room!!!! Ok he didn't really stayed the night there. But he was there to rest while he waited to perform. I was damn excited entering his room. When we walked in, the bed was kinda messy. I think he sat there. There was a wet towel(he used it) and the toilet floor had marks. There was actually also a note on the bed with the 3 songs he sang! COOL! There was also an Artword writing Hello or something. And a coffee mug too! In the rubbish bin, there was some food thrown there. Haha. It was pretty much cool thinking about it but I realised it was kinda disgusting moments later. I didn't want to sleep on his bed so i just went to the other. =/

Just arrived home(THX PRAVEEN) few hours back. I slept in my formal attire btw. Photos will be up in the next post or something. I'm waiting to collect the photos from everyone first.
I liked the prom alot.

and yes, Kelvin. I'm thanking you too. :)


By Alex Yeo
Screw this

Post removed


By Alex Yeo
My Final Genting Trip 2005 with Senior 5 Science 1


It has been around 2-3 days and I still miss Genting. :(
Sigh. Hanging around with friends. Lepak-ing till early hours in the morning.
Talking crap.
Sitting rides.
Getting high.
Sharing secrets.


Photos shall make this memories everlasting.
So here are some.

Image hosted by
L-R : Kim, Chrisanne, Alex, Kelvin (In the cable car)

Image hosted by
Hiking in some unknown forest thingy up in Genting beside the First World Hotel.
L-R : Alex, Shyan, Zhi Ven. I love my expression.

Image hosted by
Took a nap at the Genting First World Hotel before joining the group for my movie.
L-R : Alex, Richmond, Teck Eng, Teck Kuan, Ms.Ki, Su Cheng, Cezlynn.
L-R from behind Ms.Ki : Kar Wai, Jia Xin, Vivian

Image hosted by
Same place. Different Angle.
L-R : Nick, Richmond, Teck Kuan, Ms.Ki, Vincent, Teck Eng, Zhi Ven, Alex

Image hosted by
Alex and Kuan. =)

Image hosted by
Alex and Zhi Ven posing in front of a Santa Clause thingy.

Image hosted by
The Flying Coaster. Rox.

Image hosted by
The tired group pic after we arrive in SSC.

Other photos can be found in Nick's Blog, Class Forum and Class Blog.
Thank you.


By Alex Yeo
Genting Highlands(6th December 2005-8th December 2005)

I just wrote a freaking long post and my computer went black.
I had to power restart.
And I lost everything.

So I'm lazy now and I'm just gonna sum it all up.

It was pretty good.


I sat the new Flying Coaster first with my friends. Damn good ride. Requires you to lie flat on ur stomach. Super thrilling.

Image hosted by

Then I went on the Corkscrew. Good as ever.

Image hosted by

Then I went to the Solero Space Shot at night. Omg super chilly and windy. The few seconds u wait for ur fall is the scariest moment. Eep.

The food was either lousy and expensive,or good but expensive there.

The freaking food court in First world sux. Don't ever go there. Since when the best thing there can be the chinese tea. -_-

Hou Mei restaurant's food or something was actually quote good. But never ever buy their fruit juices. Not only it costs RM8 but it's super small, plenty of ice and extremely sour for some reason. zzz.

I was surprised by the rooms too. We had the new block hotel rooms. Really good for its price i think. =)

Btw, at the Genting Skyway just now on the way back, I had a little nostalgic feeling. Like a slight twisted feeling in the heart. I know this would be the final trip we have as ONE class and ppl will be going their seperate ways in the coming future. At the cable car station, I was actually thinking about the time we just arrived. With the same luggage, but moving in different directions carrying different thoughts. I went there with excitement and a thirst for fun; I left with a new set of experience and with much regret. :/

I forgot what else to post. I still liked my original post better.

Oh well. Too tired and lazy to think.
Need to catch up what I missed for the past 3 days.


By Alex Yeo
Day Nine

Day Nine, also the Final Day.

Paper 1 started at 8am and Paper 2 ended at 10.50am.

So my SPM officially ended in the morning of Dec 2nd, 2005.


Est was like any other EST paper. Being the most difficult EST paper i've done, I feel it was still scorable. I wrote a long report though which I hope is accepted.
Now, results on March. Hmm.

After the EST paper, crashed into Praveen's car with Chuang Sing and Nick from school. Had a ride to Kampung Subang to drop Nick's stuff and pick up Michael. The 5 of us then proceeded to SS15 for the cybercafe there. The cybercafe was a bore. My friends played CS while i chatted with friends on MSN and randomly surfed till I decided to join a LAN DotA game. Had some fun till Kelvin and Richmond arrived from home and after a while they decided to shift cafes because that specific cafe does not have Fifa.

So I didn't want to be a leaver and continued with my LAN game. I realised how sucky I am at Bone Fletcher too. -_-

Left to their cafe the moment my game ended and after that when they left, the 7 of us squeezed into Prav's car to go to pyramid.
We had our lunch at the Mamak next to pyramid. -_-

No movies too.

After that, the twins arrived bla bla bla and we drove to Sportsplanet for futsal.
I didn't play as usual so i became their personal belongings jaga-er.

After futsal, the few of us(Vincent, Prav, Me, Kelvin) went to pyramid to drop Sing off and pick Allen up.
We then went to Prav's house for a lil while.

Wtf zzz. I duno what else to type.

Then rite.
Went to Pyramid again for Rainforest.

Had about 3 glasses of Carlsberg.

Uh-huh. Only that size the glass.
It was sick I tell you.

I wasn't drunk. Cause If i was I wouldn't be remember-ing anything that happened last night.
But it was horrible. Like lost control of my words and senses. -_-

When we decided to leave, we paid a reasonable amount and my eyes started to get watery/blurry.

I still could walk like a normal person and I tested it myself.
I managed to enter the car and that was when it started.

My whole body suddenly rested on Prav's backseat as Allen was sitting in front.
So I lied down and closed my eyes there.

Suddenly I started talking funny. The funny thing was, I KNOW i was talking funny.
I tried to stop and lessen it but it just wanted to come out.

I also had no energy to sit back up. I just lied there and sang the songs on the radio.
Prav and Allen were talking so softly or something. I think they thought I was drunk. But in fact I wasn't. I was just ..high?

Then we arrived at Allen's house.. Allen told me to get into his house for a while as he wanted me to sober up. I tried getting up but I couldn't. So i just lied there when Prav and Allen walked in the house. After a few mins, I could hear the sisters' voice and Allen opened the car door and pulled me out. I tried standing up but it was hard. My legs were weak and I couldn't stand properly. I even remembered laughing at myself for being so silly.

At that time I stood outside the house for several minutes, wanting to throw up. But I didn't, luckily.
I entered his house and drank some sucky Panadol drink.
That time they were deciding something.

It was funny because I know exactly what I'm doing but I just can't help it.
Anything my mind thought of it just acted out without thinking.
The alcohol must had messed up my mind somehow a little.

I know I went back home after that thanks to Allen and Prav's care and walked to my house. Thankfully, my mum wasn't home yet and my sister opened the door for me.
I walked in told my sister what happened roughly and eyes became so blurry I couldn't see properly. I walked straight to my room took a shower. At that time I was still talking to myself. I know I didn't wanna but words keep on coming out.
I was already like dizzy by that time and my chest was hurting.

I went straight to bed and abandoned my DOTA plans.
Too tired, too dizzy, too blurry.

Couldn't concentrate.

The time then was around..1am?

I woke up at 5.30pm just now.


So SPM over liauz. Genting Trip next.

Staying away from alcohol from now?



By Alex Yeo
Day Eight

Biology sucked. I'm just gonna put it this way.. I expected easier.

In the morning, when I was flipping through Paper 1, I was like shit omg. Tough.
But when I marked, I realised I got the same amount of mistakes as my Physics Paper 1 which funnily I found easy.


Paper 2 started 30 mins after the first one ended. Omg. The structure was very tough for me. I've never written so much crap in my entire life before. The essay part however, was easier. Hmm.

Paper 3. I guess it was kinda easy. I may have more wrong than I thought I would get after a small discussion I had with my frens but it should be okay.

If I get an A i'll be surprised.
If I get a B I'll be happy.
If I get a C it is expected.
If I get a D i'll be disappointed but not overly depressed.
If I fail i'll be shocked.


Bio Paper 1 was the toughest of any other science Paper 1. Sigh.
If I were to rate the difficulty of all the papers,
It would be something like this..(top being most difficult)

Biology Paper 2
Biology Paper 1
Chemistry Paper 2
Chemistry Paper 1
Physics Paper 2
Physics Paper 1
Physics Paper 3
Biology Paper 3
Chemistry Paper 3

Haha. My 7 As target is gone I guess. =D
In order to achieve 7 As I would need to score A for my history which seems quite impossible now.
And even if I did score an A, I would need to get an A for either chem,bio,physics or add maths with Physics the only subject which stands a teeny weeny borderline chance.

And the rest besides English I'm not too sure too.

Oh yea, I also told my mum about what I got for forecast too. She didn't look too happy or she wasn't too sad or angry about it. Maybe just a disappointed face. I think she's thinking inside how dumb I actually am hahahaha.

Nahh, I'm a smart kid. She just told me I was lazy and all which I cannot disagree.

Omg. I have nothing to study anymore. YAYYAYAYAYAYA!!!
Going to Pyramid soon to have dinner with Allen, some frens and his sister for his sister's birthday.

EST on friday. Also happens to be my final paper.

But what's there to study for EST anyway?



By Alex Yeo
Day Seven

My birthday was yesterday. Happy belated birthday Alex!

Spent many hours revising Chemistry. I'm glad I went to the twins' house on Saturday for some 'intensive class'. It really helped me 10-20 marks at least total. Chunted.

Also studied myself a little. Paper 1 I had many wrong but not as many as my other Chemistry exams. When I realised many of my frens scored like 2,3-7 wrong. I already gave up hope. Graph gonna be extremely high. Sien. Chemistry was never my thing anyway. Paper 2 was okay. Still tembak-able. Structure was a little tough but essay was slightly easier. Hopefully there's no trick questions behind and I scored. Zzz. Paper 3 was easy. Yea it was. I'm hoping to score at least a 4B. I dont want a 5C and below for any of my subjects.

Right after the papers I went straight to Chrisanne's house for a 3 and a half hours Biology tuition. I never had a Bio tuition before. So that was my first. Freddy was the tutor. Really good first impression. I recommend him to anyone who's looking for a Chem/Bio tuition. Nice guy too.

So now. Extremely tired. I slept at 2am and woke up at 5am. I really don't know why. I couldn't sleep again. Then I didn't sleep till now. Sienz. Zzz.

I can't afford to sleep now.
I still got stuff to read.

Biology. My last study paper.

Very last paper on Friday, EST(nothing to read)

After tomorrow, it's gonna be so much more relaxed.



By Alex Yeo
Update on Day Six below, for now..

I've received a reply from the University of Melbourne. I sent them an email few days ago regarding my future plans and ambition.

Image hosted by

I'm very pleased with the reply. At least I have a pathway and an idea in life now.

Update on my Day Six below btw.


By Alex Yeo
Day Six

I just found out something today. I was on the phone with my mum earlier on and I jokingly asked her what is she expecting from me for this examinations.
This was briefly how the conversation went.

Me : Hahaha. So what are you expecting from me for SPM? :)
Mum : Har? Not much la.. I don't mind .. (friendly tone)
Me : Tell la. So at least I know what you expecting.
Mum : Okla. 7 As? (higher pitch)
Me : -_-
Me : If i cannot get how? I get all Cs can ar? (trying to reduce the high amount of pressure)
Mum : Ehh. All Cs cannooot. Cannot get nvm la. I not gonna cry or anything also.
Me : (less pressured) Okla. See how. But I seriously don't think I can get lor.
Mum : How many papers you have next week? 2-3 more then u start studying from now la. Then can achieve my expecatations.
Me : Okla see how.

My parents are actually expecting 7As. I also think that's the only results they'll be happy with.

Ironically, I just finished my 7th subject today.
7As so far? I don't think so.

Not really impossible or anything la. It all depends on the country's graph. I'm seriously wondering how the other 400,000 candidates are actually doing. I've been randomly checking anonymous SPM candidates' blogs to lighten up my curiosity.
Didn't help at all. They all are complaining about the same 'difficult' section or sharing similiar thoughts.


I think I'll be disappointed if I don't score for my BM, Eng, Maths, Moral. I'm not saying I'm expecting and predicting As for these few subjects but I'm just saying if I don't score an A for these few, I'll be sad. Geddit? :)
BM and Moral a little tricky though. But I know I won't be happy if I don't get A for both.

History. :/ How man. I really hope the marking is lenient as everyone is saying it is. Then I shall stand a small chance.

Those are my core subjects. Before SPM, i was targetting A for 5 of those. I think it's only natural if I'm doubting now.

Physics. I'll be happy if I score. Like I said before, I stand a small chance too. Hmm.

Today was Additional Mathematics. -_-
Paper 1 was good by my standards. I may not score as high as most of my frens did but when I checked the answers, I realised it's one of the best papers I had done.
Paper 2 was tougher. Section A was the toughest(somehow). Section B was easier. Section C I was actually wanting full marks but I just realised I got the meaning of 'acute' wrong. $^@#%!@%! 6 marks gone, not including careless mistakes for that section.

I have 3 more subjects left. Only one with a realistic chance with scoring an A. All the papers are next week.

Chem, Bio, EST.

Unless something amazing happen this weekend, I have to start thinking of ways to tell my mum on the last day of SPM that I may had just disappointed her.
Oh yea, it's her birthday btw, Happy Birthday Mum! The irony. Zzz.

I have already planned to have a chemistry discussion with Teck Eng. I'm gonna make sure it works out this time. I'll only disturb him once and that's it.
I really do not think I'm gonna score for Chem so I'll just leave it aside at the moment till my discussion.
Biology. It's all about notes and reading. Something I'm not good at but i'm still gonna try.

3 days left. 3 papers to go.
Cmon Alex. Only few days dammit!


By Alex Yeo
Day Five

Day Five is different from the other days cause I only had one paper today and it was at 2pm. Moral Studies.

I like to complain on how unnecessary it is but I guess it's kinda pointless now. So I spent the whole night yesterday memorising the bloody 'definisi(s)' and talked to Petaibabe till 4-5am. We didn't really chat much just asked each other definisi till we got bored. Thx to her I managed to memorise most. I also realised my memory is not so bad after all.

The paper was alright. Realised I had made several mistakes but it SHOULD be okay.
Like the other papers, I'll just wait for the results and not make any 'predictions' whatsoever.

I also wanna specially thank Tan Heng Keat from Sr 5 Arts who became my 'driver' for the last 3 months of school. He also fetched me on 5 days of SPM to and fro. Except today cause he had a morning paper and I didn't so he just fetched me home. Thx Heng Keat! He finished his SPM today btw. Wtf. -_- Congrats.

I have only like what? 4 more days to go. I have Additional Mathematics(sux) tomorrow and my next paper after that would be on next Tuesday.

I love Add Maths but I suck badly in it.
This is a subject which I only passed ONCE in my entire upper secondary period.
And that 'once' also I barely just passed. Zzz.

I love this subject man. But I just can't score.

In need of serious luck tomorrow.
Do-able questions for me for both papers tomorrow! Thx!!!


By Alex Yeo
If you have not tried the newly released and advertised Pepsi Tarik...

Image hosted by

Don't try it.

As a fan of Pepsi, I have to admit how bad this drink is to my tastebuds. First sip, ok. Not bad. The coffee flavour was very mild. The pepsi was overpowering it. Few sips later, omg. What kinda drink is this. The cola and the coffee flavour doesnt blend at all. It was like drinking 2 different drinks at the same time. When my mind thinks of coffee, I taste coffee, when my mind thinks of cola, I taste cola. This is certainly something I will not purchase anymore unless I am in a desperate situation or something like that.

I finished it anyway. It wasn't a drink which would make you vomit or anything. But it just makes you cringe when you take a sip.

It's 4am now and I'm typing this. Overdose of caffeine. Crap.


By Alex Yeo
Day Three and Day Four

Sorry this is long overdue. I wanted to post this on a daily basis but something happened on Day Three which entirely spoilt my mood and plan.

On Day Three, there were the 2 Modern Mathematic papers. There was also an Art theory paper between the 2 papers but since I did not take Art for SPM, I had a 4-hour break. It didn't feel like 4 hours anyway. My friends drove me out for breakfast, then they bought MacDonalds for lunch. During the 4 hour interval, we also had a good time chatting with each other on our future courses and the Genting trip. Pretty interesting conversations.

Many also went home during the break. -_-

The Mathematic papers were pretty easy overall. Ms.Ki(my maths teacher in school) set harder papers for Paper 2. Paper 1 was easy but I had more mistakes than trials. Zzz. I'm pretty confident for Mathematics. Hmm.

The thing which spoilt my mood was I lost my friend's handphone. Well I didn't really 'lose' it. We both played a part in it. However I still feel very responsible and sorry. So lazy to explain again. Ask me personally for details. :/

Day Four was the 3 Physics papers. Paper One was easier than expected. Questions were straight forward and answerable. But I damn disappointed cause I got like damn many wrong. My frens had like 3,4,6,8 mistakes. But I calculated and realised it doesn't affect much if you count the OVERALL score. Cause their marks would be divided by 1.9 and bla bla bla. Not much difference. Paper 2 was still okay. It wasnt OMG SUPER TOUGH or wasnt OMG SUPER EASY too. Just do-able. Realised I made several mistakes too. Should be OKAY. Essay part was slightly tougher though. Paper 3 was still okay. I really don't know how I did. Just hoping I get an examiner who is not strict and just wanna finish his job. -_-. Sigh hopefully.

I calculated with my friend who was about the same standard with me and we agak-agaked our marks. Realised we actually stood a small chance to get a borderline A! Omgz. Haha. I am expecting at least a 4B for physics. And that is not a sign of arrogance. There are ppl who are expecting 1A. GOOD LUCK ALEX.

I had no paper on Friday. My next paper would be on Tuesday, Wednesday. Moral on Tuesday, Add Maths on Wednesday.

It's all about practicing and memorising this week.
Then the following week I have Chemistry and Biology and finally, EST.

Things doesn't get any better till my final paper.
I've already finished almost half of SPM. This is faster than I thought. :)

5 days to go, 5 papers to manage.



By Alex Yeo
Day Two

I was feeling much healthier today compared to yesterday.

English One was fine.. I think I'm quite satisfied with my first essay. My 2nd one was alright. I chose the question which required me to write a story with the title An Unexpected Visitor. My whole story was alright but the same thing which happened to BM happened again. Only I was a little ready this time. Once again, they didn't announce the time remaining.. So as I was writing my final bit.. "okay..masa sudah tamat.." ZZz. Once again i hurried and wrote my last few lines. I was damn glad my story was already 'end-able'. Zzz. But I could had written a better ending!


Sejarah 2 was... pretty tough. Sigh. I can see my A flying away from me.
I studied all the wrong things. My mind filled with useless facts I'm trying hard to remove now. Sienz.
I don't wanna talk much about it as i fear it will jinx my results. Haha.

7 days to go. You can do it!


By Alex Yeo
Day One

I am sick. I feel extremely exhausted.

Day One of SPM isn't much to brag about. I started the day off in the early hours of the morning with this wanna vomit kinda feeling. I really thought I was gonna throw up that instant but luckily I managed to hold it in. Before that, I had diarrhea(however u spell it). I was quite frustrated on why all this sickness is only coming right before my SPM.

It sucks.

IT's not like I didn't have enough sleep. Normal school days I slept even less or about the same. But during those days nothing ever happened to me. Zzz.

So I did my BM essay paper and was feeling much better during the exam. Unfortunately, the freaking whiteboard was 100000miles away and even with my glasses I couldn't read the time duration written on the board. Without any time to calculate myself, I did what I could, not knowing how many minutes left to go. So I finished my First Essay in 1 hour and that is 15 minutes more than the time recommended for that part. I spent another 20 mins thinking of points for my 2nd essay and I think I picked the wrong question as after 4-5 points, I was stuck.

GG alex.

So I thought I write about that topic from another perspective just for the satisfaction of seeing a long written essay. Unfortunately, when I was busy scribbling down my 6th point, all I heard was this..

"Masa sudah tamat. Sila berhenti menulis"

What. The. F.



I looked around. Ppl didn't mind the message as much as I did. Their answer book was nicely closed and arranged. I thought as if I was screwed right in the face.

What could I do? I finished my essay by writing down my last and final sentence and assumed my 6th point is my 'penutup'.

It sucks because the bloody pengawas doesn't tell you how many minutes more to go like any other exams.

So I duno how I did honestly. I think it depends on the examiner marking my paper. I was quite happy and satisfied on how I elaborated my points and every paragraph seemed detailed with examples. Only one point missing, and a lousy 'penutup'.. how
much marks could I lose there? :/

After my BM paper I had my objective history paper. Ppl were complaining on how tough it is compared to last year but I actually thought it's like any other paper I've done. The thing with this History Objective is that the level of difficulty is always the same for me and with my 32/40 marks for last year's SPM paper.. it's really a confidence booster for me.

After that, we had a 2 hour interval before our next paper. This was the time I got really screwed. Heat started to surround my entire body and I felt as if I was going to light something up on fire. I had a slight headache and I was extremely sleepy too. I only studied for my BM2 a little before I took a short nap(which wasn't that effective anyway).

I had fever. Why. Of all days and time.

I entered the examination hall feeling tired and sick. I felt as if I was going to fall asleep especially with the presence of the air-conditioned hall.


I finished the exam paper faster than most people not intentionally but I used that time to take my nap. Headache was getting worst and I was feeling more tired as the seconds went pass.
Sienz. I went home just now and immediately went to sleep. I woke up 2 hours later feeling dizzy and my head felt as if it was gonna burst. I just took a Panadol Actifast just now and it worked like a charm. I am feeling much better now, just a little tired. Must be the amount of sleep I had.

That pretty much sums up my entire Day One.
I'm hoping to recover 100% and concentrate for another 8 days.

History 2 tomorrow. The subjective part. Along with 2 english papers.
All the best, Alex.


By Alex Yeo
My last day, of school

So I woke up this morning, having this twisted feeling in my heart and knowing that it would be the final morning I wake up at this certain time and dress up for school. SPM is not counted because I have to wake up extra early and all I do is sit in the hall and do my exams. But that's another story alltogether..

It was an emotional day with no tears. That's how I would sum up my final day of school life. I am quite satisfied on how I closed this chapter of my life and already quite plan out how I am going to move on with my little life.

My final day started off with the distribution of the school magazine. I was part of the Editorial Board this year and I am actually feeling neutral about the magazine and that's a good thing. I expected to be disappointed after the disagreements and etc, but i'm actually feeling okay. There were many notice-able changes that were done but with a great deal of help from a teacher, it was done quite alright. Didn't turn out as planned for a few sections but it was still okay on the whole...

Image hosted by
The orangy cover of the Cahaya 2005. Thicker than last year too!

Oh yea, they changed the cover too lol. And I'm actually not angry about that. Wow amazing. This final period of my school life really changed me. -_- The cover looks okay.. However the fonts still can be improved I feel but bah whatever. What's done is done. And once again, I'm quite pleased.

There was a short autograph session when we got our magazines when everyone started asking each other for autographs and messages. I gladly did the same as I may not get the chance to do it anymore.. Pretty fun. Nothing offensive passed throughout, I guess. Zzz.

Image hosted by
My page of 5Science1 autographs. Not all signed as of yet.. :/

Also FINALLY got our photos we ordered like months ago. Photos we took on the Photography day. I ordered 3 and I got them all. I'm not sure if I ordered the prefects photo. If I did ..someone is definitely owing me something.. -_-

Image hosted by
Top left : Class Photo. Top Right : Yellow House Photo. Mid : Table Tennis Club Photo(me president!)

The class was pretty small in the morning but the number increased as the time passed. Classmates came fashionably late and I guess I would do the same if I can drive too. Nothing except a short personal physics session with Ariff and the autograph session was done in the class. The rest of the day the guys went to play around like 7 year olds on their first trip to the playground. I did not join them. I didn't have the mood to. Kinda headache due to the unusual amount of sleep I had the night before.

Image hosted by
The 5 Science 1 'guestbook'. Meant to have more signatures for sure. -_-

Surprisingly also, the birthday chart that was posted on our class' notice board quite early this year was still intact! I mean the rest like the duty roster and the timetable if there was one were not there anymore. Pretty cool. I feel it has some kinda hidden meaning behind the reason on why is it still in almost flawless condition too. ;)

Image hosted by
The 'still intact' beautiful birthday chart designed by Pei Huan.

I went around the school with Kim after that to snap some shots we feel was meaningful. Kim also wanted to take some photos with her Senior 4 friends.. Kinda surprised she got Sr 4 friends but what the hell. We went up to the hall to have a peek on what we were gonna face the following week and weeks to come. The tables were arranged and the examination awaits.. Obviously the hall was locked so I only managed to snap a shot from the outside..

Image hosted by
My table is visible from here! I'm not kidding. It's one of those tables at the further end.

Image hosted by
Sekolah Seri Cahaya's view of the Junior's Block from the Senior's Block. Spent 2 years there. Good old times. :)

My friends are a great bunch and I'm sincerely glad to have them. Like I said in my speech on English Week, this school offered me nothing else but great memories and friends. Thank you guys for being there for me. 5,6,7 years. Even if we had our misunderstandings, we still always managed to get along in the end. This is especially to you, praveen. -_-

Image hosted by
L-R : Teck Eng, Praveen, Kim, Teck Kuan.

Image hosted by
L-R : Huey Shyan, Koi Lin, Hadyna

Image hosted by
L-R : Jehan, Hadyna

I am so happy to have ended it yet I feel so 'lost'...the feeling is like i had lost something important and I cannot turn back time to retrieve it. I still can't get over the fact that this would be no more my 2nd home next year and my 5 year long classmates would be going on their seperate ways.

My memories would be unforgettable and full of excitement, fun and joy. I really love what Seri Cahaya had done to me despite what ppl often complain about it. It may not be the best school in the world but I appreciate the people who are in that particular school, teacher or learners, they have all been my friends for my 7 years in that school and I truly cherish every single moment I had been there. I have a tendency to forget sad events and I have already forgotten them all. Who cared what Punitha had punished me or what Mr.Yam had confiscated from me. The fact remains that every single person I meet in that school had influenced me in some way or another and without any of them I cannot be the Alex I am today. From the bottom of my heart, I thank every single person I met from Sekolah Seri Cahaya including my seniors, my juniors and my teachers.

Again from my speech,
"When I first stepped into this school, I was shocked. This was nothing like in the brochures. Why was there only one single small block? It was supposed to be 3! I thought I had made the biggest on my life but it was only now that I thought I made the best choice of my life. This school may not have the best facilities but it has given me great memories and fun. The friends I met here are all amazing people and without them I dont know what will I be"

Thank you guys for ur support and endless encouragements. If I offended anyone of you throughout the whole period I know you guys, I apologize from the bottom of my heart. It has been no easy ride or no pleasure cruise. But together we held each other hands and faced every obstacles that was in our way.

I know things will never be the same in the years to come. I love every single one of you despite the things I say or what any of you guys heard I said. If I'm being too emotional now, screw it. Because that is what i'm feeling right now and I'm happy to be expressing myself.

Once again, thank you all for making me who I am today. This feeling can't be any better.

If i was asked what last words will i give if i have a chance.. it will definitely have to be this last few words.

Thank you. Everyone of you guys have been phenomenal.

Image hosted by
My schoolbag which I will definitely miss!